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Word and Deed

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A Refreshing Combo | Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

Your word is your word,
stand on it and it will be heard.

Your deed, started with a word seed.
It’s what you do; it’s how you heed.

And now you know.
Let this be Word and let your good Deeds show.


Word to the wise is life is fluid.
No one lives forever so, if you desire it – do it.

To live your best life has got to be top goal.
What does it profit a man to gain the world if he loses his soul?

Uh-un. Don’t do it. That’s not your goal.
Follow not man or today’s clan; your life is gold.

Karma will always be what it says…
Thinking of being a deviant? Get it out of your head.

Thinking of positively changing thing’s up?
Love on your neighbor and divvy a hug.

Wrap your arms around them with no space to lack.
And don’t be surprised when they hug you back.

Folk are looking for a reason to show their intimate side.
Wave as you maneuver through traffic and watch folks wave back “hi.”

Words lead to Deeds. Say what you mean and then do it,
I’m Qui
A Word and Deed she, who loves to proclaim and then go through it.

…manifest it like you choose it.

When was the last time someone said

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Remember notes like this when you were a kid?
You were the big-hearted communications whiz.

Me, too. And I’m still the same.
I’ve folded a note and am tagging your name.

Good morning, goodness, thanks for meeting me here.
For you and I, todays hump will reveal that we care

about the world around us and what’s going on.
I’m up, poking at love because love is my jones.

How are you, beloved, and what is going on?
Are you ISO peace inside of your dome?

There is a lot of noise in the wind.
I could use a hug, so bring it in.

Let me rest my head on your shoulder and upon your chest.
The autonomy of our heartbeats say it best

God loves us.
We all woke up this morning because He hugged us.

If you are reading this column my intentions are youthful and true,
please respond to my initial query, Do you love me, too?

Take your time… though, I think you do. 🙂 Which would make us both lovers.
I’m Qui
In love with WE because we’re all just sisters and brothers.


Good Morning Monday

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☀️Good morning Monday. How well did you sleep?
It must have been GREAT! You slept a whole week.

☀️Good morning Monday what have you got up for me?
Besides being kind to others and loving unbiasedly?

Be good to yourself, this day belongs to you.
Open mind, open heart bid el solitary adieu.

The weekend has left you and you are now in mode: grind.
It’s a good look – you are no crook, you have a lawful behind.

You are the captain and today is your ship.
Pull a Luka on this Monday and shoot from the hip.
Pay no mind to the naysayers lip.

Good living is key and Qui is my name
To not LIVE IT UP would be a “namesake” shame.

And ain’t nothing lame about an opportunistic day,
I’m Qui
Taking full advantage – I plan to win this Monday.

Oui! Oui! 
It’s truly a 7-day thing for me. 😌