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First Thing is First

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Freepik by: FlatArt

The first thing that I want to say is, “Good morning, and I love you.”
The next thing that follows will be a kiss on the forehead before I hug you.

Are you well? Did you sleep okay? Are you ready to start the day?
Always give more and put forth the effort to score; this after you pray.

There are many optimum ways to start the day.
Choose one and hone it; write-in-stone some time to play.

Noon will be here in a minute, don’t forget to feed your soul.
Consume raw fruit and veggies to stave off viruses and colds.

Drink lots and lots of water, for you are composed of 60% of it.
Heed life wisdom, if indeed life, you love it.

Hug every day that you awake, refreshed, and in good health. Lay low and pray for others; it’s okay to live a little stealth.

If we pray one for another, then how can we fail?
I stay in “W” mode; I’ve no time to chart an “L.”

The evening will surely come and award us another day complete.
We’ll thank God for our health and the strength to stand on our own feet.

Nothing is to be taken for granted; every second is precious and sweet.
Your time is appreciated here. Without you, there’d just be me.
I gotta’ thank thee. xo.

Monday’s are always sweet and are the perfect starting point,
I’m Qui
breakfast & love to thee at this opportunistic joint.

NO FREE LUNCH – Everyone Pays The Piper

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LIFE via The Lunch Line

Wednesday night I pulled an all-nighter and part of that cost —
was not going to bed until the morning sun fed into President Biden going off

Whatchu’ say?
The Sagittarian in Joseph R.  Biden went “neigh!!!

I enjoyed his speech… at whom he charged the incite.
I also appreciated the introduction of the President’s speech by his legalistic Vice.

The two work well together; nice.  It’s about time that a straight-forward speech has been made.
The world has been watching while ‘nay sayers were clocking‘ what the constitution must’ve forebade.

Morass is a noun in these situations. 
Ever ride cost a verb; check the relations.

For every man who grabbed a tray and fed into those lines that lead to morass

they failed to heed failed-history
and hoped last year would remain a mystery;

a small blip in the past.
And now karma is on many-a ass.

Your mother warned you as a child
— that you can do what you want in life but karma will be wild

and will still come to pass.
I paraphrased quite a bit, but remember that?

Yeah, well, here we are looking at our lunch trays
some of the contents are clear while others are a haze.

Are those potatoes cubed and boiled or mashed?
Oh Lord, those grits can be hot on your ass.
Me? I’m a chronicling observer — and like last year, I’ll pass. 

January 6th, 2021 came and went.
Composing griot for this feed yo,’ is how my time was spent. 

I was not hungry then and I am not hungry now.
Eat from the big-trough and be the cat’s meow

A cat has nine lives. I think that is a fiction that we have taught them.
Get creamed by one car? The end is what such fable has brought them.

There is no free lunch, everyone must pay the piper.
Wearing the desert like a suit? Your necktie is a viper.

Parable, smarables, don’t swear but understand,
there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to man. 

Also, there is no honor among any type of thieves,
and if one of our civil rights are violated that is a strike against “we.” 

Human beings are human. We are all the same.
To think that you differ and are better-than-others is a collective shame. 

The meal that you serve to others will be the meal that you eat. Remember that and live boss. 
I’m Qui
Always happy to sup with thee about wisdom and what progress really costs. 

We are what we eat. Always be mindful of what you speak.

Very Refreshed

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The day is early and I am awake.
Call me “Early Bird,” — I’m up for the take.

2022 is looking fine and we’ve only just met. 
No gamble on chance, I risk my bet.

Carefully, with very mindful intentions
I’m so very bright eyed at composing this mention.

I am refreshed in thought and I feel brand new
about life, prosperity, good times, me and you.

Better days are ahead, indeed it is true.
Good morning #Hump1 of 2022.

I am enjoying the feel and the field of you.
Like green grass of Spring with bonnets of blue,

I am truly feeling you. It’s so early in our day. 
There are 11 more months in this annual bunch — may they support you well, I pray.

Me? I’m ‘up and at ‘em; up before the sun, feeling cool.
You know how excited I get in the light of an opportunity to “school.”

always yields a kick to me.

Feeling adolescent
acquiring knowledge is a blessin.’

I’ve got my arms and my lobes – wide open.
I’m Qui
Giddy about Day 3. Are you with me? I’m hopin.’

2022 requires that we look-alive and feel cute —
for every hill that you conquer will elevate you.

Life is truly remarkable and duly in progress…
You deserve nothing but the best please approach it Very Refreshed.