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How would you react to receiving a calendar collection for Christmas or your birthday? Would you feel like the message was “keep up, remember, don’t forget,” etc.? Well, those were my curiosities, until I opened the package to reveal masterful art of juxtaposing complexions from some of my favorite throwback cinema variété & a reflection of the Black Community on display. It inspires my creative day, everyday. My reaction was one that Lucille Ball inspired:

I broke out the champagne! Well, to be honest, the champagne was already out as I received my 2023 BLACK HOLLYWOOD Calendar for Christmas, so I began to wildly refill my cup and that of the gift-giver because I absolutely adore the gift. The concept & compositions are fun, relative, and creative. The eye and the work of Carell Agustus is alluring and transitional.

The month of February is titled I LOVE ANNIE and is inspired by the hit 1950’s series I LOVE LUCY. The Black Hollywood reflection has Annie Ilonzeh as “the mirror” and she is yielding the prescribed “Vita Meata Vegaminvibes.

Credit: Paramount Plus +

The art dedicated to the Month of January was inspired by EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and the reflection was embodied by model, actor, artist Don Benjamin. Peep January’s art inscription:

Pretty sharp. Eh?

As for Augustus’ take on the month of love, i.e., February, the inscription reads:

:: The beloved television show I LOVE LUCY depicted classic American life in the mid-twentieth century, but that representation failed to include Black people, especially Black women, who helped create so much of American culture. The iconic comedy was calling to be re-created, and actor Annie Ilonzeh delivered a true revitalization of Lucy Ricardo’s charismatic and hilarious facial expressions. In this powerful reimagining, a Black woman takes center screen!


Growing up watching re-runs of the I Love Lucy show
did make me wonder, “where are the Black people, though?”

I thought of asking my own mom to visit Lucy, but she had to work.
Watching 179 episodes and not seeing anyone that looked like me hurt.

But then one day, out the blue and certainly out of episode sequence fashion,
I caught an episode from 1955 and there was a Black character in action.

It was Sam McDaniel and casting agents must have really been ‘on the fence.
Because post McDaniel’s appearance, there wasn’t another Black character, hence.

So, imagine the warmth of my heart to see ANNIE in the Iconic Heart Logo;
it revives the scene that I dug as a tween; an impressionable 12-year old.

Big Ups & BLACK EXCELLENCE L O V E to Carell, Annie, and Don. I look forward to seeing M O R E,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day to thee, my last Christmas gift is a dimensional score!

...I’m still loving it.

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