Feels Like…

In Griot, Self Improvement on December 3, 2022 at 3:15 am

Quite a bit feels different today…
Yesterday’s tide has rolled away.

It’s the nature of things; the order of Earth.
24-hours ago is “yester,” so, today bears new birth.

A new baby, a new situation, a brand new dance
Remember to pray and risk nothing on chance.

Alas, it’s the month of December, where Sagittarius‘ do neigh.
They storm the barn with love, no harm – and it’s an honor to participate.

They are my good-time Fire Sign fam.
And no one enjoy a good barn charm, more than those Rams.

The Capricorn‘s horns stand next in line.
In a few short days it will be their time.

Winter is a welcomed breeze and I feel like we ought to pray,
that a ram be in the bush for world peace as we approach Christmas holiday.

We could all use it.
If better is available, we should all pursue it.

What do you say?
Feels Like the answer is in our day.

Whatever are we going to do with it?
Locate peace… locate love and get with it.

I’m already “getting-it.” I woke up “on it” before 3.
Waking from a deep slumber, my desire for good lumber
‘located good love and I found peace.
quite the sweet release. 🙂

Meditate on it, if you like. Just be sure to rise and go get it.
Feels like intimacy is dormant in the sheets? Release it and get with it.

Saturdays always feel like love to me, as do Sunday through Friday,
I’m Qui
into the newness of “Oui.” Let’s make today an intimate high day.

In the most intimate of truths, I certainly hope that you do.

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