When IT Hits The Fan

In News on April 26, 2023 at 3:30 am

You know the old saying, “A secret is to be kept, but should it get out,
there’ll be enough poo to give a bull gout..?”

If you don’t know the saying, that is quite okay.
I literally made the saying up and coined it today. 🙂

Use it if you like, I think that folks will understand
what you are talking about across these united and global lands.

I use it all of the time, but when I “have to go,” I use the bathroom.
The poo that is dominating recent news has to be is the biggest boom.

From Supreme Court Justices being gifted but forgetting to report and tell,
to political lies being exposed tethered to perilous goals,
that shoot career prominence to hell…

For some, things are not going too well.

Life appears to be in a suction by a really big fan.
What’s done in the dark reveals the heart of each and every man.

And When IT Hits The Fan, all will be able to tell it.
It may not be on our hands, but everyone can smell it.

Do you smell that? It’s rolling in by the pound.
Give a little thought to how and why Karma keeps coming around.

She is not for the bull. She has not misunderstood.
She is like a grade school disciplinarian whose great at wielding wood.

Karma is definitely a butt kind-of vibe.
Passive on your mind, but in your ass, she’s all pine.

Stay out of her way and keep clean your nose and your hands.
You are not a band member, and it’s best you remember
before IT Hits The Fan.

Today the fan is on High, on another day the fan may be off.
Live mindfully daily and don’t sip the gravy; for steep and lumpy is its cost.

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