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Clarity and meaning.

I like to HIATUS. I really do love to do me. I pause the writes and hop a flight to spend a few nights in Cali or the NYC. 

Once in my accommodations I kick back and relax. I meditate and pray for bigger faith and God has got my back.

Creativity does not lack, new concepts are in the bag and I am grateful for that. 

As of late, I have been on hiatus in the era of Corona  – where masks and shield glass is all up on us.

Everyone should be mindful of spittle, cough and sneeze. The people are conflicted on what to do, who, and what to believe.

Please believe in the number of Americans that have died from this virus. Mask-up and handle up to help thwart our ill-spirals. 

The idiocracy of our day is on display as I travel to and fro. Let us find unity in community; let us focus and vote.

Our country is still young and we don’t relish in “choke.” If we have something to say, let us show up to the polls and vote.

I love the U.S. and I love you. It’s between you and I what we decide to do.

Though if you are still into the red, the white and the blue, I suggest bridging more understanding between me and you.

Where did MUTUAL RESPECT go? We can get it back. Let’s recommit to our unity-values and pin discord to the mat.

Tell outsiders who seek to interfere – to ‘mind your business and ‘get back. Forgo arguing on social media; don’t wear the mad-hat. Let bots troll on thots — you’ve got nothing to do with that.

Take a break sometimes and breathe; take a break from the societal fuss. To self preserve is still my word, so Do You HIATUS?

This morning I slept in and I’ll be having brunch in bed,

I’m Qui

thinking about we. Please marinate on what I’ve said.

IDIOCRACY is a movie, not a goal:

Avoid idiocracy. Vote.

Pardon me. Do you mind

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Words add up. Do you mind…

…If I say “I love you” and “life isn’t easy but I can be”
should you and I decide to work in tandem as a team.

Do you mind? I hope not.
Because I’m crazy about you (lil’ snot).

It’s true.
What has this day in store for you?

Pardon me. Do you mind if I say
that I am glad that you stopped my way?

I’ve got two warm mugs filled with 6oz of jo.
pouring-coffee.gifOne for me and one for you. One sugar or fo?’

I just want to sit and sip with you for a while,
give you a few flowers and watch you smile.

Is that okay?
I’m always up for new things at the start of a new day.

It’s always new with you.
I can’t help but to show appreciation, boo.
Did I mention I love you?

I suppose I’m just having a happy and grateful moment.
Pardon me. Do you mind if I publish it and own it?

I hope not, because I’m doing it anyway.
I’m up posting and hoping you’ll chime in with your say.

I don’t mind, you know?
Go ahead, please take the flo.’

Worry not about what world leaders do.
Remember God? He’ll pull us through.

Pardon me, while I care not
to be anxious about squat.

coffee-toast.gifJoin me. Would you like a cup of jo?
Pardon me while I play the perfect host.

I’m into you, you know?
It’s a pleasure to focus and dote

on you and the capacity that we encompass.
Do you mind a little PDA; a hug/kiss?

We can keep the PDA private, if you like.
Save not the fact, that I love you to life.

When I put pen in hand I yield to ‘the write’
of whatever it is that needs injecting into life.

Actually, I’m digital and while my pen is tops,
this morning I’m posting to you via a laptop.

Still, I write whatever it is that needs to be said.
words-in-mind.gifGood morning sweetheart, keep a positive head.

Also, keep a prayer running in your heart.
Society has nothing on your spirit. Be smart.

The difference between living and barely making it —
is in your perception. Open up. No faking it.

Pardon me. Do you mind if I say “you deserve more?”
I’m Qui
and I’ve said enough – this is a 400-word score.

What Do You Want

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focus-thumbnailIf I were asked, “What Do You Want of Me?”
I would tell thee exactly:

that I want you to
live your best life, Boo.

I want you to love life and enjoy the view.
That’s exactly what I’m doing and I’m looking at you.

What Do You Want, Boo?
This round is squarely on you.

Where do you want to go and what do you want to do?
Ain’t nobody judging and God’s grace is upon you.
Your faith will get you through.


I WANT YOU to show me your grill.

Now let me ask you, “What do you Want,” B.?
Come on, you can tell me. Spoken clarity is key.
Give it to me.

