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Waking Up to Timothy Snyder

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waking-up-is-keyI’ve been with my guy for more than two decades, (since high school), so waking up to Timothy Snyder was something new to me. Good thing my guy isn’t the jealous type, because Timothy has a book that has caught my attention and demands ‘curl-up-in-the-bed’ time, so I’ve been ‘curled-up.’

How did I meet Timothy? Bill Maher introduced me to him last Friday night (I’m quick! 🤗) – he was a panel guest. Did you see the show? It was enlightening and heavy all at the same time. And by “heavy” I mean in yielding brain lobe capacity. You know THAT works for me. Oui! Meet Timothy:


I met Timothy on REAL TIME with Bill Maher on Friday
He was discussing historical tyranny; education always equals a high day.

I kept the channel locked. Here is where I wanted to play,
it was pretty good stuff. Here’s a 5-min vid of Tim’s informative say:

Heyyyy! That’s whats up. Did you get that?
Aw, you know me. I’m a knowledge hungry she,
and yes — I definitely dug that.

It was so good, so proven and so deep…
I think I’ll transcribe the conversation for “readers on ‘the creep.'”

But that will take a little bit of time.
Peep YouTube – now, before they kill the line.

Me? On this Wednesday morning, I’m feeling fine.
I’ve got a few hours pending before tackling my grind.

I’m hitting you up, because you’ve been on my mind.
Good morning baby. I’m on my lobe-lift grind.

The day is early and knowledge is a good serve anytime!
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, I’m content with spooning this book of mine.

I’m imploring you to expand your mind and to read a book today
Protect yourself, health and wealth from the tyrannical methods of yesterday!
DO Be wary of it creeping up again; Resist “the tyranny sway.”


No Week End here

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no-weekend.jpgThere’s No Week End here, by any measure.
To work at being strong is absolutely my pleasure.

The last book that I read was a biography and it was depth-rich and information sweet.
It was on Michelle Obama, her family, her Moma…and it added strength to me.

That was Friday.
I woke up to the read; a high day.

The read set off a chain of reactions and awoke desires of stifled fires that I’d forgotten about.
So for the last 3-days I’ve been on “the creative raise” knocking incompleted work out!

There was so much to do sitting on the back burner.
What I didn’t know I read up on- I’m a real quick learner!

And so the Week has had No End for me and I remain merry.
Amidst the upload of good to my soul we lost Chuck Berry.

But don’t worry, before completing the dash ” – ” he made a fine mark.
He rolled right in and rocked folks in and out of sin, still all who knew him ‘fell for’ his heart.

He obviously lived a tad bit smart. If you question – bless your hiney.
Chuck was born in 1926 and crossed over at age 90.

Eventually the human body gets weak, gravity is a “hold-you-down” kin.
Still I rise like Maya Angelou and the skies;  I’ve yielded No Week End.

Today is a new day and per my usual, I started the day in meditation.
I hope you did what you know to do to keep mental clarity in your relation.

GOT TO —  and as often as possible these days.
Days that I forgo “the meditate” I still kneel to pray.


It helps me to feel A-Ok. Never mind prescription anxiety meds,
I’m Qui
Affirming that RULE 1 of No Week End is to always Keep your mind fed!!!

So what was the last book about that you read?

Who moved my cheese

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who-moved-my-cheese-coverHave you read the book? It’s the cutest little thing.
It’ll help you over any recent hurdle scenes.

It’s a book about 4 principles working as members of 2 teams.
A team of humans and a team of mice, looking for their cheese.

If you have read the story then you know the plot well,
Hem & Haw and Sniff & Scurrry have an awesome moral tale.

They are per their names- Sniff and Scurry rarely wastes time.
When the scientist move the cheese they are quick to get on “the find.”

That’s so unlike the other team. Cheese moving? They don’t like it at all!
The disbelief of the vanishing cheese is a stall-of-an-anchor for Hem & Haw.

They spent day after day
searching the last place the cheese was laid.
Sniff & Scurry wasted no time
in locating a “Cheese Find.”

The book is a short read;
The moral of it aims a necessary feed.

When your regular routine is interrupted – ‘never mind it.
Don’t Hem & Haw about what’s gone – get up, get busy and find it.

