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HEART OF DARKNESS is the title of Episode 10. The end of Season 1 is where the real ghosting begins.

In episode 10 Monet killed Rico at the drop because “respect in the game rocks” as a paralleling Cane deep-dives Ramirez’s body with cement blocks. The commonality in these two crest to the top in body drops.

Professor Carrie and Jabari interview Dru’s Man-Crush. Carrie “directs his answers away from Dru and Zeke w/her eyes and gestures.’

Zeke drops in on Professor Carrie and she vows to “fix the mess,” that has his name in the mouths of students who are being interviewed in connection to the swimming pool murder.

Dru wakes up in the hospital to Cane entering his room. Cane anchors an issue with Tariq and Dru cancels it. Cane implies to Dru that he has put Ramirez “where he needs to be.” Dru called the move “dumb” and kicked him out. Cane internalizes his seethe and exists Dru’s room.

Tasha goes to court and Saxe calls Tariq to the stand for questions about the night Ghost died. DA Saxe and Attorney Maclean believe Tariq is the killer and they collaborated on a secret trap to incriminate him. But Tariq drops a dime on the witness stand about Saxe being at TRUTH with a gun the night Ghost died and for most recently for having him drugged by Riley. Maclean interrupts before Tariq could name names and calls for a side-bar and a mistrial.

The judge denies declaring a mistrial and makes new rules for the case that includes Tasha being freed from jail if she turns home Tommy E.’s org and relocates in to witness protection. Tasha takes the deal but secretly plans to run w/her entire fan because the wit-protection program only included Tasha and Yaz.

Riley tries to win over Weston as trouble closes in on her post-Tasha’s trial and Tariq’s court debut.

Zeke drops in on Tariq to inform him that authorities are looking for the GTG swimming pool incident killer.

Later on, Tariq talks to Diana and she warns him about Cane’s erratic behavior and tells him to watch his back.

Weston tells Tariq what Riley said and expressed that he doesn’t believe her. Weston entices Tariq to restart the pharmaceutical game. Tariq is considering it…

Meanwhile Tasha stops off at Monet’s recently shot-up bar to have a woman-to-Woman regarding “family.” Tasha wants to buy Tariq out of the game. Monet is busy not considering Tasha’s plea when someone in a royal blue Mustang (much like the one Tommy inherited from Ghost) did a second drive-by on the bar and killed Monet’s bodyguard.

Back at Stansfield, Tasha does not pass go without warning Tariq about Tommy and induce a family run; Tommy is a killer. But Tariq barks back, remarking that he, too is a killer. Tasha is taken aback and forced to see her son, for the man he has become; that she raised him to be. She acknowledged new respect for him, accepted the burner phone that he gave her and exited his dorm.

Monet tells Lorenzo about the shoot outs at the bar and that she’s looking for Ramirez – because he isn’t taking her calls. ‘Ren tells Monet to get a hold of Cane & get him bk in line while he orchestrated a search for Ramirez.

Monet bursts-in on Cane as he ‘put-in work behind his girlfriend. ‘Monet cock-blocks the moment further when she pulls a gun on Cane for not answering her question: “Have you heard from Ramirez?” Cane talks about Ramirez in the past tense and Monet realizes that he has off’ed her ‘Copper Boo. Like a G with a broken heart she lowered her pistol and remarked that she trusts Tariq because he cannot be trusted, then she exits Cane’s place — stage left.

DA Saxe is staked out in Tasha’s car trying to catch Tommy. Tommy crashes into a flammable guard shack and his vehicle bursts into flames. Tasha somehow didn’t seem too emotionally swayed.

Professor Jabari meets up w/Tariq in a park to give him cash to help Him escape town w/ his family but Cane surprises them both and put one in Professor Jabari, thinking Tariq was ‘ratting out his family.’ He was preparing to shoot Tariq when Eureka entered atop of Tariq’s head. He convinced Cane that killing him and the professor is stupid and that it won’t please Monet. Tariq talked Cane into giving him the gun and to vacate the scene to keep his name clean and out of “Stansfield mayhem.” Cane relinquished his piece and left the scene but not too far that he couldn’t see or hear Tariq fires off two more rounds into Professor Jabari. Satisfied, Cane exits stage right.

We CUT TO Zeke and Carrie carrying-on in her bedroom like all-is-well in Pleasantville (colored with an unbridled passion).

Maclean makes a business proposition to Saxe because the death of Tommy Eagan earned him terminations papers and plank walk for his career. Saxe accepts Maclean’s offer to join the firm. Davis is a methodical character; Method Man.

Tommy is in-the-clear but is still jonesing to kill Tasha. He told Tariq that he would leave the family alone. His intentions aren’t true and ‘Riq senses as much and proactively alerts the FBI. They move in to take Tasha to safety at the cemetery just shy of Tommy making his move. As the law drove off Tommy approached ‘Riq to choke him but Monet showed up and hit him in the back of her head with her piece. Tommy turned around to address the issue but the issue wasn’t his to address. This moment was orchestrated by ‘Riq aka Ghost Jr.

Season 1 ends with Tasha and Tommy free to live all be it in different cities and definitely not in New York. New York is a Ghost Town and Tariq is the Deputy. Viva la Queen Monet and long-reign King Lorenzo.

Family first. Now that the St. Patrick’s are safe the Tejada’s and Baby Ghost can flourish and play. Or is it prey?

Feeling POWER

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I’ve got a feeling that today is going to be tops!
I also enjoyed Cedric The Entertainer on POWER as Pops.

Well, I didn’t expect to blurt it out like that,
but once I caught up on POWER I was lain flat

as to #WhoShotGhost.
My mind has been worked to and fro

until we came to the end of episode 14
where Jamie’s nightmare seems to be shaping-up as Tariq’s dream.

