The Big W

In #SeveralLayersDeep, Griot on March 29, 2023 at 3:15 am

Surely you already know what I’m about to say…
W is for WHERE as in “where are you going today?”

That’s right, The Big W has us all atop of this hill  
with our lives, our health, and our strength; able to move at will.

It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.
Only you think you are getting over, but you’re being WATCHED by G-o-d.

Oh, my goodness! Where did that come from?
Here atop of this hill, there’s nowhere to run

but down.
If you’re dealing in mischievousness, ’tis where you are bound.

W is for WHAT as in “what are your intentions today?”
I hope that they are good because boomerangs feel like wood
WHEN they return the convey.

Boomerangs surf the wind when they glide.
Make sure you exude the right intentions in your stride.

If for no other reason beyond the one that I stated before,
You are not in a vacuum; God is keeping score.

Well. I suppose this piece is shaping up to be a real big clue —
that says “W” stands for Wednesday as well as a Warning to me and you

to be on our best behavior today because it really counts.
Look for opportunity to do good immediately.
Thank God when you see it and then pounce.

Today is dedicated to THE BIG W.
The WIN herein is for me & you.

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