Your happiness is your cheese. It’s wrapped in a peaceful bow.
Wake up this morning and after yawning – go out looking to & fro.

If it’s not where you saw it last, don’t cry about it – please!
I’m Qui
A Sniff & Scurry she, always happy to go out and locate my cheese.
Always Happy about the positive and progressive WE‼️


I found #MyCheese near  MOUNTAIN A in Tempe, AZ…. #Happiness  #Meditate


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queen-sugar-book-coverWhat do you know about cane sugar? Any takers? Anyone have memories, like my own,  from the South of grandparents buying sugar cane then coming home and cutting you off a piece of the bamboo looking stalk that tasted like 100% sugar water? It was amazing that this candy-like pleasure grew out of the ground. As a child I loved it and today,  — I’m digging on that scripted family in NC that make up the series QUEEN SUGAR. It’s unusually sweet in its beginning as I DVR’d the run. The series is only 3 episodes in for season 1 and dare I say the start up is sticky?

The FAM:

You’ve got to meet Ralph, Charley and Nova, they are the kids of Mr. and Mrs. Bordelon. Season 1 started out with Dad in tow, the patriarch of the family, (portrayed by COOLIE HIGH‘S character, Preacher – who in reality is portrayed by the awesome Glynn Thurman!

coolie-high-preacher   queen-sugar-glynn-turman  I remember meeting the talents of Glynn at my adolescent introduction of the iconic film COOLIE HIGH. He played Preacher, the smart consistency of the teen friends pack — who had to make sense of it all in the end. If you haven’t seen Coolie High – DO.  Anwho, Glynn is the Bordelon patriarch and he owns the cane fields that were likely passed down to him from the generation before.


L-R; Ralph Angel, Charley and Nova Bordelon

3 episodes into Queen Sugar and pops is tops with stress
It’s diagnosed ‘a stroke’ and he’s in the hospital – bed rest.

During said episode 3
the patriarchs condition ‘robs his speech.’

REAL STUFF. Stress produces strokes.
The cane fields don’t pay the bills – still a familial yoke.

Dad didn’t recover. He gave up the ghost.
Now Ralph Angel, Nova and Charley don’t have him no ‘mo.

With 2 more episodes loaded in the chamber for the month of September
I implore you early, to consume QUEEN SUGAR. Please do remember.

It broadcast on OWN and I’m pretty excited
Natalie Baszile is credited with the #WriteIt.

Directed by the film visionary Ava DuVernay —
this brand new OWN series is already another #Slay!

This outbreak of cultural knock-out film scripts and television series alike
confirms my own reasons for ever deciding to write.

My family was missing in American familial view.
So I began to craft DR. SEUSS pieces about ‘brown people’ too.

I figured Dr. Seuss just hadn’t met us,
then I waited for time to pass and opportunity to connect us.

The connection is clear. The connection is new.
Queen Sugar is before me and it’s about me and you.

Nova has intense melanin like me and Charlie’s looks like mothers.
Ralph Angel has a different angle, he’s the loving and protective brother.

With perfect chocolate skin like no other… THANK YOU OWN.
I enjoy watching Kofi on screen. My eyes of candy are blown! 🙂

Obviously I’m excited and Queen Sugar’s writing connects on every line,
I’m Qui
Excited for “WE” – Queen Sugar has arrived and in perfect time!

Tune in every Wednesday night  [Pacific] 10/ [Central] 9.
OWN it.

Animated Plated – Back Dated

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supermans-gf-lois-laneJust the other day I shared with you a page from a few comic pages and I mentioned one that might need revisiting, since I never saw its original print and in fact, I had just met this vintaged gem-of-a-reprint shortly before I posted the scene excerpt for you last week.

The comic print was a SUPERMAN’s GIRL FRIEND comic and it was dated only by the month of November. The price was right at just .15 a copy. Yeah! Anywho, I thought I’d re-post the pages of the comic that I found online via Ira Madison III’s BUZZ FEED column. If you like color commentation on the side, you’ll love his play-by-play of things.

