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Black History is Our Legacy

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February is one of my favorite months
because it represents love so very much.

While it’s a giving month it’s not too long.
What it lacks on long it makes up for in strong.

Like black coffee, this month and I are strong.
I like to make my points quick and not take too long.

I suppose so.

I like life strong.
In such a short month my mentions go long:

Don’t sleep on MASTER P and his NO LIMIT legacy.
Since 1989 he’s been on shine for the world to see.
His dimensions have depth,
Peep his journey; peep his steps:



Percy is always a favorite subject of mine.
I like my men like my coffee; fresh in grind.

I am mindful that there would be no Master P if first he were not birthed a baby,
so I have to yield Black History Props to the all-encompassing Black lady.

Good morning, good morning:


Good morning to you.
Qui is indeed Black History, too.

Big props to your mom, your auntie, that Black woman at your job.
It’s okay if you LOVE ON US all-at-once; we can handle the mob.

I am a BLACK WOMAN and I love every stitch of my fabric.
I love Adam’s seed who confesses that he’s a femme addict.

Come with it – WE give it.


Education is a great foundation on which to stand,
please tell me that you still kick it with Dr. Umar, man?

An educated community has always been his goal and plan:

As far as my personal diet goes – I’m trying again. 😛

There’s an interest to pay homage to Black folks who are willing to evolve.
A fixed mind suits little, let an open mind be our collective find and resolve.

The task is not small and I see honing in progress.
To what the world is trying to hurl… I retreat and digress.

To remove thyself from the rigmarole – is always best.
Remain positively focused and you’ll pass this test.



Black History is good to me; truth it’s always yielding me,
I’m Qui
about Black History and Our Legacy.
THANKS for vibing with me.

Key BLACK HISTORY Subject: Percy “MASTER P” Miller

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Qui Entertainment Magazine

key-blk-history-subj-percy-masterp-miller.jpgIf you want to get more crunk and raise your level of aspire
You owe it to yourself to peep MASTER P’S FAMILY EMPIRE.

Somebody’s got to do it, somebody’s got to show the world HOW
to take your street talents and convert them into a mega cash cow.

REELZ has made real Mr. Percy’s quest to part-control
the view on the tube — for it shapes the masses of souls.

I should know, I was raised by the tube
I thought I could piece together a good life with PBS and glue.

But it wasn’t true, I was dealt in this life a specific card
and American History said my melanin would make life hard

and society said collectively we couldn’t make a lot of money,
then Percy Miller rosefrom the boot and said, “Ughhhh!” – Ain’t that funny?

He’s no mystery.
Master P

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key-blk-history-subj-bernice-kingYes I love her daddy and his contributions to my civil rights avail,
but since he was assassinated and is gone – his children are going thru hell.

I’ve prayed that all will be well but what force is liable
for moving MLK’s sons to want to sell his legacy Bible?

Dr. Kings children are courting the law like rivals – God bless.
Surely it’s not a greedy spirit that is leading them to this mess.

Or is it?
Dr. King in a dream, should visit

his children at once and remind them of themselves.
Seems collectively that the sons may not be feeling well.

Bernice is the Dr.’s daughter and she’s also of the cltoh.
Bernice doesn’t believe her fathers Bible should be auctioned off at any cost.

Not too long ago and after a long battle in court
an MLK artifact was sold for a paupers score.

It amounted to nothing, nonsense, lint. Bernice said, “No More.
and mounted a non-compliant wedge under the “sell our legacy” door.

Could you imagine a generation of people holding on
to the glue that bound a race of people and their history so strong?

Like the Kennedy’s or the Einstein’s… I wish all collectors good luck
in trying to procure precious artifacts from any of their legacy stuff.

MLK wasn’t a pop star, he civilly changed the world
and fighting to keep his legacy intact is his last born baby girl.


Bernice King: Our hearts are with you, as are our prayers and energetic pull.
Seems your dad cleaned a lot of his purposeful plate and now your plate is full.

You’ve picked up the charge and you’re running. Girl look at you go!
Protecting your families legacy because its worth is more than gold.

For only $60K the letter from Pres. Johnson to Coretta S. King – was sold.
To the son’s of MLK: Where’s your vision and the root of your soul?

Your father was killed at the hands of the very crew
that you are looking to sell his personal artifacts to.

Why does Bernice really need to plead and cry? Be a DNA sport
and think about your fathers legacy, work it out and stay out of court.

THINK harder a little more and open up to historical counsel.
If you sell your inheritance off, the rest of Dad’s legacy is headed downhill.

This court battle stuff will
historically counter the civil rights legacy hill

yielding your great grandchildren to be forced to eat, recognize and see
what happens to a black family when their nobility is destroyed by greed.

