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The biological and physiological underpinnings of emotions were discussed by Aristotle around 350 BC, in De Amina (On The Soul), per Discrete Emotion Theory which states: there are core emotions that are biologically determined emotional responses whose expression and recognition is fundamentally the same for all individuals regardless of ethnic or cultural differences.

Ever heard of Emo Cali?

Hint: It did not originate on the West Coast. 🙂

EMO Cali is short for EMOTIONAL CALIBRATION and is exactly what I want to talk about this morning. Why? Because feelings are personal and revealing. What are your thoughts/philosophy on sitting in un-comfortability to figure out why you feel and react the way that you do?

What is GUILT? A feeling that refers to the belief that you have done something wrong or that you will do something wrong. We feel this way when we are out of alignment with our true values. Emotions arise as “a necessary check“, (like the check engine light in your car), so that you check-in with your true values on the topic via introspection and retrospection.

Once you recognize that the uncomfortable feeling that you are experiencing is Guilt what do you do then? Understand that emotions arise to protect us from being vulnerably hurt, then work on emotion designation; exercise mindfulness into what you mean.

Emotions are easy to calibrate when you do so within your true value system. Then and only then will it stick and render you more confident in your responses. Remember, emotional responses arise to protect us when we don’t understand or know what to say in any given moment.

God never intended for us to feel overly vulnerable, so He gave us emotions as a sort of first line of defense. Use them properly and folks will think you are a communication genius.


In 350 BC Aristotle was on a roll
per Discrete Emotion Theory aka On The Soul.

What Aristotle found and comprehended in his life’s scene
are 12 Fundamental Emotional Responses that reside in every human being.

That’s right. Emotionally, we are all human, thus, we are alike
and like complexions, our emotions gradient between dark and light.

Learn a little. Learn a lot.
Mean who you are and not ever who you’re not.

Emotional Calibration is a mindful lesson
that can help you fell less guilt or needs for confessions.

Question your innate responses as often as you feel necessary.
Refer to the 12 Core Emotions because feeling natural shouldn’t be scary.

Use the zest that is associated with JOY to lessen the pain of Sadness.
Use Laughter, a Joy extension, to calibrate anger or madness.

When GUILT shows up at the party, ask yourself an honest WHY.
Then focus on why your response was so protective, (given that you didn’t even try).

If you find that you could have handled things differently, the good news is: you still can.
Reach out to that person who was misunderstood and clear things up on how you stand.

Calibrate the mood of the relationship sincerely and in the process teach a friend
that even though we banter to and fro, via self improvement we can all win.

No one is perfect, but if we are mindful it may look similar to
I’m Qui
an EMO Cali, She whose always in the mood to emote with you.

  1. Amazing read! I often need the reminder to emotionally calibrate

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