In Communication, encouragement, Griot on May 17, 2023 at 3:15 am

Out of town…

Down the Street…

…In your dreams when you are sleep.

Up the road where you can afford…

Camp-out at a friend’s for free room and board.

Install new curtains/bedding to escape while in-house.

Whatever you do refresh the view — especially if you can’t get out.

Travel is necessary because life can become stale and mundane.

Travel via your favorite show; get dolled up and hang.

Me? I travel often. I’m on my third trip in so many days.

Inspired by nature’s views, I script ‘what you say

in public and especially behind closed doors.

Travel via perception to incite the mind to soar.

I invite you to go there and have a great time.

Meet me at the bar of intellect and sublime.

Pack light.

Adulting is optional.

Get Here.


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