Considering more discorse? Children, don’t do it.
Refrain from putting your familys legacy through it.

No one wants this to be the history for Dr. Kings seed – youngest daughter, please do stay strong,
I’m Qui
on the Subject of Black History and Bernice King, because she’s a warrior and her trials are long.
The feel of selling out on any level (to me)… just feels wrong.

Key BLACK HISTORY Subject: Percy “MASTER P” Miller

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key-blk-history-subj-percy-masterp-miller.jpgIf you want to get more crunk and raise your level of aspire
You owe it to yourself to peep MASTER P’S FAMILY EMPIRE.

Somebody’s got to do it, somebody’s got to show the world HOW
to take your street talents and convert them into a mega cash cow.

REELZ has made real Mr. Percy’s quest to part-control
the view on the tube — for it shapes the masses of souls.

I should know, I was raised by the tube
I thought I could piece together a good life with PBS and glue.

But it wasn’t true, I was dealt in this life a specific card
and American History said my melanin would make life hard

and society said collectively we couldn’t make a lot of money,
then Percy Miller rose from the boot and said, “Ughhhh!” – Ain’t that funny?

He’s no mystery.
Master P is good BLACK HISTORY.

I’ve been watching this man for a long time.
He’s been lucratively grunting while on his grind.
He lives under the radar and resides in his good mind.
The media isn’t much interested in his sustaining shine.

I am. He’s got 9 kids and each one is trying to out shine him.
He’s a bright light to a good mind that may reside in dim.

The way he has come up has etched out new gold.
Master P broadcasts Lifes Game – that thang that should be sold.

But if he doesn’t tell the mass of our children then who on earth will?
I appreciate #GoodHead. I appreciate his spill.

I appreciate seeing his kids on his new reality  show —master-p-family
reminding the rest of our kids that HARD WORK is the way to go!

Master P is full of non-finance/funding “NO’s” and I do understand.
Being successful while black in business…seems instinctive to hold their hands,

but Percy ain’t hand holding. He’s a self made man.
He even made Hercy and Mercy come up with a business plan.

The plan wasn’t for anything smalltime, like a lemonade stand
then right behind them came Cymphonique with a studio idea for dance.

These are Percy Miller’s offspring, his contributions of love and unity.
I am inspired by PME in my Black History community.

Surely you know Master P, but do you know yourself?
I’m Qui
Trying to be like P and turn my natural talents into wealth.

He’s obviously an Alchemist. 😀
Me too.


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Let’s talk about ‘em – you love to read them.
And if you’re a man in need of love – you seek to heed them.

I am a BLACK WOMAN and I love every stitch of my fabric.
I love Adam’s seed who confesses that he’s a femme addict.

I’m good with it.
I prefer to ‘ying-yang’ split it. 😀


I am a BLACK WOMAN and I do have a thirst 
to yield uninhibited affections to a man of worth.

Good love; a comforting girth – we give what is needed.
And when Daddy is ‘good at chopping the wood’ a legacy branch is seeded.

We all need it, legacy contributions to carry our names on.
God made women with birthing hips and the capacity to push strong.

Push strong for life, love and unity. Push strong to strengthen our connect.
Push strong for her man, his successes; push strong for his lasting respect.

Unity is in the community and we love being BLACK.
You were born with melanin challenges, we understand and we’ve got your back.

In my world there’s nothing that you lack being black – if you focus on me.
I am queen to he that is about me, I shine for him, I shine for we.

I am the co-pilot that many need not see.
I’ve got your back. Sir, you’ve got me.

I don’t need to be a mans spouse to respect him on the floor.
I am always appreciative when he sees me coming and opens the door.

Makes me proud. Dare I pass and  just walk through
without a kind smile and an oblige of saying “THANK YOU?

Black Man: It’s an honor to be the counterpart of you. It’s an honor to shine you up.
BLACK WOMEN are HISTORICAL for yielding good, loyal and unbiased love.

Besides raising everybody’s, kids, cooking and cleaning
we’re awesome behind closed doors when only the moon is gleaming.

Josephine Baker let the whole world know
in every black women is an uninhibited intimate show.


I know- I know … that darn banana skirt….
but if I put one on, I’m out to predator hurt.

Ooo-oo ah-ah! That’s the sound of monkeying around.
Satire stays on fire and #word-wise: I stay on ‘the clown.’

Give me a pound and hit on the black side.
Black Women stay down and they love to ride.

We like to drive too – I won’t lie.
Interested in knowing more? Give us a try.

I ‘done turned this post into a “Love BLACK WOMENad,
I’m Qui
and I love me some me. Therefore I’m pretty glad
that today is all about my…. 😀

Happy BLACK HISTORY baby – take a minute to LAUGH.

