Feeling De La VOTE

In Communication, Music, News, Video on November 3, 2022 at 3:15 am


High stakes patty-cakes but how high are they?
When it comes to casting my VOTE – I play no games of delay.

In fact, where are the beef steaks? I am quite hungry.
Disunity ain’t coming for me; ain’t coming to hug me.
Not WE.

I’m pushing for love and more faith in the Creator.
Faith’s capacity is unmeasurably wider than the equator.

You and me? We’re relaters. We can use faith to comply.
Grace will deliver us through this moment of: STAKES IS HIGH.

Folks love to voice their soul at the midterm polls. Therefore the vote will be clocking.
It is everything that your vote be on the scene.  Let there be no contemplating or stopping.

What are your values? Be heard; succumb not to divisive words.
With your actions, speak life over strife and let your vote be a verb.

Can you imagine the consequences of not participating? Is your intuition nigh?
The ballot is real and the outcome: we will feel. I gotta say, “the STAKES is HIGH.”

God is with us all. Go to Him and ask Him for guidance.
Then pray for every politician serving along the administration of Biden.

We must look beyond any spoiled fondness concerning our UNITY band.
May “boosting our collective morale,” be the objective across our land.

We got this. I miss our collective vibe. It used to play-out without a word being said.
Today the stakes are so high… unity is hardly being fed.


Click RECIPE to make this at home.

Maybe we’ll make chopped beef instead and smother it in onions and gravy.
I’m a chick from the South; to not cook on a Thursday like it’s a Sunday – is crazy.

I’m-a do it. I’m-a do it. You want a plate?
I look forward to sufficient hosting. Please #HaveFaith.

In the meantime, I will be on my content creating grind;
sending vibes of nourishment to you from my heart and mind.

Do you feel me?
Voting stakes are high – but they won’t kill we.
Please V-O-T-E.

It’s Thursday, baby and you are on my mind early.
I’m Qui
Jammin’ Sesame Street & DE LA SOUL; my energy is young & burly.

Let faith in our democracy be the gleam in your eye.
Reality is perception; allow the good-in-you rise
and whether or not you get HIGH at all, make those steaks fried.

And don’t forget to:

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