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Good morning beloved, how do you do?
Is the life of zen still with you? Is happiness still your Boo?

I certainly hope so.
As we roll towards the end of the year, focus on your inner glow.

Are you meditating on your breath?  Do you even know how?
Focus is for everyone, let’s do some now: 

Three minutes is not too long to invest in you and your inner calm… breathe.
Do it slow, steady, and with ease.

I am grateful for the capacity to inhale and exhale oxygen that is free.
I am grateful for the breath of “we.” Now breathe.

If when you inhale you are in thought and do think
that on the exhale that something did stink?

Just gargle a little bit — then rinse and spit and breathe.
Enjoy the inhale of the mouthwash’s breeze.

Life is hill’y — we all know that.
But don’t take it personal; only deal in the facts
then breathe. 

It feel’s good.
Let gratefulness be understood
with each breath that you breathe.

Look at you doing it autonomously and with ease.
I’m paralleling your in-and-out, to a “t.” 

Wednesday is a great day for introspection.
Reflect and give thanks during meditation…
and breathe.

Whatever it is that you have facing you today,
go forth and conquer it after you pray…
and breathe. 

It’s obvious that I’m focused on breath. From the moment I started, I can’t let it rest.

I am grateful for life
and I don’t consider her challenges to be strife.

I meditate and I learn.
I spend very little time with “yearn.”

Most things we can achieve.
May our imagination be great and creativity stay on our plate, as we grow to be great… and 

This morning my mind is occupied with thanks and humility, 
I’m Qui
Thank you for spending your time with me.

Godspeed to a day of love and prosperity and please don’t forget to breathe.

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