He Came Back to Have Your Back

In News on April 9, 2023 at 3:33 am


Oh, do look now, for there is absolutely nothing to see.
The Son of God has risen from the dead on Day 3.

He did it for you and me so that we all would know
we’ll not encounter any woe that He’s not conquered and doesn’t know.

Defeat is not in His lexicon.
So bright is the light of God’s only Son.

The Romans saw His light, and He consistently shines it onto you.
He is your conscience, your good mind… your humanity root.

Each of us can connect to the other without a word ever being spoken…
There’s a likeness at our core, a spiritual token.

Whether you are aware of it or not, I always see it in your eyes
you are a child of the one true God who sits on high.

It’s interesting how you operate without Him until troubles are nigh.
It seems No one has to suggest that you kneel, pray, and/or cry.

You do it like it’s first nature.
You throw a finger up at touchdowns and stacking paper.

And while it’s good that you acknowledge God in those times,
it’s also okay to celebrate His Son, who on day 3 day did rise.

I love to “see you coming,” though it’s almost like a blur “when you pass.”
The blood of Jesus is on you so thick, I’m pretty sure He’s got your back.

Today is a new day, and tomorrow will follow suit.
I pray we all focus on the light and lean into our humanity root.


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