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Photo by davisuko on Unsplash

The last two weeks have presented me with career challenges that I have not ever had before. I am a person who prides themselves on learning whatever it is that they need to know to get the job done. Challenges are like shots of expresso to my a.m. system. I welcome them, but when a major organization calls you for Custom Graphic Artwork in less than 15-days of their digital deadline to remit to a major publication, what do you do?

Believe it or not, Art is my mother’s name, but it doesn’t make me an author of Graphic Arts by any stretch of the imagination. I am a Content Creator and I love composition, mostly of words and cinematography, but the organization was in search of artwork that could reflect their 75th Season of exemplary productions and I was compelled to accept the challenge.

If you recall, last Fall, I was compelled to jump into another field that I knew very little about: A.I. – Artificial Intelligence as it pertains to semiconductor production. Again, I am a content creator, mostly of literature and moving pictures, but without A.I. I would have had to hammer this piece out on a typewriter, and my moving pictures would just be a flip book.

Technology is amazing and A.I. is its biological child, so I cozied up with the two of them and we’re going steady. Not ever to be one who walks away from a challenge, I reassessed my capacity and in less than an hour I was able to cobble together a team that included an amazing graphic art composer and an engineer to help me manifest the request. I absolutely could not afford either talent, but both had faith in my capacity and yielded the full weight of their skills to the cause and in less than 15-days we created and submitted legacy vector art that is worthy of 75 years of celebration. We were paid handsomely and offered a recurring role in their marketing department.


This morning I feel good because I love getting the work done.
The organization loved it so much, that they paid a hefty sum.

A sum that is not easy to come by, but then again, neither is good art.
But we can do all things through Christ with exceptional passion and management smarts.

Try your hand at something new.
Active learning is truly the fountain of youth.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Pardon me as I smile at the sun rising and sip this cup of jo.
Life is doing her thing, y’all and I am good to go.

Life is hardly subtle, and we all enjoy a good show,
I’m Qui
Demure is not me, I’ve a penchant for being bold.

I’m up, I’m awake and I’m going for more gold.


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The best way to insure that all is not bad
is to compose a piece with copious laughs.

But how is that done?
We can plan for NO MELEE by planning out FUN.

And on this MONDAY we need some; just a few laughs.
So I dropped in on Rickey for that morning-yawning pass.

Rickey Smiley is known for group laughter jams!
But first let’s roll it back to Ms. Juicy and the fam,
and that day she was mad at Frederick Douglas’ hair… hot damn. 😛

It’s Monday, No Melee because life is too short.
I’m not summoning Juicy; that thought is a thwart.

I love Ms. Juicy and Rickey Smiley too.
Good Morning, Goodness, I’m also loving on you.

How do you do? What have you got planned for the day?
Whatever it is, dabble not in melee.

We both agree. Eh? I’m up and ready to shine.
I’ve got my life, my health, and my good mind.

What are you sporting today?
A great attitude detours melee.

Melee must be the word to watch out for today.
I say as much with a brow up, because Monday’s are fun days.

So let us follow through.
Todays positive reinforcement will be provided by YOU.

Reading is fundamental and is an activity that I enjoy best.
Join me for a few side-crackers over at READERS DIGEST.

You gotta laugh; we gotta get it in.
If the jokes aren’t fresh let the corn in:

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little corn…
especially on a Monday morn.

Obvious word play
is perfect for a vowel with no Melee
Wouldn’t you say?

Laugh a little today and share a corny joke.
Reach for it like you do candy, liq, or smokes.

It’s much, much better for your diet.
Calories from candy and liq bring the fat riot.

And we certainly don’t need that.
A hard laugh helps to burn tummy fat.

So let’s get to laughing, good people…and let’s do it today.
Rickey and friends are a great begin for leading the comical way.

Especially if you’re in the mood for no melee, please bellow loudly.
I’m Qui
Laughing with thee; to influence Monday’s mood; proudly.

Thank you for joining in. Now share a joke influenced by your spin.
Reject melee, laugh and win.

Always FORGO

But you can still LAUGH at him. 😛

Hibbity Hump Day – Folks it’s Time To Slay

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Image by Giphy
Image by Giphy

Hey, hey, hey!” Sounding like Rodg’s friend Dwayne,
What’s Happening” with you; how’s the view in your lane?

Me? I’m awake and up for goodgame.
Me? I’m the vehicle in the creative lane.

You? You’ve been on my mind for quite some time now;
different reasons ‘why‘ and dimensions on the ‘how.’

Believe me now, when I say that I’m enjoying the climb
that has delivered me to this day; my creative grind.

I’m happy y’all.
In a world of uncertainty, I have the gall.
I wish happiness for us all.
Flex your positive gall.

It’s Hibbity Hump Day, which sounds a lot like “hibbity hop.”
Saying “hibbity hop” reminds me of The Sugar Hill Gang – Hip Hop don’t stop.

Something like The HUSTLER’S CONVENTION, I’m a one-stop Griot shop.
I’m something like Lightnin’ Rod; The HC is not a publication that you can cop

but you can stay tuned to multiple flows like my own, for most Griotte’s are quite steady.
We are storytellers of the day born. I learned as much from Fab5Freddy.

I forget not, much. I am intrigued by various moves made.
I chronicle the view in rhyme. Griot is my mode of Slay.

Hey-hey-hey!” I’m quoting Haywood Nelson again,
I’m Qui
atop of this hump glad to be purveying and conveying What’s Happening.

Image by Giphy

It’s a total high day and I’m up for the win.
Come with. This vantage view is much better with a friend.

And if you’ve a sweet tooth for Horror, consider CANDYMAN: