In Comedy on December 21, 2022 at 3:15 am

The son said to his father ” I don’t understand politics dad ”

The father said ” I’ll give you an example. I bring money to the family, so I represent the upper class. Your mom uses the money on whatever necessary, she is the government. The maid who’s doing the chores represents the working class. Your grandpa watches what’s going on and assures everything is alright, he is the syndicate. Your baby brother is the future of our nation. And you, son, you are the people. Do you get it now?”

The kid said ” not that much, but I’ll think about it tonight.”

Late at night, the little toddler pooped his diapers, and he was crying out loud. The son went to his parent’s room but to only find the mother so deep in sleep that he couldn’t wake her up. He went to the maid’s room and he found her sleeping with his father, and his grandpa watching from the window.

He got so mad and went straight to bed.

Next morning the kid went to his dad and said ” I think i get it now, the upper class is using the working class, the syndicate is just watching, the government is sleeping through it all, and the people are ignored. But most importantly, the future is in deep shit.”

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