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Key Black History – Ooo la la, LA BELLA

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The day is early, though the month is most gone
but a not a minute before we talk attractive DNA & Domes

Let’s focus our attentions on the Matriarchs of so many
and whether they’ve born a child or not their contribution to humanity is plenty:

Kamala Harris has to be first out of the gate;
she is a Black woman by way of bi-race.

She is a progressive woman of legal stature and strong teeth.
She is a respected woman in the U.S., Americans call her V.P.

She is not camera shy and she loves being on the team.
Coy she is not, but upfront and enjoys working behind the scenes

You can read more about Mrs. Harris HERE; she’s big business and social fun,
though a celebration wouldn’t be a celebration if Issa Rae couldn’t come.

Issa Rae is a multimedia mogul indeed
intellectualism and talent with INSECURE scenes.

I enjoy her individualism and style.
I am inspired by her productive wilds.

Issa’s rawness is not a gimmick.
She is one of many women who operates with no limits.

The entertainment industry can be boisterous, thick and full of weeds, 
yet it’s no mystery that we are still able to see the heights of Robin Theade

I see myself in Robin’s scripted characters… I also see you.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

Robin is bi-racial and sports 50% of German goodness.
Her Mother is African American. From whence did Robin get her hoodness?

It’s good to see reflections of self… it’s so good to laugh out loud.
It’s good to have ties to Megan Markle, for she is Royalty, child.

Life can be crazy for us all, in fact, it can be quite wild.
Though I can only imagine navigating life as a bi-racial child.

That is the reality of many, and of Multimedia Matriarch‘s the list would go long
To thrive in the face of “all-public” and love it — one’s spirit has got to be strong.

Megan is such spirited woman and she is quite strong.
She is mother to Archie & Lilibet — Harry is her love song.

She is a talented actress and just so you know
she may not be on a weekly sitcom and still her life is a global show.

I am learning from her vantage view much that I did not know.
I’m something like Porsha Williams: family, love, and travels to & fro.

Porsha Williams is a good woman to know.
Her life is boisterous enough to yield its own show.

And so, Porsha is a hardworking DNA-twerking Producer Ms. —
And PORSHA’S FAMILY MATTERS is BRAVO’s new serial mix.

The series is insightful with real trials starring Porsha, Dennis and Simon, too.
A Drama-Amply Blended Family is a new term and this show’s view.

It’s a real beautiful reflection to see.
Porsha is the grand kid of Hosea Williams and as vocal as Joy Reid.

Joy is a pleasure to listen to. For the unfamiliar – please call her Mrs. Reid.
Joy keeps our community visual and on-topic via THE ReidOut on MSNBC.

Her career is not always fun nor does it appear by any measure to be easy.
Joy delves into the good and the bad, yielding us each “a more informed lad” – ‘fo sheezy.

Joy Reid has Caribbean roots that I am most happy to see.
I am encouraged when I turn on the tv and see people like me

I am in no way BE bias, I appreciate the ladies as well as the fellas,
Though amidst love in Black History Month, I wanted to zoom-in on the LaBella’s.

Did you know as much about each nourisher herein?
I’m Qui
Each woman is of America, she is Black, and she is your kin.

Image by: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Beauty is born out of chaos and the world is in chaotic fashion.
Congrats Supreme Court Nominee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.


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School is amazing. If you know anything about me, then you know that I love it.
Multimedia rules the world. Folks say ‘they hate it and ‘then they hug it

It can be a blessing and a curse, it can be influential and pique.
I like the way that Comedy is being served up at ABBOTT ELEMENTARY

A.E. is a fundamental new series premiering on ABC.
Quinta Brunson is the creator and a fine example of BE.

Season 1, episode 8 is titled Work Family and reminds me of a chronicle herein,
where I suggest that “work associates” are our “corporate kins.”

They are more than staffed acquaintances… we should call them friends.
And when it comes to producing objective key results for the cause of one they go-all-in. 

Objective Key Results are on display via A.E.’s protagonist route.
Quinta is of comedy sketch DNA. You should check her out.

The productive progress that this pint-sized woman has yielded
has me checking DNA ancestry… I think this woman is guilded:

I see a lot of myself in the second grade teacher. I, too, am an optimist, eternal.

I have a personal friend who works in the public school system inside of the state of New York
He is BE, refined, elevated, and sharp. 

And when I say sharp I mean in an administrative capacity; he’s got good fruit.
He shows up for work sporting grant ideas and wearing tailor suits.

He has been in this position for nearly a decade
and the school’s principle accounts for a huge percentage of gray in his day.

She lives to put him down, as if she intends to stand atop of his head.
She reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ Yertle the Turtle and what MC Lyte said:


Remember lessons like that? Fundamental stuff.
Which brings me back to A.E.’s Principle-in-the-rough.

Quinta scripted a spot-on role of a power-hungry soul
and while the principle is my least favorite character, her comedic quips are gold.

My Business Manager friend who works in New York
has texted me a few times regarding her “productive thwarts.”

She’s all gas, empty laughs and sports a very confused heart.
Quinta scripted the characters spot on, reflective of “we;” composition smart.

After watching the series premier, I contacted my friend to herald the sitcom news
but he had already seen it and was melancholy about the view.

It was then that my tactful friend said, “Quinta is doing well,”
‘but (for how the principle that he reports to acts) A.E.’s Principle can go to hell. 

That’s just how REAL Quinta’s scripting is; it hits so close to home.
Besides the side-show that is the principle’s yolk
Abbott Elementary is educating the viewers dome. 

The Work Family relationships that are brought to light in Episode 8
remind me of my networking style served-up on a plate.  

