It’s THURSDAY Again – Don’t Forget The Inner Man

In Communication, Griot, Music, Video on April 20, 2023 at 3:15 am

He or she resides within you.
Do not wait until to weekend to get your intimate due.

Why would you? I cerainly would not.
For it is my fondest wish that your Thursday’s be hot.

I absolutely wood have it no other way.
Therefore, I’ve risen quite early to play before “say.”

Ahem. Good morning, to you. This is my “say” composition.
I am for the inner woman and this, is an intimate mention.

Ah, you’ve caught me by the indention of human nature and I must admit,
If ‘life weren’t “about the Benjamins,” I’d consider calling in sick.
Instead, I prefer to surf, so I did it quick.

About “the Benjamin’s” that’s also my Great Grandfather’s name.
I believe he bed romped too, ’tis from whence my grandmother came.

You all know how baby’s are born; they come from up North.
Takes a lot of humping to get the assembly line pumping, and I ain’t never seen no stork.
The lights are on sometimes – it’s not always dark.

Anywho, it’s only Thursday, baby,
and it’s okay if you want to call me “the wet nurse lady.”

And with that dime, let us duly start our day,
I’m Qui
Being grown with thee
. Go on and let your inner man play.

Because it’s THURSDAY.

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