Debating About Relating

In Communication on February 27, 2023 at 4:04 am

If we do not communicate effectively, then how are we to relate?
Relationships are about connective points, though the depths are up for debate.

There are four basic types of relationships:

  • Family Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Acquaintanceships
  • Romantic Relationships

From those basics, many branches can be born. The thing that connects us is relating. If you are not interacting with another person consistently, you are likely not in a relationship with them.


If you are present in a relationship but not relating, is that a waste of time?
What’s the point of connecting joints? They are how relationships thrive.

Life is short and I see absolutely no reason
to give time to anything that you don’t relate to, in any season.

I’m into effective communication because I genuinely care.
Words bridge worlds and can get us there.

Life is as simple or complex as we make it to be
and humanity is at its best in relativity.

Do not do one thing for nothing. In the end, it will be comparable to vapor air.
Relationships yield, convey, and can make your day — let the related know that you care.

If you care, please convey. I’m broaching the topic because I CARE FOR YOU,
I’m Qui
On my relationship 1-2-3’s, because relativity is what I do.

How would you type our relationship; what do we have?
When it comes to me and this writing, I’d say the latter half.




The HILL Researches & Serves The REAL

Last week The HILL published a very relative article titled:

“Most young men are single. Most young women are not.”

And it reads,

“More than 60 percent of young men are single, nearly twice the rate of unattached young women, signaling a larger breakdown in the social, romantic and sexual life of the American male. 

Men in their 20s are more likely than women in their 20s to be romantically uninvolved, sexually dormant, friendless and lonely. They stand at the vanguard of an epidemic of declining marriage, sexuality and relationships that afflicts all of young America.  

Dr. Niobe Way, a psychology professor and founder of the Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity at New York University, says “We’re in a crisis of connection.

Disconnection from ourselves and disconnection from
each other. And it’s getting worse.”

In the worst-case scenario, the young American man’s social disconnect can have tragic consequences. Young men commit suicide at four times the rate of young women. Younger men are largely responsible for rising rates of mass shootings, a trend some researchers link to their
growing social isolation…

…Women are tiring of their stereotypical role as full-time therapist for emotionally distant men. They want a partner who is emotionally open and empathetic, the opposite of the age-old masculine ideal. 

“Today in America, women expect more from men,” said Ronald Levant, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Akron and author of several books on masculinity.  “and unfortunately, so many men don’t have more to give…” “


Society: What can we do to get them back into the social & cool loop?
I thought men were even-keeled… Has the male species been duped?

Heterosexual women love heterosexual men
who respect them as equals, authentic friends.

Mom worked hard and sacrificed her happiness for the strong function of our family,
thus, women are confused about the laws that you’ve pruned, especially on Dobs to “damn-she!”

Man: If you are building towards a healthy relationship, please ask yourself —
if what you are doing is more like “self-ruin?” Women still need your help.

Should you have a free minute please give a look at that piece from The Hill
and tell me if their reporting is good or if it has died on this relative hill.

I’m truly interested in your take,
but only for relativity’s sake.

Men: If you are waiting to hear a word from the Women’s camp addressed to you,
please hear me out as I type and shout: “Come vibe with us. We miss you.

PS — I just realized that reacting to The Hill’s piece the way that I have proves that I am unconsciously playing the role of the therapist. Hmph.  Do you relate?

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