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Don’t Be Afraid

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It’s so easy and fun that I’m almost afraid.
My creativity is off-the-charts and many are amazed. 

Me? I thank God for amazing grace, then I sit up and take my place at the table.
For the work that I am all-out creating, surely there are others who parallel “able.” 

Aren’t there?
Our dear Megan is a Stallion; I am a Mare.

I’m almost afraid to blaze the trails in the way that I do.
Those who see me coming question if my capacity is true. 

I am so real.
Scripts are composed with a flesh and bone feel.

Most of the contents herein will remind you of the best you.
Writers who match my capacity? There are still a few. 

Genre bridges are like literal hopscotch to me.
I script Drama, Action, Suspense, and Comedy relief. 

Not even the genre Horror mystifies me.
For I am an Alumni to the summits of Robert McKee. 

Ooo wee. It feels so good & out-write easy.
Ooo wee. It’s a great time to be a relative key.

JILL SCOTT – “I’m not afraid”

Ooo child, today is a good day to ask this of you:
What in the world is it that you’re afraid to do?

There should be no fear. Let me make this absolutely clear –
whatever good it is that you desire to produce, you have got creative support right here

As for me? I’m ready to go; I’ve got an excellent team on my side,

I’m Qui


Don’t Be Afraid to don your skilled horse, jump through a few hoops, and ride. 

You look good in your element

It is a gift, not a buy, nor a rent.

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