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Lately, Sex has been amazing. Please tell me that you feel it.
Whatever ails you right now, I’m thinking, ‘good sex may heal it.

Well those are my beans and yes, I’ve spilled it.
At last nights sheet dance… I killed it.

Good morning, dear Friday, what a high day you are.
The sun is indeed bright, still, you’re a comparable star

and the bar is high. I do love the bar.
My dancing partner has one. Dancers are stars.

How about you? Are you feeling up to playing Fred Astaire?
I’m bidding you a smooth tune and a high-energetic flair.

Oh me, oh my. It will get you there.

Lately, I have not been concerned with world affairs,
it seems to be good for gifting young folk many salty gray hairs.

For any “uncontrollable stresses,” I do not care.
So, in the land of “the sheets,” I’ll lay right here.

Mmm. Won’t you lie as well?
With or without a mate, inhale & exhale.

It’s good for you.

Life is present and sex is a gift.
Also, it yields you quite the morning glow & lift.

Wake up to it. It goes well with morning jo.
Go to bed to it, it’s better than Ambien – I should know.

Good morning, good morning. It’s Friday indeed.
Consider Lately, early. It’s way more intoxicating than weed.

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