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At The Core of The SMILEY REPORT

In Comedy, News on April 10, 2023 at 3:15 am

There’s a week’s worth of love in every Rickey Smiley Sheet.
Ricky emails them out at least 5-days a week.

And every topic is 411 blazing.

There’s nothing like staying on top of cumulative views,
like Rickey feeling spiffy in a brand new suit:

Yesterday was Easter, and if I know you —-
You may have bought a basket, a hat, or brand-new shoes.

Pray tell, did you buy new fashion merch
then show up to display at your favorite church?

It’s okay if you did
as long as you didn’t talk about no one’s kid:

Has this ever happened to you? Did someone propel a lie, —
while you were out there with “love” in one hand and in the other “a try?”

Well, as much as I hate when that happens, it is just an issue of miscommunication.
As soon as you realize it, don’t sit and despise it — get on the horn for clarity and relation.

So, The Smiley Report did just that —
they accessed The Morning Show tapes and ran it back:

Rickey Smiley is one of the most engaging personalities in today’s social culture.
He’s out here spreading life and putting on blast “the disruptive vultures.”

We all know that TMZ is about that Gossip stuff
but in this situation, TMZ backed Rickey up.

Communication is crucial, and in every encounter, communication is “core.”
Good morning to you, and how do you do? This is your Monday SMILEY REPORT.

Community News is a great way to start
any day that needs love, so take this to heart.


In Comedy, Communication, Griot, Networking, Video on April 3, 2023 at 3:15 am
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The best way to insure that all is not bad
is to compose a piece with copious laughs.

But how is that done?
We can plan for NO MELEE by planning out FUN.

And on this MONDAY we need some; just a few laughs.
So I dropped in on Rickey for that morning-yawning pass.

Rickey Smiley is known for group laughter jams!
But first let’s roll it back to Ms. Juicy and the fam,
and that day she was mad at Frederick Douglas’ hair… hot damn. 😛

It’s Monday, No Melee because life is too short.
I’m not summoning Juicy; that thought is a thwart.

I love Ms. Juicy and Rickey Smiley too.
Good Morning, Goodness, I’m also loving on you.

How do you do? What have you got planned for the day?
Whatever it is, dabble not in melee.

We both agree. Eh? I’m up and ready to shine.
I’ve got my life, my health, and my good mind.

What are you sporting today?
A great attitude detours melee.

Melee must be the word to watch out for today.
I say as much with a brow up, because Monday’s are fun days.

So let us follow through.
Todays positive reinforcement will be provided by YOU.

Reading is fundamental and is an activity that I enjoy best.
Join me for a few side-crackers over at READERS DIGEST.

You gotta laugh; we gotta get it in.
If the jokes aren’t fresh let the corn in:

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little corn…
especially on a Monday morn.

Obvious word play
is perfect for a vowel with no Melee
Wouldn’t you say?

Laugh a little today and share a corny joke.
Reach for it like you do candy, liq, or smokes.

It’s much, much better for your diet.
Calories from candy and liq bring the fat riot.

And we certainly don’t need that.
A hard laugh helps to burn tummy fat.

So let’s get to laughing, good people…and let’s do it today.
Rickey and friends are a great begin for leading the comical way.

Especially if you’re in the mood for no melee, please bellow loudly.
I’m Qui
and I’ll be Laughing with thee to invoke a spirit of glee –ever so proudly.

Enjoy the following corny spins.
Reject melee, have a great day, laugh and win.

Always FORGO

But you can still LAUGH at him. 😛

Hello Friday

In Comedy, Communication on March 24, 2023 at 3:15 am

Good morning to you, the week has been long.
Operating within our “A-Game” means we finish strong.

I’ve been over at the Laugh Factory and various comedy houses looking for material
that I could lace you up with as you eat your cereal.

Anytime is a good time to laugh
and take lactaid before work if you know milk gives you gas.

This second block is a little bit raunchy.
They’re perfect for HAPPY HOUR, a bit Adult-spunky:

This last block will be a gas to share when you return home.
Every Friday should be a get-live day. Let comedy rule the dome:

What do you say?
I’m off to engage.