Tell me and mean it.
2019 is in-play; commit to being it.

Make it good for you,
by being good to those who work with you.

And if good is what you want,
don’t let it be hell that you flaunt.

Karma doesn’t work that way.
Get it together – 2019 is in play.

What Do You Want? Focus on it and activate a plan,
I’m Qui
I woke up feeling good about WE. You’re not alone; I’ll hold your hand.

What Do You Want?

Russell said DO YOU & Start Today

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There are only 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success as written by Russell Simmons and they are each substantial, however, if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this book just yet, let me wet your appetite with a new law. Russell is all about team #DoYou, so take away as much empowerment as you need in:

Law #4:
Stop Frontin’ and Start Today

Execute knowledge whether or not you went to college.

“I’ve heard of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  But I’ve never heard of Someday.”
— Reverend Ike

Always start your day (and especially your year) off on a positive note. Affirmations are a great way to make sure you get it in. Perhaps saying one or two during your first face wash of the day is a great time to reaffirm. Yes! Affirmations are the foundation that you put on before applying any basic cosmetic foundation. Russell doesn’t seem like much of a Mary Kay man, but when he’s on television I’m sure he’s a willing participant of the magic of MAC make-up.  There’s nothing wrong with it and it actually provides an even color enhancement when filming the subject under keno (+/-) lights.  So let’s touch up the foundation that concerns our core. The core values are instrumental in character building. Russell said,
[page 94-95]

"Follow Your Dharma

Stalling is only one of the conditions that keep people from Starting Today. Another is that many people are unsure of what path to start on. They may be ready and willing to put in the work, but they can’t see the jobs that are waiting for them out there. Power, once you embrace your Dharma (it’s a noun, not a verb), you’ll understand that there are actually many for you and all you’ll need to do is choose one and start.

Dharma has taken on many meanings over the centuries, including “work,”religion,” and “duty.” But for this chapter, I want to focus on a meaning it has taken on in yogic practice, which is “purpose in life.” Essentially, Dharma reveals that without exception God has blessed each of us with a variety of resources and ideas. That means yu and I and everyone we know has numerous talents waiting to be realized. Not everyone’s Dharma is the same, but it does exist in all of us. Maybe your Dharma is to run a television network. Or maybes’ to be an architect. Or perhaps it’s to be a poet. Any of them is possible. You just won’t know until you start doing the work.

That’s because God’s not going tho tell you, “You’re here to be an architect. Now go design some buildings.” Sorry, but it won’t be that easy. However, he (or she!) will show you the signs. You might start to notice that you are interested by the way buildings look, and then one day start to make sketches of ones you really like. And by starting that process, you’re already getting closer to your Dharma, because those sketches will lead you to art classes in high school. And the ability you show in art classes might result in college scholarship. And after tiny excel in college, you’ll get into architecture school. and before long, you’ll be creating buildings that make other people happy too. But it only happened because you started acting on that initial Dharma.

To me, that’s what a good life is all about: taking one of the skills God blessed you russell-simmons-on-dealswith and actually acting it out. Conversely when you don’t pursue your Dharma, it’s very easy to become stagnant and unhappy. That’s why you must understand that you do have a purpose, and if you’re reedit do the work, it’ll only be a matter of time before you realize it. You don’t even have to make the right decision about which job to start. Any decision is the right decision as long as you start working toward it today.

Now some of you might say, “Suppose I’m ready to start today but still can’t find my Dharma?” My reply is, stop looking for your Dharma and start listening to it. Just listen to that inner voice described earlier and pay attention to what it tells you. All you have to do is lie in bed, letting the ideas come into and go important than the others, really listen to it. Because that one is to do something about it right away. If you hear that idea and never act on it, you’ll become one of those stagnant, sick people. Remember, your purpose is to act on the resources God gives you. If God gives you a bucket of fish, you have to distribute those fish. If you don’t , they’re going to rot, attract a bunch of flies, and start stinking up your soul.

After you listen to your Dharma, don’t hesitate acting on it. A person who doesn’t understand Dharma might stall by saying, “Man, there’s no way I could do all of that,” or “That looks way too hard.” Not because the job is so hard, but because he’s afraid of doing the work. Yet the truth is that no job is so difficult that you can’t start working on it today.


