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Yep. Orlando Jones called Kim because of a paranormal event that happened
that sent him running for the hills after spirit thwarted his unpackin’.

Wilmington, N. Carolina is the city where the creepy hotel resides.
Orlando came back because the attack on him was whack – he wanted to uncover the vibe.

Blood up to the elbows of an Irish woman who was displaying methodical movements.
Kim was picking up on a ‘time loop’ and feeling the fear that Orlando underwent.

Early on into their journey Orlando’s beloved and late grandmother showed up.
I remembered her from his paranormal experience in her Mobile, Alabama cut.

It was on CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES – a series that is no longer in play
but it seems that’s where Kim pulls a lot of her files – producers pick the case.

It only makes sense. If you’ve had something happen in your life
that you want to explore more for your “peace of mind” plight

then airing it on Celebrity Ghost Stories is one way to do it
afterward you should visit Kim to really walk you through it.


Orlando buckled in for a WING MANs ride through yesterdays vibe…

Turns out prior to Orlando’s initial visit to Wilmington
there had indeed been some strange things a’going on.

Orlando checked into the hotel and was given a key to a room on the 3rd floor
while calling his wife, he noticed a figure pacing back and forth outside of his door.

Wife didn’t answer so Orlando began to text.
The figure passed the window again – Orlando snapped his neck.

He went to the door and opened it rather quickly,
the hallway was long and empty – no one there to see.
Ooo wee.

This did scare he but he closed the door and began to contemplate
if this was all in his head and then “something” closed his suitcase.

Out of the window went reason and any rhyme to weigh it out or further contemplate.
With eyes quite bright Orlando felt to leave would be a delight and duly exited the place.
Like he was in a mad dash kind-of race.

Kim picked up on a story that had nothing to do with the comics sum
but consisted of a hotel room, a mid wife and child birthing nun.

Yes, I said nun. Now I know what you’re thinking,
“A child birthing nun? The thought of is stinking,”

and you’re right.
There were sins-on-top-of-sins inside of that hotel room one night.

Then again isn’t that where a lot of sin is laid out and made?
In a hotel room, under lock and key, in the shade?

the deeds in the room – convents would forbade.

Kim unraveled a little bit more and said in fact
the figure pacing outside of his window was the newborns dad.

He had a lot at stake on this birth – a man submerged in contemplating.
He impregnated a nun with new life, hired a Irish mid-wifetime-loop
and had a barren couple (parental recipients) standing by, waiting.

Kim called this moment a “time loop” and believes Orlando somehow saw it.
Then she pointed out of him being a sensitive with a real psychic wick.

So this haunting wasn’t about Orlando Jones at all,
it was a moment in time, that seeped out of the walls.

Which is interesting in itself.
Can you imagine the history that most dwellings have to tell?

Detective Kim was put on the case
and resolved the mystery on Orlando’s plate.

It was an interesting broadcast with psychic kindred bones,
I’m Qui
Wiser now
about ‘time loops’ via the experiences of Orlando Jones.

WEDNESDAY is a God but I’m thinking about Mr. NANCY

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Good morning Orlando Jones! Appealing you are in silk threads; so fancy.
I fashion your contribution of live vibes that you yielded to Mr. Nancy.

Good morning beloved griot readers. Summer is upon us and is simmering hot.
And besides the STARZ character: Vulcan, Summer gets no AMERICAN GODS.

Season 1 laced us with hot sauce during those scenes of Mr. N. visiting slave ships,
suggesting that the slaves comprehend “life’s thwarted end” and to “boat dip.”

Boat dipping is my paraphrase for what was so delicately laid in the script,
for those who don’t know, the God portrayed by O, told them to “sink the ship.”

The slaves, in turn (and in different tribal lingos) communicated that they, too would perish and die.
Mr. Nancy is not chancy but calculates risks and responded, ‘you’re basically dead… so bye!


Several American bound slave ships went down over oceans and seas.
History chronicled no “ship-derailed details” — so we’ve got Mr. Nancy.

Amazing composition.  Creativity is on lock!
Mr. Nancy influenced many slaves to miss the slave dock.

And for that he rocks! Orlando Jones is the versatile bombs-diggity!
I fell for his talent-capacity-palette when he was a member of MAD TV.

I also fell for his talents in EVOLUTION. This guy is a riot for good laughs.
And then I caught 2 of his stories on THE HAUNTING;  Kim Russo‘s  old broadcast.

He is the joint.
But what is AMERICAN GOD’s point?

Coronavirus-Green-GFX-1-860x484Well, they did not return in 2020 for season 3
and COVID19 is the “rumored word” on the street.

But it ain’t COVID19’s fault completely,
and Orlando Jones will not be on Season 3.

