Unseeable – Not Gone

In Communication, Griot, News, TV Shows on September 7, 2022 at 4:04 am

Here, on Earth remains the spirit
and if you know Tyler Henry then you will hear it.

The other day Tyler Henry was passing through a legend’s town
so, he dropped in on Bobby Brown and had an intimate sit-down:

‘Talk about being tuned-in and gifted.
Life divvies us a lot, love remains after sifted.

The clip is less than 15-minutes long
and herein Tyler delivers messages from Whit & Bobbi Kristina— strong.

Tyler was not forewarned of who he was to meet & read.
He knew of Bobbi Kristina but not familiar w/her OG seed.

He knew not Alicia Etheridge or her et vir Bobby Brown.
Tyler was shocked from beyond to convey that ‘Witney is still around.

My, oh my. Give God’s capacity a pound. You know He has no limits.
I think Tyler is mad talented, and yo — his gift may not be gimmick.

Peep the video and tell me if you can dig it,
I’m Qui,
and on this topic, “I certainly do feel it.”

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