Life is at hand – SCHOOL or Get SCHOOLED.
If you need the green light – Russell said, “Do You!”

You’ve got to, lest you get lost in lifes shuffle.
People who don’t grasp their purpose are the ones who live in struggle.

Living on the edge and feeling in trouble. Life is truly fleeting fast.
Listen to your Dharma and stop making ill karma. Your future is not your past.

What is it that you want to do with your life? Who do you want to be?
I’m Qui
Happy in 2016 – Day 3, so DO YOU because I can’t resist DOING ME.

Ooo wee. Enjoy the journey.

DO YOU. Recap the laws review:

Law #1 See your vision and stick with it
Law #2 Always DO YOU
Law #3 Get Your Mind Right!

Russell said DO YOU

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Qui Entertainment Magazine

Russell Simmons DO YOU 2014

I’ve already finished the book, “DO YOU! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success,” it’s a great solo read, but in my effort to ‘grow along with you,’ I thought it would be cool if we at least got through the first three chapters together. If nothing less, to render us that, “book club” feel. No – I’m not Oprah, but I am moving into my OWN, so let’s get to it.

Execute knowledge whether or not you went to college.Recap:

Law #1 See your vision and stick with it
Law #2 Always DO YOU

Chapter 3 reads,


All the things that truly matter — beauty, love,
creativity, joy, inner peace arise from the mind.


Russell Simmons starts the intro of this chapter off by saying, “I don’t belong to any particular religion or sect. But I owe much of…

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Russell said DO YOU

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Russell Simmons DO YOU 2014

I’ve already finished the book, “DO YOU! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success,” it’s a great solo read, but in my effort to ‘grow along with you,’ I thought it would be cool if we at least got through the first three chapters together. If nothing less, to render us that, “book club” feel. No – I’m not Oprah, but I am moving into my OWN, so let’s get to it.

Execute knowledge whether or not you went to college.Recap:

Law #1 See your vision and stick with it
Law #2 Always DO YOU

Chapter 3 reads,


All the things that truly matter — beauty, love,
creativity, joy, inner peace arise from the mind.


Russell Simmons starts the intro of this chapter off by saying, “I don’t belong to any particular religion or sect. But I owe much of my success to finding time for prayer and meditation in my life.”

Page 69] IT SEEMS THAT W H E N E V E R we turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or pick up a magazine, we’re bombarded by the message that our life will improve once we get our bodyin shape. It’s a potent message, witnessed by the millions of people who get up every day and trudge off to the gym, hoping to find happiness through getting their abs flat, their chest bigger, or their butt tighter. And while ti’s fine to get your body in shape, I would suggest that it’s more helpful to get your mind toned first. Remember, your mind is your most powerful muscle. A six-pack on your stomach won’t really make ou happy unless you’re also keeping your mind in shape through prayer, reflection, and self-study. How you look on the outside doesn’t really matter if you don’t have your spiritual self in shape first.

One of the best ways to get your mind in shape is through the practice of meditation. while physical exercise makes you stronger by building things up– like muscle or stamina — the mental workout that you get through meditation makes you stronger by clearing things away. It clears away the distractions of the world and gives you the clarity to see and the focus to pursue the God-given visions that will be the foundation to your success. Building up your body or your bank account will bring you short-time happiness, but you can’t take those things with you on your journey through life. No matter how many weights you lift, eventually your bod will sag. No matter how much money you make, eventually it will lose it’s value and its appeal. But a clear and focused mind will last a lifetime. Getting your mind in shape is nothing less than the key to sustainable success in the world.

Before I embraced meditation, I used to have a hard time falling asleep because there was so much noise in my head. And by noise I’m not talking about car alarms, policed sirens, or the dog next door barking too loud. No physical noise was keeping me awake. Instead, it was my emotions that wouldn’t let me sleep. It was the noise bouncing around in my own mind that kept me from being at peace.