Black History – NEWS PERUSE

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Good morning family, friends and WordPress kin
in one more day the weekend will begin
and we can all celebrate our end-of-week WIN.
I’m happy to partake in another day that BLACK HISTORY is IN.

IN SEASON – that is. Black History is only yielded 28-days
and there’s much to cover – I have much to say,

Starting with REV. AL SHARPTON He’s a headline that’s fun
but last night on Chris Hayes he was on “The BERN” sum.

BEN JEALOUS was on Rachel Maddows and he, too was pretty firm
on the differences between Hil Clinton and the strength of “The BERN.”

I like ol’ man Bernie Sanders too, I really do
I just wonder if he has THE STAMINA to pull his ideas through.

President Obama had BIG IDEAS when he was running too,
He was young and strong – a constitutional lawyer all day long,
still Congress stopped him at most of his ideal truths.

Ooo. What can Mr. Bernie do to defeat the jaws of Congress?
I’m all for who can serve the best – so on his AGE – I digress.

He claims to be a lot of things and I’ve heard the media’s chatter
about his radical support of the folks that comprise BLACK LIVES MATTER.

But then this morning Steve Kornacki
and the two were on topic “Hil C.” –
when Rep. Jeffries said ‘he ain’t with “The B.”

“The Bern,” that is. He absolutely acknowledged Sanders movement and the youthful cheers
and said Bernie has said more about BLACKS in the last 40-days than in the previous 40-years.

happy divider

I thought, that’s interesting indeed. I heard him out.
I see SECURING THE BLACK VOTE is what this is all about.

WOW. What folks will do and/or say
to gain the Black vote today.

Saying you’ll address OUR ISSUES is great,
but being PRESIDENT put’s a lot on ones plate.

Who is better poised to lead the plight
Do we need to go far left, knowing we’ll have to pull right?

If we gravitate towards the progressive which would be Bill’s Mrs. C
will she do something about the long sentence impositions implemented by Mr. C?

My vote is not sold, I revere it like gold. My vote is not cast.
I’m listening and I’m learning – no decision making, too fast.

I’ve just heard that the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) PAC endorses Mrs. C.
Breaking News was made on the mic from [NY] REPRESENTATIVE GREGORY MEEKS.

I’m going through it with you, FAM. Taking the info and putting it on the table.
I’m Qui
Down with the “D” and in choosing a winner, I think that we’re able. 🙂

Stay tuned to the news and educate yourself today.
Your vote is so very WANTEDEDUCATION is the way.

I’ve got your back!

Key BLACK HISTORY Subjects: Dr. Umar & Us

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I’d not ever heard of Dr. Umar until I took a closer look
at an un-LIKED video post from a kinfolks page on Facebook.

The post wasn’t even new when I LIKED it, in fact it was 8-hours old.
It wasn’t nonsense trash or something to make folks laugh but #LegacyGold.

The game,” we say, “is to be sold and not told.”
Thank God for Dr. Umar because the lack-of-sale is getting old.

Sometimes the people need to be told HOW IT ALL STARTED and HOW TO CATCH UP.
To replenish stocks of deficiency including COMMUNITY UNITY and SELF LOVE.

Good Twin – Bad Twin TV supplied the view.
I was taken and impressed – I had to share it with you.


Knowledge is good for the soul
Chicken soup is great – if you have a cold.

Now that’s good game that could have been sold.
But if folk ain’t comprehending – it all gets old.

Don’t get old. Be DIRECT and use no weak CABLES.
Don’t be a smaller version of you when living large is on the table. 😀

Get your savings on and do it for your future.
Poverty plagues our community, but #Knowledge is the suture.

Dr. Umar is on display and he’s talking to Us.
I’m Qui
On Black History Subjects – the LIFT therein deserves a )))HUG(((



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I don’t need to say much – because MUCH “this woman” has done.
Oprah is a universal name under the worlds sun.

She’s a universal force pushing for YOU and pushing for the unity of all.
Oprah’s not from old money stock but a product of high conquers over low falls.

Circumstances plague us all and Oprah has had her share,
She bore a teen pregnancy, she lost it and gave no cry of “unfair.”

Her heart big with so much love to share and she shares it without stall.
Oprah has no biological children, yet she’s guilty of raising all of y’all.

Me too. I have fashioned my career after her southern boots.
We’re not biologically connected but we’ve got deep southern roots.

Big shoes. I think she wears a 10.
I’m a 7.5, a featherweight kin.

I can’t help but hype myself up and grin – Oprah encourages me to
DO WHAT I NEED TO DO to push my positive purpose through.

The love of her life… what can I say? She has married her best friend.
With the love that they carry, I’m sure that they’re married
and under God – she’s the rib of Steadman.
Historical LOVE. They’re getting it in.

