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This morning while yawning I heard Joe Scarborough ask – Eugene Robinson to voice a hero of his, that is Black.

Easy on the response, locked, loaded and merry – Eugene, with a wide smile said, ‘It’s got to be Berry.’

Let’s talk about Mr. Gordy and his legacy of melodic fun. Let’s acknowledge the youth of ‘this pioneer, he is just 91.

Let’s talk about the Motown Museum that is to reopen this month. Covid may be a chauvinist but Mo’ legacy waits for none.

This man breathed life into our cultural melodic sum; he birthed R&B’s upgraded legacy, shaping talent, one-by-one.

All productions remain relative and great. Let none be undone but preserved from their day.

From Aretha Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass to Marvin Gaye – segregated worlds merged every time a Motown record played.

To add to Gordy’s legacy Joe Scarborough interjected — that Gordy is often associated with the genius of Phil Specter.

What the? I didn’t get where Joe was going with this. It’s a good thing that I listened closely, or I would have missed

the parallel that Joe Scarborough was making: “Hitsville USA” and “The Tycoon Tween” elevated Black Music for the airwaves taking.

I didn’t know as much before he said it. Then I thought, “I better chronicle this, to be sure you read it.”

Got that?


Morning Jo then turned to Yamiche Alcindor and ask of her native respective hero — and she said Toni Morrison, for all of the books that she wrote:

The Toni Morrison Society encapsulates her visions and preserves her view. I was thrown off again when Joe Scarborough interjected Fran Lebowitz was friends with her, too.

What the? I didn’t get the connection because I didn’t know Fran, but a quick Google Search made Joe a teacher, again.

For therein “the Google” I learned that — Fran Lebowitz and Toni Morrison swung similar bats.

They balled with words and words yield change. Also, along those lines, Joe threw in Martin Scorsese’s name.

I noticed “paralleling elevations” to be Joe Scarborough’s game. I appreciate the inserts because relatives convey change.

Paralleling relatives and elevating America is WHAT’S UP and is definitely ALL THAT.

Give American History her raw due in fancy diamonds; they are BLACK.

Did you know that?

Now you do.

Life in her fullness is really no mystery. Open up your heart and mind to embrace 

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Good Night Ms. Jane Pittman

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Yesterday evening Ms. Cicely Tyson, in her excitement of her new book: “Just as I Am: A Memoir,” crossed over to have a romantic evening with Miles Davis, I am sure. The most memorable role that she portrayed to me, was in the mini-series, “Miss. Jane Pittman.” But even Miss Pittman failed to meet the measure of this woman. 

Let us take a moment and sit with the Legendary Cicely Tyson in her last interview that aired just 3-days ago:

Mourn not for Ms. Tyson, she lived a full life of love and adventure. She crossed over as a strong black woman; the magnification of her worth un-censured.  

I’m going to miss her and all that she encompassed about her. I will press on, from dusk to dawn and thank God for every hour. As much as she endured in her lifespan, she portrayed to us no sour.” 

She was born 12-years after my maternal grandmother; Tyson was born in 1924. She only married once, and did not marry anymore. In the video she speaks of her daughter, Joan; fans had not known before.

Who knew the legendary woman reaped a “mini-me score?” Ms. Tyson’s life force, I do adore. She was one-of-kind, there will be no more. 

I mean, really? Who keeps a secret for a lifetime? Behold Cicely Tyson, a graceful bison; today we celebrate her life shine.

I can’t even feel down, because she left us on such a high note,

I’m Qui

I love the legacy of Ms. Cicely and have already ordered the Memoire that she wrote.

STAY TUNED for the review that’s COMING SOON.

December 19, 1924 – January 28, 2021