You might have experienced it yourself. Even though all you want to do is fall asleep, you can’t seem to turn off the conversation s taking place inside of your head. And to make it worse, it’s usually trivial stuff that’s keeping you awake. You’ll replay something someone said to you at work. You’ll worry about whether you locked your car door. You’ll worry about whether your gaining weight. I spent many nights lying awake like that, worrying and stressing over a million different things coming in and out of my mind. Was my new record going to sell? Did I get the right deal for one of my artists? Was that girl I’d been sweating ever going to call me? It was like there was a soundtrack playing in my brain tha tI couldn’t turn off. Those are common examples, but there are also bigger terms that we can use to describe noise. Doubt is noise. Criticism is noise. Insecurity is noise. The past is noise, just like the future is noise too. These are the sounds that slow us down.

Indeed, I eventually realized that all the noise in my head was doing more than just keeping me awake at night. More importantly, it was drawing out the most important voice any of us has, which is the voice of God inside us. The truth is, when you can’t hear God inside of you, you’re always going to struggle in life. there might be stretches when things are going good and you feel like you’re happy. But without that connection to your higher self, that happiness can’t last. Sooner or later that noise will creep back into your mind and you’ll be listening to the world, instead of the God in you.
divider blk_south

No LONG STORY SHORT, this book should be read in detail
Sometimes you have to DO YOU and shoot the rest to hell.

I mean it when I say, stay in concentrate and be strong,
the journey is not for the faint, and if you’re lucky – you’ll go long.

“Only the good die young” – Billy Joel said it in a song.
But I didn’t buy into the lyrics; ol’ Billy Joel is wrong.

Bound to the charge with skill, talent and integrity,
I’m Qui
Siding with Russell on this one. DO YOU and I’ll DO ME.

Do you know Theresa Caputo

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I love her! Big Hair and sixth senses – she’s got it down!
When it comes to being a “Medium Socialite” – she wears the crown.

Theresa-Caputo-LongIsland MedWho doesn’t miss family that has moved on from the physical world?
Theresa Caputo is a very special girl.

For me, watching her show is like going to class,
— me thinking, “I’m not crazy? Thank God and alas!”

Energy is real dear children. I feel it all of the time,
and every so often, I sense memories that are not mine.

It usually happens when I’m in the company of others
that I pick up on their late and still beloved mothers.

I’m not limited to female spirits, boisterous males have come through
talking to me, as if our conversation was in-process and imminently due.

Telling me things that I felt were (pretty much) a familiar miss,
shortly thereafter I find out the messages belongs to my big sis.

Her childhood friend died 4-days prior to showing up in my bedroom.
He was alive, boisterous and full of vigor; no dead-man doom.

I simply relayed the message and I haven’t seen him since,
but others have surely dropped by. I’m in tuned with my sixth sense.

Do you know Theresa Caputo? She’s a teacher regarding spiritual intuition.
She’s pretty phenom and has it going on – to the point that I had to mention.

We’re rarely ever alone, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
When you’re loved ones pass on, they are free to travel with the wind.

So it does not matter, you’re not crazy when they cross your mind.
Go on and strike up conversation and you’ll sense their response in kind.

You’ll hear them with your heart via conversations from the past,
I’m Qui
Reminding you that flowers die, but energy seems to last.

Nope! You’re not crazy. But then that — you already know.
Get closer to your sixth senses, tune in to Theresa Caputo.

She’s the LONG ISLAND MEDIUM – a socialite many would love to meet.
You don’t have to travel or get in line to see her, tune into TLC.


Do you care what people think about you?

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Ellen Degeneres asks a great counter question: Why? Why do you care what people think about you? People aren’t even really thinking about you. They’re thinking about what you’re thinking about them. So why all the worry?

Have a fantastic day and be sure to do it your way,
I’m Qui
encouraging thee to care not what others think or say.

Today is YOUR DAY.

Laugh a little…

Do you feel that?

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Love is in the air
Love is in The Air but Chris Christie is getting none
it seems his ‘cone placing’ sarcasm – is no longer fun.

David Wildstein was informed he’d have to pay for this own defense
per the port authority decision makers because it only makes sense

that if he isn’t going to take the fall of this ax – that is quite heavy,
then new jeopardy opens up for laying blame on Bridgett Kelly.

Bridgett Kelly is the lady who sent the infamous text
to David Wildstein regarding ‘the traffic jam’ vex.

Wildstein worked for the port authority and Ms. Kelly worked next to CC.
David Samson is (one of) CC’s close advisors – he runs the port authority.