Though many years after her successful begin – when Steadman arrived Oprah was still open.
It’ll happen for you too, melanin kin. Stay focused, smile and keep hopin.’
No whining or moping. 😀

Lady O has no “moping” footage to share.
Neither shall you – now that you know we care.

Oprah is at the forefront of your Black History hood.
Successful black folks are synonymous with doing good.

The “everyday black folk” look up to those and mimic the actions.
I should know, I’m everyday folk and digging positive impressions is my passion.

Oprah had a rough start in the world.
Born in the south, black and a girl

but that never stopped her and your hurdles should not ever stop you!
I’m Qui
looking up to acknowledging Our LOVE for you, Lady O, and all that you do.

In the blogosphere world, I strive to dub as Oprah deux. 😀


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"From the time that you were born until the day that you die, 
 we'll always look after you - our love will be nigh."


I birthed that quote unto my children when they were small.
My Mom said a similar thing and then she took care of it all.

Moms loves you. Don’t question it. Their motives are strong and on the double.
She’s there to block and there to stop all bad habits that will lead you to trouble.

You are the love child of two and born into a society that pulls for your “short.”
Society can’t replace your community, so they infiltrated us via the courts.

Growing up – you didn’t see dad much? He never fully knew what to do.
Black males were brought to the USA to birth more slaves through.

It’s true, but not pretty
It’s true and it’s our history.

When the slaves were freed and sent on their way
many were already parents who faced a whole new day.

Slave dad never worked to provide– he worked “making babies” for the master,
so when tasked to take care for his own family ’tis was a new and riddled chapter.

Dad was brought to America to spawn children so that slave owners had more slaves to work.
Pre-Proclamation of Emancipation – black dad was well versed in “bedding & being a flirt.”

He was not rehabilitated or educated. He was left to provide with no mule or land.
He was left to his own devices to catch up to the white man.

And then there was the KKK clan and enforced laws that made it hard to survive.
New freedom and a chance at life was pricey– Our ancestors just wanted to thrive.

YOU know the rest, how things evolved or did not evolve — and how we’ve arrived here.
A lot of ancestors died for YOU so that you wouldn’t have to live intimidated or in fear.


To our sons:  Since you didn’t come over in a slave ship surely you know familial law,
if you are more concerned with “bedding and fathering MANY” – you will be cut off.

You know that though. Right? And so, the tides have surely turned
From the depths of slave birthing for owner profit girthingyou have learned.

YOU are a productive parent, you love your spouse and kids.
This particular type of black familial progress, from current society, is hid.

Your community sees you and we always have.
YOU live to love, pray, protect and laugh.

YOU’ve got YOUR RIGHTS now, but still access very little.
Do not choke when it’s time to vote. Ballot-box-demand CIVIL.

My immediate concern is YOU and your historical future.
When racism cuts you deep, please know there’s a suture.

It resides in your parents hearts and in your community.
LOVE is the suture. There’s healing for us all via unity.

Lean on me. I’m pulling for YOU and today is all about such,
I’m Qui
A Black History keeper whose bonding Subjects in unity and love.

Key BLACK HISTORY Subjects: The Wrongfully Accused – Knowledge.

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Anthony Ray Hinton ALABAMA 1985-2015

Huey Newton CALIFORNIA 1967-1970

James Joseph Richardson FLORIDA 1967-1989

Clarence Harrison GEORGIA 1986-2004

Anthony Charles Graves TEXAS 1992-2011

Bennett Barbour VIRGINIA 1978-2012

The NAACP said:

All that I’m saying is that Kunta Kenta went to jail –
so did MLK but he kept making bail. 😀

To shoot for a life above legal board may systematically be shot to hell.
Karma will deal with obstacles don’t let that stop you from charting well.

Being black is not a prerequisite for a rap sheet.
Live happy & pray for grace; God will always fill-in the gap & meet.

Sometimes it takes longer to be exonerated than others
and while behind bars buried are your family, your lovers….

There’s no quality emboldened in that picture.
to the WRONGFULLY ACCUSED: God won’t forget ya.’

Though the law and “a jury of your peers” might.
STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CREATOR – don’t lose sight of light.

I know it’s hard but good Lord, take comfort in the “cleared” afore mentioned.
Their stories are not a blip – but noteworthy #BlackHistory indentions.

No amount of wrongful suit compensation will give them back their time.
These injustices are plague our culture. They wax undue shame on our collective shine.

It’s high time we let that stigmatism go.
This website is PROOF of WHY – do behold:


There are so many more good people bearing the stigma of former inmates,
I’m Qui
Celebrating Knowledge and #BlackHistory at every overturned case.

Don’t worry about the motives of those that put you there –
Just know that your community is aware and that we DO care.