Did you feel something in the pit of your gut
saying, “My God, do you hate yourself that much?

That’s a question for Tariq and those who agree
that his anger should billow and rage like the sea.

But to what end?
Ghosts DNA resides within.

So will Tariq hate himself too?
If he is the reaper – heartbreak is TRUTH.

At current we don’t know much, but we do know fate —
and it is rising up via the storyline of Congressman Tate.

lahmard-lorenz-tate.jpgI enjoyed seeing Tate work with his biological big bro.
Sandwiched between Lorenz and Lahmard is the way to go,

says the femme viewer with the giving smile.
There’s no sleep on the last leg of the POWER mile.

You know, I hate to see it go.
I kind of wish it was like that FRIENDS show.

Remember how long they went on?
I believe it closed when their grandkids were grown.

Oh, I’m kidding.
But when the getting is good – we keep giving.

Did you feel that Tommy made the right move?
I think he saw the killer before cutting a new groove

in his inherited purple muscle machine.
Ghost left it for Tommy to exit the scene.

Stage right.
Episode 14 was alright.

I’m a girl of numbers; I’m a girl about letters and scenes.
To know me well, I like increments of 5; esp. the number 15.

The last episode of POWER is slated to air on Feb. 9th; next week.
I’m sad to see it end with all of my friends – this series is an emotional beast.

A common and dysfunctional release was emitted at every broadcast.
Still the people connected to it and 6 seasons went fast.

The good news is that each cast member is free now to commit to other projects.
I first knew of Omari Hardwick as Shavoo on a Comedy/Drama set.

Good times. I shant forget:


There’s power in not being typecast for too long.
Omari H. is easy on the eyes and his diversity is strong.

Make me laugh. Make me cry. Invoke me to feel fresh and sour?
Well that is indeed the science of cinematic power

and STARZ has the gauntlet, but not for much longer,
I’m Qui
Good morning Day 1. I reserve the write to compose stronger.

PS –  I just want to include a shout out to the lead actor on GOD FRIENDED ME.
He played Cedric’s son last night; a friend to crime until it became his enemy.

The POWER of a Mid-Series Finale

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Gimme got his neck broke messin’ with his kinfolk” and now folks are looking like “Who shot John and why?”

Have you ever heard either of those sayings?
They’re what folks in my community would say post a hood slaying.

Your name doesn’t have to be Gimme or John,
for you to act a fool and in the end, “get done.”

Gimme got his neck broke and John got shot.
Then the midseason of POWER Ghosted a drop.

Did you see the midseason finale?
There may be spoilers in this tally.

Let me start by saying that I have been pained every since this season began
knowing that I don’t have unlimited seasons with my scripted friends.

With a melancholy brow I buckled in at POWER’s begin
and invited the reality of ghosted karma to come in.

Walls closed in on Jamie St. Patrick from this season’s 1st Hour 
and the midseason finale was so fresh – that months later, it wont sour.

Tariq and his mother Tasha became a team – moving weight
out of her newly licensed and functioning day care space.

Yes child. You read that correctly.
Desperation so loud, each episode was deafening.

I remained tuned in and my tummy was consistently gripped
as Tommy grappled with heartbreak and put Ghost on his hit list.


Oh yes, and Tommy. Let me bring you up to speed.
Someone in his circle killed LaKeisha; a small circle of 3.

The circle consists of Tariq, Tasha and he.
Tommy is sure Ghost did it, but naw Keisha was smoked by a T.

Ha! Did you see that coming? Tasha paid Keisha an impromptu visit —
and assessed the luggage in her foyer to mean Keisha turned snitchett.

Keisha pulled a gun on Tasha, as if to threaten her with croak,
but Tasha took the gun from Keisha and Keisha got smoked.

It was brutal, I was heart broken. In her new home LaKeisha got “got.”
Tasha put one in her core, but the fatal blow was a head-shot.

Tommy was the person who found her body; he and Cash had picked out a ring…
Tommy walked into the foyer of his home and there on the floor, bled out his dreams.

Thus, his current mood towards Ghost; LaKeisha was his world.
Tommy thinks, surely this is Ghosts’ revenge, for killing his girl.

Angela Valdez showed up in the midseason finale, too, but gave us no hints
of how TRUTH would cash in on “the rent” — or how karma would be spent.


‘Ghost is unstoppable. No one can get in his way,’
at the top of the latter, like Caesar, he met his slay.

E tu Brute? — Well Brutus wasn’t there.
The person who smoked Ghost, was a person who used to care.
At the tube I did stare.

I love the scripted characters therein; this show is an exciter.
The powerful display of character composition is appreciated by this writer.

Ghost is a fighter. I can not say what is up nor what is down.
I did see Ghost fall from a 2nd story landing, but not hit the ground.

Marketing for the upcoming series reminds me of that old DALLAS line,
folks are saying “WHO SHOT GHOST“, like he’s JR – and all will be fine.

I DVR’d it and I did rewind.
The hole in Ghost’s chest looks “fatal co-signed.”

The reality in the series ending is also a metaphor for many other things.
For instance, if you’re in the drug business: karma is a boomerang. Ding-ding!

Perhaps an unlawful business isn’t a longevity scene.
Kudos to the POWER series production; your creativity is mean.


Talent yielded = Raw and clean.
Above and below the line: you all are beast.


I look forward to your soon-enough return.
You’ve got folks out here talking about Ghosts’ burn.

A standing ovation to ya.’ Especially the way that you made us think this was the end,
only to close with a little note, that you’ll be back again.

Ahhhh. I do like the way that you do it,
I’m Qui
and no character is too righteous for you to say screw it.

The POWER of a Mid-Series Finale is quite the blow, yo!