I wonder if David Samson had a vote in the decisive call,
that led to Wildsteins legal support stall?

During committee hearings, Wildstein’s attorney was on his council duty
when he asked the questioning counsel to yield Wildstein immunity.

In light of all of this Ms. Bridget Kelly has gained a clue;
she’s ditched Christie’s lawyer-friend, and hired her own attorney too.

Kelly had been sitting quiet, giving the media no time at all
She was the loyal team member, who dropped, then held the ball.

Chris Christie dumped-on her and said Kelly was a lone rogue player.
Still she never once said a word; she held down her supportive layer.

But after seeing the story fall apart in the news and unravel at the seams,
Bridget Kelly figured she’d better strap in and look out for “i” instead of “team.”

Suddenly I’m hearing John Paul Young [1978] singing:

Love is in the air 
every time I turn around…

Do you feel that? Surely you can sense the signs of peril and danger.
Where are the wise men (in this story) and where is the manger?

Where is the light that will lead CC’s administration out of this?
Is that love in the air or a skunk smell amidst?
You must admit it has a funky kind-of twist…

They say, ‘in love’ that ‘all is fair,
and I’m just wondering if you smell that funk in the air?

I love you all, it’s a new week and all is fair on this new day,
I’m Qui 
quoting Fab5Freddy, “Life is a game that must be played.”

Speaking of ‘play’ — the NFL will have its say,
Today is February 2nd – SUPER BOWL Sunday!!!


Do you know Indigo

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Indigo Triplett @ work

Indigo's Heading

Indigo Triplett is the $18-million woman. The former U.S. Marine Corps field radio operator turned career transition guru has built a consulting power house, Careers in Transition, Inc., which landed her a coveted spot on Inc. magazine’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America list. “When someone loses a job, the person is so devastated. But I have always seen that as a second chance to do exactly what you really want to do. We actually coach and counsel people on career options,” says the 49-year old native of Aurora, Ill., a suburb of Chicago.

“I grew up as a ‘union baby’ with both of my parents working in manufacturing and actively involved in the union. I always knew taking care of employees was important,” says Triplett, author of two highly successful books, Playing by the Unwritten Rules: Moving from the MIddle of the Top and Playing by the Rules II: From a Job Defense to a Career Offense.

It was ultimately Triplett’s own firing from what she calls a “hostile” work environment that led her to answer the call of entrepreneurship. She also had a realization that her income potential would always be limited as an employee. “I knew I wanted more than that,” she says. And the timing was right. she hit her stride in the downsized boom of the mid 1990’s, literally going door-to-door inside business complexes and selling her career mobility services as an independent contractor. “I put in a lot of sweat equity. there were also no vacations, no brand-name clothes and sometimes there was no cheese on the hamburger,” Triplett says, recalling the 18-hour work days. She became the owner of a minority certified business, which allowed her to tap into the lucrative world of federal contracts. Today, her company’s client roster includes government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and large nonprofit organizations that use Careers in Transition services to help attract, develop and retain employees as well as manage transitions. The company’s revenue has tripled over the last year, thanks to a recently signed $18-million government contract. She now has 35 employees, in addition to contract consultants.

Triplett attributes her success and personal wealth to several key elements including two pieces of sage advice. “A mentor once told me, ‘If you are traveling for business, always travel in first class. First-class people do business with first-class people,” she recalls. “I’ve gained so much advice and business by networking in first class.

Her second piece of invaluable wisdom: “Another mentor said, ‘You need a good therapist to protect your mind, and a good tax attorney will protect your wealth.’ That is the best advice I’ve ever received,” says Triplett, who is now working on her Ph.D. in Values Driven Leadership and is a highly sought after speaker on career mobility.

She now has another mission: “I want to create millionaires in my company. This is about creating wealth beyond oneself,” Triplett says.

Indigo's Tipsdivider websets-bar

Do you know Indigo? If you didn’t, you do now
Knowledge is to be sold and not told –
yet I’m telling it anyhow.

This is not a News Peruse, I’m just trying to help you do your thing,
I’m Qui
A connoisseur of the good good via Ebony Magazine [July 2013]

#Entrepreneurs #BlingBling