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At first glance, the script appears to be going in one direction with a trajectory to continue the same path. However, the limited series based on true actual events is anything but a monotone-composed script. Careful to focus not on the obvious alone because the strength of the story appears to rest with the antagonist.

Pernille is the new hire RN on the night shift and is trained by the shift lead RN, Christina. From day one, there are break room rumors about Christina sleeping with the Chief Physician, among other lascivious deeds. Rumors are lost on management and Christina is in line for a promotion. Pernille remains neutral to the rumors and focused on the night shift vibe… to the point of dear life.

The series is laid out over four episodes, and not one moment of enlightenment is spared in this even-keeled real life dramatic spill.

It isn’t easy to script any show, especially one based on facts. When a story is true, do not add fiction during your documented convey. So, if THE NURSE was crafted solely on facts this piece wins in at least three genres: Suspense, Drama, and Documentary.

Time is precious, so anytime that I am able to combine learning (conveying knowledge) with entertainment — I’m all in. In fact, there’s a term for doing such: GAMIFICATION.

Gamification is a necessary elixir for a writer, but not limited to the profession. How’s the health of your career? Be the nourishing Nurse in your situation and the winning protagonist in your story. Especially when others least expect it.


When storytelling is real and you need to re-tell it,
it can be tricky to compose, re-direct, and up-sell it.

But it has been done and this tale includes an old disco joint
during on-the-job training to make a defibrillation point.

It happens early in the 4-episodic series. It’s enough to throw you off
of who is killing the night shift vibe… No time to turn and cough.

It is a foreign production; we can thank the Danish for the view.
Translate the language to English and watch a great tale came through.

May this week inspire,
you to turn the mundane into new fire.

After all, you are a living documentary right now in real-time.
Me? I’m deep in composition in and out of rhyme.

I’m watching you
in your cinematic truths.

Good morning, Hollywood. I’m thinking about you, too…

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