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Vegan Eatin’

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A: Percale sheet dancing, of course.

Yes, kinfolk, I am headed that way. I have engaged in eating with no meat on my plate. I’ve been on this journey for more than a few days,  and Porsha Williams helped to set me this way. 

A few episodes back on RHOA the ladies were doing an intimate mic check when Porsha doled info about “veganism” & “good sex.” Twas good 411 that I shant soon forget; it is her word that vegetables keep you wet. I’m a woman of research, so you know what happened next: I removed from my plate the sex-wreck vex. 

I duly wanted to see – if vegan eatin’ is for me. 

I did a RAW JUICE diet where a lovely lady that I know, blended up garden vegetables for me in cup marked; “Qui To-Go.”

Initially the taste was bland, but taste buds were fast to correct — as I lingered on what Porsha said about vegan eatin‘  & sex.

I sipped for five days and became a revived Qui. I was a Rosie Perez on the percale sheets. Oh my! Oh me! I was like Soul Train TV:

After my intimate research was complete, I returned to eating meat and my percale-dance game — reverted back to it’s usual same;

not quite vegan fireworks as I prefer to exhaust-flirt.

I like to give-my-all with no energetic stall and eating meat yields my libido a slight crawl. 

So, a week ago I got back on it. Veganism & Sex… I endeavor to hone it.

This morning the blender is out and I ‘done been to the farmers market. — Porsha Williams is right, so, to Vegan Eatin,’ I’ve hearkened

Why not? It’s a cool way to get lean before the weather get’s too hot. And dare I say your bed-mate may like it… a lot. 

Do your own research, Please don’t settle for my word,

I’m Qui

Good morning Monday, Vegan Eatin’ is an agile verb.

PLK told me and I told you; thus, you have heard. 

Protected: Good and Monday Morning

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At Day 3

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On the count of three, counting at the bark of the tree or counting dollars at the end of the week —

You’ve got to have it, it feels like magic, and all did come to pass, like our beloved Day 3.

Good morning, good looking. How are you today? — Did you sleep well and wake up on time? Did you kneel to pray?

I certainly did. I also brewed some Café Bustelo. — Today is a big day for me and my literal to and fro.

‘Twas no requirement for me to wake any earlier than this. — I was up transitioning the dawn; I’m a script chronicling Ms.

Movie Magic Budgeting Software is a nifty tool. — I’m on top of Scheduling and eyeing script re-writes too.

Which hat shall I wear today? — Day 3 is a productive beast and nothing at which to play.

I’m a script tailor and the haberdashery is occupied by me. — I double-stitch and side-step a script via skill and integrity.

It’s what I do. I compose situations involving me &you. I co-write morale, love, and life truths. Story is strong like 100 proof.

I wear many hats.

What about you? Are you wearing a hat today? — It’s Day 3, the threads and the shoes will be on display.

The world is looking, but they don’t see your shoes, — because it appears that our country has united issues.

Let’s be a song of strength and not lingering blues. — After all it’s Day 3 and life is school.

Whilst thou be the teacher or the student? — To control your destiny is to be prudent.

What do you want? Then it is that which you deserve. — Pray + meditate + conquer. ‘Tis a child of God’s word.

You have read and you have heard, now it’s time to go out there and see, — what good in God’s name is out there waiting for “WE?”

Let’s go get it. if you’re down, I’m with it.

I’m Qui

it’s Day 3 and I’ve got your back. Don’t forget it.