I am an optimist eternal and it’s difficult for me to give up on most folk.
For their good intentions I hold-out for hope

Hoping that we can get along well, simply because we are on the same team.
I am an optimist eternal with an active silver-lining gleam.

Quinta’s character “JANINE” and I are on the same team;
she feels like co-workers are “family too, and I know what she means.

Family is family and crosses DNA and color lines
Family comes through for you when you are in a bind.

Have you ever been in a jam at your career gig
and a co-workers resolution soothed your wig?

A time or two this has indeed been my A.I. reality
and in those moments my co-workers felt like kin to me. 

I have to refrain from divvying bear hugs.
When my co-workers go the distance for me, I call it love.

There’s a whole lot of love betwixt the co-workers in this comedy.
I am not alone in my appreciation for Abbott Elementary:

Sherly Lee Ralph and Tyler James Williams also bring their “BE” game to each episodic lesson,
I’m Qui
Watching ABC mold & teach – reminds me of yesterday’s “After School Special” blessin’s.

Abbott Elementary is much more on cue
with what social vibes and relative education is going through.

Key Black History – THREE The LEGENDARY Way

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What kind of title is that? Well, I was inspired by the saying and then by the film. I’ll clarify the saying first. Have you ever heard the saying “Three The Hard Way?” My first lyrical recollection is in a song that I later learned is the theme of a film starring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, and Jim Kelly:

Today’s composition is inspired by the film’s theme song title more than its content, though if you’re in the mood for a throwback Blaxploitation film, I recommend that you check it out. Today we are going to focus on THREE THE LEGENDARY WAY

Let’s span the timeline starting with: 

This young man is a legend in his own time, and there are very few artists that actually get to claim such a title – for so long. Michael is celebrating a birthday this month and he’s still half-of-a-dime short of 40. Though you wouldn’t know it by his resume, accolades, accomplishments, or his incredible taste in women. Lori Harvey is the woman on his arm, and while she is a showstopper in on site, Michael is a tough act to follow. In 2020 People Magazine crowned him Sexiest Man Alive and the New York Times touted him on a short list of “25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century” and Lori concurred.

Michael is a walking exhibition of BE if you ask any of his adoring fans on social media, however if you ask me, I’d dote incessantly on his reel work. Denzel Washington is co-producer of A JOURNAL FOR JORDAN, starring Michael. The film exposes a great way to communicate with future legacy. Speaking of “future legacy” CREED III is COMING SOON, as directed by Michael B. Jordan. Keep your eye on this three-and-a-half decade old craft master. It looks like he’s just getting started:

No matter his age, Will Smith will always be THE FRESH PRINCE to me because his resume appears to be stale proof. No matter what he is casted in, it’s usually fresh and packed with serial inference. You gotta’ love that. Hailing from Philly he is a fighter, but he won’t be starring alongside the CREED III protagonist because Will is legendary for keeping a packed project schedule of his own:

Will’s talent exhibition has been BE for a very long time. One of my favorite throwback film’s is SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION. It was culturally amazing. I learned so much. Mmph.

Three years past the ‘half-a-dollar club, Will has been married for a whopping 25-years to Jada Pinkett and the two have built a wonderful family together that will continue to expand the Smith legacy. 

Speaking of legacy, let’s drop in on Mr. Smiths will and his capacity at work:

Catch it on PEACOCK

I told you. Will stays fresh. What type of freshness-sealed life plan does one have to pre-visualize to actually stay on-top of his/her game for the long run? I think the operative word is “plan,” or at least that’s what I am learning from:

When I was younger, I remember my 2nd grade teacher asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up? Straight away, I said an artist, and to this day I have followed through; I am an artist. Not long ago, I was able to drop in on CORNER TABLE TALK with Brad Johnson podcast, Season 2, Episode 1: Fab5Freddy  | Avant Garde Maestro and it was outstandingly informative. Mr. Johnson recalled a story of someone asking Fab5Freddy what he wanted to be when he grew up and Fab responded “Me;” he wanted to grow up to be himself. Whoa. BE on display. That is the coolest answer I’ve ever heard. I was tickled and enlightened.

For as much as I thought I knew about my friend of 15-years, after listening to Mr. Johnson unearth some very intricate details of Fab’s life I realized that he has more dimensions than a Modern Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. And like T.I., Fab5Freddy may also be a vampire. Where is the aging process? Just recently he has allowed his hair to grow silver, giving him an appearance of “seasoned.” Personally, I think it’s platinum hair dye — but I digress in jest.

In one lifetime, Fab5Freddy is a Visual Artist, Film Producer, Music Video Director, Lyrical Inspire, Documentarian, Hip Hop Statesman, Multimedia Curator, Italian Resident, and …

Italian resident? Yes, you read that correctly. Fab once had residency in Italy. He also sought, out and met Fellini. I heard this, too, via the Corner Table Talk and it had me scratching my head because Fab isn’t even at retirement age, so exactly when did he have time to do all of this in Italy? I don’t know, but he did tell Blondie…

To Change The Beat up would mean to do something new.
Let’s all learn more about our neighbors and increase our vantage view.

These are Community Leaders; they are beloved and are not new.
They have created Legendary Statuses that are progressively holding true.

Thank God for evolution. Thank God for today. 
Thank God for contribution and Three The Hard Way. 

Me? I’m Qui and I’ve much more to say, 
though today’s chronicle will conclude topic: THREE THE LEGENDARY WAY

Enjoy your day as a glass of spring water half full.
Enjoy the latest insert of :

FUN FACTDaBrat produces some of her best work under inspiration.
She’s also a 2/22/2022 NEWLYWED. Let us bid her love & CONGRATULATIONS.