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Protected: Good and Monday Morning

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At Day 3

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On the count of three, counting at the bark of the tree or counting dollars at the end of the week —

You’ve got to have it, it feels like magic, and all did come to pass, like our beloved Day 3.

Good morning, good looking. How are you today? — Did you sleep well and wake up on time? Did you kneel to pray?

I certainly did. I also brewed some Café Bustelo. — Today is a big day for me and my literal to and fro.

‘Twas no requirement for me to wake any earlier than this. — I was up transitioning the dawn; I’m a script chronicling Ms.

Movie Magic Budgeting Software is a nifty tool. — I’m on top of Scheduling and eyeing script re-writes too.

Which hat shall I wear today? — Day 3 is a productive beast and nothing at which to play.

I’m a script tailor and the haberdashery is occupied by me. — I double-stitch and side-step a script via skill and integrity.

It’s what I do. I compose situations involving me &you. I co-write morale, love, and life truths. Story is strong like 100 proof.

I wear many hats.

What about you? Are you wearing a hat today? — It’s Day 3, the threads and the shoes will be on display.

The world is looking, but they don’t see your shoes, — because it appears that our country has united issues.

Let’s be a song of strength and not lingering blues. — After all it’s Day 3 and life is school.

Whilst thou be the teacher or the student? — To control your destiny is to be prudent.

What do you want? Then it is that which you deserve. — Pray + meditate + conquer. ‘Tis a child of God’s word.

You have read and you have heard, now it’s time to go out there and see, — what good in God’s name is out there waiting for “WE?”

Let’s go get it. if you’re down, I’m with it.

I’m Qui

it’s Day 3 and I’ve got your back. Don’t forget it.

Let’s Talk BIG SKY

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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten caught up in network TV, but things are looking-up on ol’ ABC.


Have you taken-in the series view of BIG SKY yet? Created by David E. Kelly, and like “BIG LITTLE LIES” – it is bet!

The series is only at episode 2 – you are so on time. It’ll take nothing for you to catch up on the rewinds.

Therein you’ll find a truckload of mess. Mental illness is real and yields unspoken stress.

Like when Highway Patrolman Rick gave Ronald a trucking job — to move up and down the highway like a “slave trade/abduction mob.”

The thing about Rick is that he acts much like a park ranger; the guy folks call when their nature-journey encounters danger.


Rick seems like a guy most tourists would naturally trust. In Big Sky, Rick is the guy who dispatches “the truck.”


Rick sends Ron to round up wayward girls, which he may consider to be “bad in the world.” 


They play ye ol’ judge and juror. They think the world is sick, and they’re “the curer’s.” 


So, they round up and sell females who loosely behave; Rick  & Ron traffic slaves:

No good. No good. Ron & Rick are not the individuals you want trolling your hood. 

Ron abducts several females to sell off as slaves. Hwy Patrolman Rick kills a detective who shows up to save.

Cody is the name of the detective who was nowhere near roping-up life’s end. He was stuck-in-between a love triangle with his ex and a homie-lover-friend.

I snuggled up to peer because the 3 make a fine polyamorous pair. But that is not what the script dictated; it turns-out “no one will share.”

So, however unfair, Cody did take one to the head. Shot by Officer Rick; Cody is now dead.

Ron lured a gay male into his truck (Jerrie), whom he thought was a lady. While shifting gears going up a hill, he encounters road rage with two teen babies.

It’s an uphill journey, and it’s happening in the night. The teen driver of the car (Danielle) is vibing petty-spike.

Her sister Grace pilots from the passenger’s seat to the right. She is a voice of wisdom; a spicy bite.

Things go-off with all kinds of hitches that fateful night — on episode 2 under the vast BIG SKY.

Danielle provokes the diesel driver and shoots-him-the-finger as she pulls ahead. Then miles up the road, her car overheats; she pulls over, and her car is dead.

Whatever heinous thoughts that you may have in your head – this show plays them out. A big sky covers all of Earth and sees all details that we make on our routes.

Are you watching this? It comes on Network A-B-C. I’m tied-up viewing several other shows, and still, BIG SKY got me.

I’m certainly following this show closely; thank God it only required 2-hours because my real catch-up work is within The Book of POWER.

My Lord, my Lord! Between ABC and STARZ, those creative writers and directors go hard!

“So far, so good, I didn’t see it coming…” Both: The Book of Power and Big Sky are attention gunning

Me? I’m watching them both and humming: La-dee-dee. La-dee-dah,

I’m Qui

a reviewer, writer, and broadcast exciter. With content this good — please don’t stop.