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It’s that time again, that I yield to the workaholic cost…
it’s time for me to pack my bags and adhere to ‘taking off.

Good morning to you, I’m on vacation, today.
The Summer is upon us – please don’t forget to play.

A Few Things

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I’ve been reading a really cool book because intellect is regal,
written by Roy Lilley titled, “DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE.”

Are you one of ’em? Challenges intrigue me indeed.
So I’m glued to this book, comprehending the read.

Psychology is a love of mine, I do love the mind.
Today I commit to finishing the DWDP bind.

In between chapters, I have been getting-in my serial fix
from that “evolving for cash” app, Netflix.

Upon finishing TRANSATLANTIC, I am changing app vines,
SWARM exposes ‘Stan harm, and got me watching Bezos’ Prime:

It’s a good find. It is freakish, but founded in truth.
Donald Glover and Janine Nabors are life-to-drama sleuths.

Good screenplay composition invokes me to produce,
but not a minute before I research & compose fresh webinar juice.

It’s something that I’m into. I’m a course-creating kind-of girl.
An admitted Sapeosexual in a 411-rich world.

Nothing makes me much happier at all
than to learn new information and share without stall.

So, while I’m at it, I may as well tell you about those scripted scenes
that I am drafting while publishing this note of A FEW THINGS.

This is what is on my plate, my desk, and my mind.
I am careful to break and relax. Post this write, I’m cracking the bind.

These are a few of my favorite things to get lost in and to do.
Good morning, beloved, what are you getting into?


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As a serial watching fanatic
my current focal point is TRANSATLANTIC.

Have you seen it? It follows France, post the 1930’s.
It is based off of Historical events that remain Drama worthy.

Didn’t pay attention in History class?
Netflix debuts a glimpse from our past

Thank God this particular tyranny did not last in its projected entire.
Unfortunately racial tensions still exist and has mutated its fire.

Like the refugees in the 1940’s…division is still a thing.
The Transatlantic series debuts the eerie and has a certain caveat ring.

There’s nothing boring or mundane about the series layout.
Episode six provides a fix if you wonder what “data tracking” is about.

The good ol’ Census may not be the thing that we once thought
would record us as counted citizens; a right that can’t be bought…

Well, the Census was not created for anything of the sort,
but more of a way of knowledge to separate the south from the north.

And I don’t mean that in the terms of geography; a place.
The creation of data tracking was to keep track of “statuses and race.”

The Census is used as a tracking stamp

and is pretty much the historical reason
why many of our ancestors were not excited by “Census season.”

I am reminded of the Census views
as noted in Harlem by Langston Hughes:


I used to perform this piece within a southern state.
I understood the words, but not the specific movements of the day.

The Transatlantic series has helped me to add more dimension
to what Langston Hughes was channeling during his publishing ascension.

Learning the route of our ancestors; our great, great grandpa’s and great, great grand momma’s
makes for the most interesting and compelling Historically engaging Drama.

Are you watching? You’d be better to serve yourself a look’sy.
I’m Qui
And I’m eating up History. It is the best zero calorie cookie.

Chew well every bite of noted history
to avoid walking into a re-make of humanity’s racial mystery.