Without further adieu I present to you:


Click on the page to enlarge it

lois-lane-goes-blk2 lois-lane-goes-blk3 lois-lane-goes-blk4 lois-lane-goes-blk5

lois-lane-goes-blk6 lois-lane-goes-blk7 lois-lane-goes-blk8 lois-lane-goes-blk9

lois-lane-goes-blk10 lois-lane-goes-blk11

Tell me what you think. Stereotype much? 🙂
I’m hoping this was satire and not a pitch to ‘get some love.’

Lois Lane went Black to get the experience in the round
hoping that it would yield her a Pulitzer Prize crown.

I ain’t mad at her, but where’s that damn machine
that transferred her hair from bone straight to curled with afro sheen?

Ha! There’s the money maker, right there!
It could save me mad time in transforming my hair. 😀

But then there’s that little issue of ‘the rat‘ in that Black ladies home.
I cannot relate to the likes in my own clean and pest free home.

I call that “a dig,” a stereotype feed.
I was surprised there wasn’t a scene with smoking weed.

Even still, I am not mad
but wondered why the last scene showed the black man ‘glad?

Why was bruh’ man losing blood anyway?
I’d be willing to bet my reprint may be missing a page.

Or so, I hope.
I’m just trying to get the full scope.

What did you think? Have you seen the film BLACK LIKE ME?
Now there’s a white-to-black tale that you’ve gotta see.

Then there’s that old flick THE WATERMELON MAN,
where life dealt a random white guy the life of a black man.

Lois Lane was hardly alone in that zone of “curious Black stance.”
I’m Qui
Remember, I’m the kid that thought I was white – from the palms of my hand.

I was born into Blackness – Lois and the others put on an act.
Imitation is a form of compliment. I will take it and leave it at that. 😉

Take a gander at OUTLANDER

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L-R: Captain “Black Jack” Randall, Dougal, Jamie Fraser, Claire Beauchamp and Frank Randall.  The last 2 male characters are MARRIED to Claire and simultaneously so, but in their respective era...

Aye, STARZ is getting a lot of my attention these days, first there was POWER and now – OUTLANDER. I can’t get enough of either. Please tell me you have been tuning into this 200 year span journey that Claire Beauchamp-Randall-Fraser is on? It’s an interesting picture of the late 1700’s, in fact the year 1743, to be exact. There are even slaves in their script, though I’ve only seen one on film and she was in France. The show’s setting is in Scotland and travels abroad to Britain and France – in the name of war.

An outlander is a foreigner; a stranger and Claire fits the bill, dimensionally. It all started in 1943 during the close of World, Claire Beauchamp and Frank Randall were reuniting after serving in the war. She was on the front line nursing the wounded and Frank was recruited by MI6. The two reunited in England and jetted off to the Scottish Highlands to celebrate their wedding vows on the turf of Franks ancestors. While there, they visited a place called IVERNESS, a mystical place with a pagan-symbolic ancient stone circle. During Frank and Claire’s exploration of the Inverness she touched one of the stones and passed 200 years backwards in time.

The beginning …

That was 2 seasons ago, we are now in wait in for season 3. It was confirmed in June of this year that OUTLANDER has been renewed for season 3 and 4. I’m certainly up for more.


Seasons 1 & 2 taught me a lot, about the storyline and the look.
I learned that this awesome series was also fashioned after a book.

I am now in wait to receive my own.
A little “me time,” with a bind – to tickle my dome…

This series keeps my mind in the frame of The Butterflhy Effect and the WHAT IF WE COULDs…
But then I’m reminded for my race, none of this journey would have been EQUALLY good.

Black people had no solid rights to roam any land in 1743 nor 1943.
I was born in 1971. Thank God for birthing me a “freeman” Qui. 😀

With the knowledge of – still, this show is pretty darn good,
if history were not cloaked in slavery blood, perhaps even I would…

Time travel.

A good show is understood and this is one from the STARZ,
I’m Qui
An indoor Summer-time, she, suggesting that OUTLANDER goes hard.

You owe it to yourself to
Take a gander at OUTLANDER.


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key-blk-history-subj-bernice-kingYes I love her daddy and his contributions to my civil rights avail,
but since he was assassinated and is gone – his children are going thru hell.

I’ve prayed that all will be well but what force is liable
for moving MLK’s sons to want to sell his legacy Bible?

Dr. Kings children are courting the law like rivals – God bless.
Surely it’s not a greedy spirit that is leading them to this mess.

