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Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Life would be a bore without it.
If creativity was a club, folk would crowd it

and try to keep others out.
Creativity is what a good life is all about…
and in the Social Media game, it could equate to “big clout.”

UGC (User Generated Content) is manifested composition
of creativity pointed at corporate positions.

A working system yields compensation and/or a credit mention,
says a robust fan of Thomas Edison’s inventions.

We all love to see the light.
Therefore, amongst the Mundanes —- ‘Creatives shines so bright.

People love to feel it.
So much so, many chart to steal it.

Stealing is nothing new. It’s been in fashion from the beginning of time.
The less-equipped struggle to create from whit, so they opt to ‘steal a shine.

Ever you experience such a thing?
A shameless being with no creative sheen…

Imagine not how they must feel.
Thank God that Creativity is real.

Creativity is not a club – it is a prompt; like a gene within your DNA.
It means different things across a myriad of scenes that will birth new convey.

While creativity is perceived to be fun it actually is a technology advocate for the advancement time…
In fact, creativity is where you want to be, per Albert Einstein.

Allow your creativity to shine and inspire many, (even those who seek to steal),
because without creativity life would be a monotonous & mundane hill.

And none of us want that.
So, the next time you’re in the company of a creator – acknowledge that,

network, and change the world.
Life is in the mood for new influencers, o’ young boy and girl.

What will you bring to the table and how will you fashion it?
Life isn’t easy, but it could be breezy if you’ve got a Creative fit.

Do you?
I’m Qui
Do You.


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