In News on January 9, 2023 at 4:01 am


Good morning, Goodness. It’s a blessing to meet you here, again.
It’s good to know as we go to and fro that you are an innate friend.

There are a couple of headlines in the news that are encouraging at best.
Like after 5×3 tries, McCarthy passed the test.

The NEW YORK TIMES chronicled it on their front page yesterday, and I am happy to follow suit.
The voting rounds were rough, but eventually McCarthy received enough votes to pull him through.

So, as far as more rounds of speaker votes, we are through,
and now the tough work of co-governing becomes our daily truth.

I think all will play out the way that the constituency needs it to go.
Though, I’d be wrong if I pretended folks are not concerned about Santos.

When it comes to “in-house issues,” our Congress has the most.
Still, we believe in our union, may good be born sooner, and Manchurian faux’s manifest ghost.


Tip-tip! Raise your mugs and your glasses for a toast
for Damar Hamlin is bright eyed and on the mend; he’s woke.

CNN heralded the good news and I couldn’t help but herald it, too.
Especially after what Damar’s parents, fans, and the viewing public has been through.

You guys rock! Every single one of you.
When the Buffalo Bills player went down, 32 teams worth of prayers went through.

Fans from all 32 teams went to God, as well.
And it turns out Damar Hamlin got some good rest for a spell.

That’s all… at least for right now.
Damar is on the mend and Medical Science is credited with the “how.’

Any day that our home and children are safe, we are able to better future glean,
I’m Qui
Today is about we
, because at the core of it all, WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!

and continue to

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