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The year is 2023 and historically…

UFO’s are more frequently seen in the global sky.
Town Square shootings are soul looting with no federal red light.

COVID is co-existing and Cancer is killing, still.
Democracy is being challenged and “woke” replaced “chill.”

The evening news is ruled by satellite and the world is watching a show
about how that city on a hill could not tell an old child “no.”

America, beloved America, which fruit tree made that juice?
Strong partiality has fashioned a lengthy season of “reflective roost.”

Hollywood writers stand united on strike
for more than 30-days and 30-nights.
Wondering when residuals would be made right?
Stream services entertain consumers but for the writer there is a fight.

It doesn’t look good and it literally isn’t right.
If only the industry could have foreseen this “greed to reap gripe.”

The year is heating up as well as speeding up.
there are fires in Canada and massive smoke is building up…

Please pray to God if you’ve had enough.
Life is a gift, though sometimes it is rough.

June is GEMINI time and that yields a “twin” scene.
Are the twins good or bad? One nice…one mean?

June is a real thing and the name of pretty girl.
This month is every thing at once in a lot of folks’ world.

I love June, but not the bug; they are annoying to hear.
Transitions happen in month six, JUNE transcends our year.

Good morning, Dear. How art thou at this opportunistic point?
The year is half young,
a lot is undone.
Thank God for this mid-annal joint.

Stay out of the news! History will record it just fine.
DO YOU two times and thank God you didn’t make the headlines.

God still has our back. See the sun…see the moon.
There’s nothing that He lacks 5 months before or 6 after JUNE.

Keep your eyes peeled to the tune of noon…
The year is only half parted; It’s only JUNE.

The LAZARUS Project

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Okay it’s not a show about Mary’s brother, who was stinking in a tomb,
rather, the series starts out with a new embryo manifesting in the womb.

Someone is pregnant with an idea and the fascination is non-stop.
Out-of-the box scripts are at an all time high and showing no sign of STOP.

So, when it comes to SKY’s production that is broadcast on TNT,
The LAZARUS Project represents the future “we.”

Oh my, oh me. It appears the setting of the series is current day, by calendar log,
but once you pass minute seven, you realize the day is in a sort of ground hog.

But not like Bill Murray’s old film and this series is a drama, not a funny.
The project leans more towards The Butterfly Effect to course correct nightfall to sunny.

Opportunity is what the ensemble of protagonists need to revive our current day.
Disease and lack of humanities for capitalistic greed implored technologies to blow us away.

Well, that’s my Griot paraphrase. On the real, The Lazarus Project feels not far fetch.
It’s good to stretch the mind. This show is a forward-thinking find. TNT won the bet.

Therein the hour-broadcast lives inferential thoughts of ‘what if…
The main protagonists’ name is George and he has a gift.

The Lazarus Project is definitely worth seeing.
The mind is expansive. Creativity is being.

Be yourself and look beyond today.
To God be the glory in how you see the day.

On a very mindful premise the UK born series does convey
with a soft call to action — “be mindful of time travel traction
so don’t ever cease to pray.


Interested in streaming a new series? Episode 2 drops on Sunday.
Afterwards, peep Harold Perrineau in FROM where every day is a “pawn day.”

The Princess, The Pea: QUANTUM PHYSICS, You, and Me

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OhKey_the-princess-the-pea-quantum-physicsIf there is a loose piece of lent in my sock – I will feel it.
If there’s a boo-boo that’s not progressing too well, I’m tuned-up to heal it.

I’m not a doctor, but a scientist, and more than that, curiosity is key.
But for the expanse of my senses, call me The Princess with The Pea.

I feel it all. Are you happy? Me, too.
I emit colors in words, deeds and the actions that I do,
and when you least expect it, I truly feel you.

Curious about ‘how such resonance could be?
We’re universally connected; I to you and you to me.

Together, we should join energies and harvest big love.
Quantum Physics reminds me that we’re in a Milky Way hug,

nestled in the arms of stellar matter and such…
Together,  we should join energies and harvest big love.

Quantum Physics includes the universe and the evolution of stars.
It’ll put you in perspective as to how big you really are.

You’re not so big at all. Your sum energy is no bigger than the dust —
that is collected and perfected in the stellar arms that we trust.

Speaking of “stellar arms,” astronomers are heralding new 411:
SOMETHING is reaching out
from our galaxy

Pray to God that it amounts to a benign sum.

CNN has a video observing what this new event is…
Keep in mind “if the Milky Way becomes active, man will cease to live.”
(Talk to God about it…our existence is a take and a give).

There are about 50 additional galaxies near us in this Milky Way crest
reminding me that I should remain unbiased on which star is the best.

The sun is a middle-aged star in the prime of her life,
she’s not too close nor too hot to yield us such divine sunlight.

I call her light divine because when you really give it thought
the sun functions under no assumptions that it can be purchased or bought.

It shines on command
per the Creator’s plans.

The Creator’s hands… Oh! They are much, much bigger than yours.
You’ve not made a thing in this world where greater pride should soar.

We are so little.
We’re in the prime of Earth, somewhere in her mid

The sun is a star and stars go through completed stages of life.
To be frank with you fam, we need to learn how to travel by light.

The galaxy is big and our sun is an averaged sized star.
Our black hole is inactive but what are we really on par

Our energy on Earth is on a collision course.

Have you had a chance to study Quantum Physics? It supersedes understanding chess.
The world and its wars don’t bother me, I’m concerned about the Milky Way crest.

She is beautiful and she is bigger than us.
We are Earthians and are capable of love.

We are beings who need more than a hug.
Take a look like Galileo — and into the quantum do thrust.

Global warming is real and every star has its stages of life.
Sure the Earth is mid-cycle, but that doesn’t mean live trife.

Plastic products used to be a take-out hit, but now they are beach banned.
This Summer, let’s not trash the blessed land that we love by our own hands.

We shan’t.
Doing so throws this Princess into a rant.

There are quite a few Pea’s that we need to deal with.
You don’t want the legacy of humanity to cease to exist.

To live is to participate in more than a convenient drive-by.
Have you seen the universe? It’s amazing that we have this life.

Let’s do something positive with it.
Conjure up some praise and let God hear it.

You’re comfy in your borough and suburb; for tomorrow, you don’t fear it.
Though if it’s the Milky Way’s black hole vs. Earth: we’re all ended.

See. It’s little facts like that, that mounts a pea in my sheets,
I’m Qui
a curious she; I’m interested in understanding more about “QP.”

Good morning fam, the world is a stellar jam and I’m with it.
Live a good life
because the universe is alright –
and thank God for the knowledge of Quantum PHYSICS.