Or is it?
Dr. King in a dream, should visit

his children at once and remind them of themselves.
Seems collectively that the sons may not be feeling well.

Bernice is the Dr.’s daughter and she’s also of the cltoh.
Bernice doesn’t believe her fathers Bible should be auctioned off at any cost.

Not too long ago and after a long battle in court
an MLK artifact was sold for a paupers score.

It amounted to nothing, nonsense, lint. Bernice said, “No More.
and mounted a non-compliant wedge under the “sell our legacy” door.

Could you imagine a generation of people holding on
to the glue that bound a race of people and their history so strong?

Like the Kennedy’s or the Einstein’s… I wish all collectors good luck
in trying to procure precious artifacts from any of their legacy stuff.

MLK wasn’t a pop star, he civilly changed the world
and fighting to keep his legacy intact is his last born baby girl.


Bernice King: Our hearts are with you, as are our prayers and energetic pull.
Seems your dad cleaned a lot of his purposeful plate and now your plate is full.

You’ve picked up the charge and you’re running. Girl look at you go!
Protecting your families legacy because its worth is more than gold.

For only $60K the letter from Pres. Johnson to Coretta S. King – was sold.
To the son’s of MLK: Where’s your vision and the root of your soul?

Your father was killed at the hands of the very crew
that you are looking to sell his personal artifacts to.

Why does Bernice really need to plead and cry? Be a DNA sport
and think about your fathers legacy, work it out and stay out of court.

THINK harder a little more and open up to historical counsel.
If you sell your inheritance off, the rest of Dad’s legacy is headed downhill.

This court battle stuff will
historically counter the civil rights legacy hill

yielding your great grandchildren to be forced to eat, recognize and see
what happens to a black family when their nobility is destroyed by greed.

Considering more discorse? Children, don’t do it.
Refrain from putting your familys legacy through it.

No one wants this to be the history for Dr. Kings seed – youngest daughter, please do stay strong,
I’m Qui
on the Subject of Black History and Bernice King, because she’s a warrior and her trials are long.
The feel of selling out on any level (to me)… just feels wrong.


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It is with great pleasure that I ink a write on this lady of vital historical reference: Ms. CICELY TYSON. Growing up you could not tell me that this woman’s name was not Ms. JANE PITTMAN. Seeing her in other movies only shaped my believe that Ms. Jane Pittman was also an actress. 😀 But indeed Ms. Jane Pittman is a fictional character and Ms. Cicely Tyson is the real life deal.  I love her and her contributions have not gone un noticed though not always awarded either.

She was nominated for the Academy and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress for her performance as Rebecca Morgan in Sounder (1972). For this role she also won the NSFC Best Actress and NBR Best Actress Awards. She starred in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (1974), for which she won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for a BAFTA Award.

During her career she has been nominated for twelve Primetime Emmy Awards, winning three. In 2011, she appeared in the film The Help, for which she received awards for her ensemble work as Constantine from the BFCA and SAG Awards and she has an additional four SAG Award nominations. She starred on Broadway in The Trip to Bountiful as Carrie Watts, for which she won the Tony Award, Outer Critics Award, and Drama Desk Award for Best Actress in a Play. She previously received a Drama Desk Award in 1962 for her Off-Broadway performance in Moon on a Rainbow Shawl.


Cicely Tyson turned down the role to play Christy Love, (the tv 
version of Foxy Brown) back in the 70's because she didn't like
the direction of the role.



Ms. Cicely Tyson may be wise enough to be your mothers mother
still she looks sexy enough to be a threat – Candied eyes do love her. ❤

Born in New York City, she’s nine decades old and SO WHAT!
She’s strong, she’s Black and she’s yielded me love.

I saw her melanin on TV and embraced diversity’s )))HUG(((I mean that man.
It was everything for me, as a child, to see her portraying Ms. Jane Pittman.

It’s understatement to say that I’m just a fan – I truly love this lady,
I’m Qui
trying to look 16. You gotta age slow to aspire to be like this lady.

MORE Key Black History Subjects:


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My goodness, my word
have you seen this show or heard?

It’s got my man Jeffrey Donovan in it, from “Notice” — um, “Burn.”
He’s in character so deep, it’s hard to believe it was learned.

