What about Pizza & Coke

In News on January 6, 2023 at 5:05 am

I remember being introduced to Pizza & Coke Friday’s in grade school. It was the way that the staff awarded their students for the hard work they put in during the last 5-days of learning. Most often, Pizza Parties ruled the Spelling Bee preparation season and I was into it.


Were you a speller…are you a nerd?
Are you about spoken and written word?

I am, because communication is key to learning and passing good 411.
Buttressed by pizza, cokes, and friends — made Friday’s PARAMOUNT fun.

I miss 5th grade. I was a sharp speller who fancied pepperoni and black olives on thin crust.
I’m Qui
I miss grade school and Coca Cola’s but in Pizza I still trust.

Today, utilize your best imaginations.
Work hard, Pray hard and skimp not on Celebrations!

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