What the what-what STARZ TV!?
Me thinks, lack of cohesive creativity
is holding back season 3.

What was the problem with Mr. Nancy?
Marking his exit was hella’ chancy…

But you did it.
Orlando’s scripting capacity...we won’t forget it.

Yes, Orlando Jones took to scripting Mr. Nancy in Season 2.
Being cut before word of season 3 is a fine ‘how do you do.

Ah, but it’s no bust! The show was diverse, but now it’s clear,
American Gods roll like perm rods — but isn’t so curly this year.

Crazy cast eruptions
yield little production.

I was captivated by American Gods as Shadow and Mr. Nancy walked us through season two.
Unfortunately, this is where I step off; I’m bidding another skin-shedding series adieu.

Not because Mr. Nancy’s gone; for cast changes are a flash in the pan —
I bid adieu to American Gods because I’m not sure they understand their Black fans.

Nothing new. Much respect. Carry on and why stop?
I’m Qui
with Oprah-atic dreams; streaming beyond American Gods.

Reel Talk

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ReelTalk1SNL is short for Saturday Night Live and the abbreviation could easily dub as  Saturday Night Legend when you consider their longevity in the game (network television). Other sketch comedy shows have come and gone, but SNL remains the staple.

The Carol Burnett Show was on air for 11 years. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In was on for 5 years, Mad TV for 14 years and In Living Color ran for a strong 4 years. However, SNL has been on for 38 years and still going.

Several years back I had a sketch comedy itch that I just could not scratch, (or find a reason to put one on), suddenly I hear that the annual family reunion was having a “talent show” category and well, if you’ve ever seen Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, then you know just how eager I was to spring into action and show my stuff. With a camcorder, a zany sense of humor and willing on-the-spot cast, I was able to put together a comedy sketch show that Mad TV would have (especially) loved. I was inspired by the comedic renderings of Orlando Jones, Debra Wilson and Nicole Sullivan. They made up the original 1995 cast of Mad TV and they were awesome. Silliness could get no better on a Saturday night and my comedic vibe was shaped in the shadows. I also took home the family reunion talent show crown.

SNL and Mad TV were both on the air at the same time and life was fine. Today, sketch comedy show choices are slim, yet the demand is still growing. I turned the subject over to a couple of our teen producers to see what kind of shows they were into and I off the top one yelled out, “So Random!” So Random! was a music comedy sketch show that ran on Disney and wikipedia states that it was only on the air for 1 season, (2011-2012). 1 season? I’m impressed with it’s lingering popularity. Much like Nickelodeons All That show or The Amanda Bynes Show.

All That started broadcast in 1995 starring Kenan and Kel, among other zany-witted adolescents. All That ran for 10 seasons (from 1995-2005) and THAT – my friend, is success! Amanda Bynes gained stardom from her cast work in All That and shortly thereafter she got her own show.

I’m not sure if a comedy sketch show will be born out of my new ventures, but the possibility and encouragement is certainly on deck. #ConsiderationIsKey

green divider

SNL is a great cup of joe – though I am focused on brewing tea,
and a teen comedy release is a great spend of creativity.

I’m a few years past my teens, though I’m surrounded by them daily.
History shows a good straight-man resides in the mouths of the babies.

So I’ve given the comedic pen to a few teen friends accompanying me –
they’re goofy and open beyond reel focused and ready to sketch comedy.

Nothing is funnier than life, so we will pull from it and insert silly drama.
We’ll laugh at it all, the big and the small – Scandal, Glee and Obama.

I thank SNL for the fantastic design.
I also thank Carol Burnett for sharing her comedic mind.

I am grateful to the writers that give of themselves to produce side-splitting scripts.
Show’s don’t just happen, so get-to clappin’ – writing sketch comedy is quite the quip.

Excited – I am indeed. I’ve got my work cut out today,
I’m Qui
And Monday’s are great days to research, script and play!

It can’t be work – its so much fun!

Looking for reasons to LAUGH TODAY

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Pipe down. The "ugly one" isn't a girl, it's a feeling...

Pipe down. The “ugly one” isn’t a dancer – today, it’s “heartbreak.”

Life is pretty serious and I’m not the only one with a bruised heart.
I choose to heal at the house,  while others may go to the bar.

No judgment. I don’t judge. When the topic comes up in conversation, I pass.
Though I will admit, laughter is a hit; I seek out harmless opportunities to laugh.

STAY TUNED to my quest for laughters swoon.
I’m sure to come back and “meme update” soon.

Laugher is where it is. Life is serious. Let us play,
I’m Qui
Absolutely Looking for reasons to LAUGH today.

PS… On another note, dear wordpress kin,
you DO KNOW that Sleepy Hollow has started up again.
Tune into FOX  TONIGHT

Laughing Stock

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