TBS birthed BURN NOTICE but FX is the network bringing the whoa
that is a recollection of real events that collided in or with FARGO.

Have you seen the show? We’re in pretty deep and this is just season two.
Meaning if you’ve got the guts, there’s still time to catch up – for you.

Me? What about me? What can I tell you about the show…
Well it’s all action and less fashion and a whole lot of mortal whoas.

Uh! and Oh! – both star in this show, aka their nickname is Mayhem.
So many subplot stories herein, the whole platform is bound to cave-in.

Sin-on-top-of-Sin…. each primary trying to cover it up in the FARGO snow.
The cop, the butcher, the prosecutor and the mafia bosses are all “A GO!”

And to even think about turning every party in to face the legal bar,
Sheriff — was advised by another legal man to do so is equivalent to “FUBAR.”

FUBAR? You know what the 5-letter acronym stands for and bet,
the sheriff was warned of pending harm; this case is ‘a sign-off to your death.’

At anytime, either one of the cast could be a “fatal no show.”
The storyline is based off of true events and lo

the family names have been changed to protect the survivors.
If I were a survivor of such events, I’d tell the stories of neither.

The storyline is so fantastic I cringe even harder when I inhale “it is true.”
Todays headlines have nothing on yesterdays FARGO crimes — and that’s the current day truth.

But let satellite news tell it — and my goodness, in todays life of crime, [America scoffs] “We have never!
I solute the producers and writers, those Fargo exciters – I think your display of history is clever.

Hulu has the full episodes and it’s not too late for you to catch up,
that is if you have the imagination…that is if you have the historical guts.
The contents of this show are A-1 #CutUp.

I caught the end of the first season by chance;
however from day 1, season 2 and I have danced.

What are you watching this Fall? What historical info do you know?
I’m Qui
digging a little TV and the historical recollections of FARGO.
FXHD puts on a heck of a show!


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Art and The ArtistOnce upon a time in a land not so far, far away,
everyone had his job, while The Artists waited for day.

Sun up and sun down. Cloth on and cloth off.
He worked incessantly with vision that couldn’t be stopped.

The Artist produced ART! One works after another.
The Artist loved his work. His canvas – his lover.

Art and The Artist became synonymous with fine taste.
Though he would not be paralleled to it – until 6 feet in his grave.

VanGogh, Kandinsky, and all of the likes.
Worked feverishly for little. Working day and night.

I’m a VanGogh fan. Kandinsky is quite the mind to unfold.
Artists are truly a pleasure and their life spans –  behold.

Not just the painters, but the Langston Hughes writers alike.
Had it not been for him and Paul Lawrence Dunbar – I could have missed the write.

Art and The Artist: They are instrumental in our societal run.
However, if no one jots or paints a picture — we thwart the historical sum.

Therefore, in this day and age, let me do my duty
and point out The ARTISTS who are molding todays beauty:

Just Reed 2014

Talk about raw art — he’s not signed with anyone,
and his passion makes commissioning him,  all the more fun!

I’ve got my eye on him – with paint, I’d like him to parallel my soul.
He must have read my mind and produced in kind the woman with the afro.

From one artist to the other, I like this brothers bleed.
So without further adu, from me to you, ye introductions of Just Reed.

Drop in on his website feed:

I’m an artist myself. With Griot words I wisdom dabble.
I’m an artist with acrylic & canvas — my beloved scribble scrabble.

I’m an artist to my heart, and I know you know that.
I was raised on food, water, love and the birth of HIP HOP/Rap.

In saying that, another Artist comes to mind.
He’s young in age but good talent isn’t hard to find.

Straight from the motherland of Africa – Johanesburg,
I introduce 15-year old Oarabile — his Art is to be heard.

Method Zavala Fall 2014

Oarabile is a rapper and his father, Rueben Zavala is a poet.
I met his dad in 2004 on QE — I’ve poetic proof to show it.

We’re great friends – for a decade now; from online to real life,
And Oarabile is his poetic son, who adding beats to his writes:

I’m an artist to my heart – via griot, canvas,  camera and laptop.
I’m Qui
Exposing Artists. I’m addicted to it and I won’t stop.

Do you know of an artist that needs more exposure towards his grind?
Drop me some 411 – we love helping the artist shine.