Well, Well

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Politics on March 7, 2023 at 8:15 am

Politics is a well from which we will draw a fluid leader in 2024.
MAW is back on the scene to re-iterate what it means to revive humanity’s core.

It’s a rough bid, but her vantage view is true.
Earth is in peril and she houses me and you.

The weather is doing something different, and future seasonal extremes are slated to be worse.
Leaders of the free world could use the intuition of a girl to balance humanity’s respect for Earth.

When I re-posted the PSA last week, I had no idea that Marianne Williamson was taking the floor
to announce her run for the presidency in 2024.

Have you heard?
Per Andrew Yang’s podcast, Marianne Williamson’s run is WORD.

What do I think? I’m happy to share my thoughts.
Marianne’s intuition volition is wisdom that can’t be bought.

Do I think that she should run for president? Well, that’s another thing.
I wish Marianne was a part of the Biden band and working on our environmental sheen.

Still, the well is deep, and we all know it.
A penny is like a vote. Please aim when you throw it.

Marianne speaks to the people on a level that is deeper than finances. Right?
She comes in strong regarding Earth and all walks of life.

On Andrew’s podcast, she is not stumped on relieving student debt.
I love the current administration, but relief has not happened yet.

I am grateful that President Joe is trying; he is not letting go.
I appreciate his use of common sense and the power of the (unused) veto.

I really do.
Still, there’s much, much more that we need to do.

So maybe in 2024, should President Joe win re-election,
he could add Marianne Williamson to his cabinet connection.

And Marianne will formulate her staff to push for change,
and hire the progressive mind of Andrew Yang.

They seem to work well together – respectful and full of new ideas.
Diversity sews more meaningful scores and can squash our dependence on fear.

It may be a new tune to dig, but its resonation would play out well.
It’s early for you and me in 2023, but time is winding up for our next voting spell.

To retreat and not participate in the process of democracy is considered “a fail.”
Research your penny because choices may be many and 2024 requests your input at the well.

Let’s be like “the woman at the well…

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