In Comedy, News on January 16, 2023 at 3:15 am

Good morning, Goodness, we do indeed meet, again.
The start to any good pairing is best at its historical begin.”

And that is just what our Exposé periodical highlights:
We’ve got The Ministry of Silly Walks for the Sciatic and Samsung Flips to Revive!

Yes, yes. The old Mighty Python moves strike back
but this time as a Fitness routine and alleviation for the back.

The WASHINGTON POST and CNN have both published planes
on Mr. Teabags’ gait for fitness sake and now Sciatic pains.

Actually, the periodicals focus on: ‘a gait vs jogging‘ talk,
though I found “the pigeon pose goes mobile” in the Mighty Python walk.

In the jog vs the walk study, the British Medical Journal did find,
that walking silly generates quite the encouraging caloric grind.

Imagine how much energy it would really take
to walk like Mr. Teabag’s on an average day.

And if you have suffered an injury to, say the Piriformis
a crazy walk is your goto route to avoid pain & get on with it.

Life can comes to a stand-still when the sciatica pinch is “on.”
I should know, t’was no fan of the show, yet I’ve walked like a Mighty Python.

Doth you know the standing pigeon pose?
I can do it almost anywhere, during my to and fro.

It looks crazy-funny when you’re walking, but it works, yo.
Don’t knock it til you try it in the gym or on the go.

Yes, people will be looking. but it only takes about 3-minutes.
It is absolutely worth it to avoid the sciatica squeeze’s beginnin.’

No frowns, keep grinning and bending it out.
And if you need to call a friend, use a phone; no need to shout.


If you prefer to wear low rise jeans, this next product may be a hit,
If your cell phone has been way too long, any chance you want to flip?

I’m no gymnasts, so let’s just say that I am asking for a friend,
plus the New York Post published this piece about Samsung reviving “the bends.”

Did you miss it?
If so, here’s your chance to re-kiss it,

The flip phone is back! So… do you, “vintaged Boo.”
And to my father-in-law who just upgraded from his OG flip phone a few months ago, “Oops!”

Timing is everything. I enjoy relics and a good revival, but I’m not quite ready to flip whilst I talk,
I’m Qui
more to remain agile, so lookout for me on my fitness spree that resembles the Mighty Python walk.

Get a load of those gaits!

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