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Hibbity Hump Day – Folks it’s Time To Slay

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Hey, hey, hey!” Sounding like a fat cartoon guy in a red sweater.
FAT ALBERT’s fashion isn’t welcome in today’s hill‘acious weather.

Me? I’ll be in the shade today, productive, and remote.
I’ve been up since 3am, with a 4:30 start-point of GO.

You? You’ve been on my mind for quite some time now;
different reasons ‘why‘ and dimensions on the ‘how.’

Believe me now, when I say that I’m enjoying the climb
that is delivering me to the best that I can be, via my creative grind.

I am enjoying life and every interaction that fate lists with you.
Not much is certain beyond humanity’s burden, still, we remain true.
That’s what up: Me + You.

Mmph. I am so vey happy
in a world of crazy mane I remain nappy.

I certainly pray happiness for us all.
Flex your unique style and shine your positive gall.

Do not turn-down your stylo, or try to calibrate/tone-it.
Do you to such a tune that folks notice you and jump on it.

Proceed naturally, because it’s Hibbity Hump Day, which sounds a lot like “hibbity hop.”

And naturally “hibbity hop” reminds me of The Sugar Hill Gang – ’cause “Hip Hop don’t stop.”

Which reminds me of The HUSTLER’S CONVENTION… I’m a one-stop Griot shop.
I’m something like Lightnin’ Rod and The HC publication that cannot be copped.

Tho, you can stay tuned to flows like my own; my stylo is quite steady.
We are all storytellers of the day born. I learned as much from Fab5Freddy.

I forget not, much. I am intrigued by various modalities and moves made.
I chronicle the view of me and you in rhyme; Griot is my technical mode of Slay.

Hey-hey-hey!” I’m quoting Fat Albert, again,
I’m Qui
atop of this hump feeling a wee bit crunk, because that’s What’s Happening.


It’s a total high day. Get-up and get-down for the win.
Come with. This vantage view is far better with a friend.

Remain productive and safe. For that is dope.
And if you have a few extra minutes, go see Jordan Peele’s NOPE:


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Life is short. Whatever will we do?
May I suggest we partner up and make some ‘whoopty-ooo?

Whatever are Wednesday’s for? I’m no shlump-a-dinky.
The week’s hump is not for slump but perhaps a little winky.

What exactly is winky, you certainly may ask.
Well, I’m the Mom and I’m not telling you son. Go ask your dad.

I’m kidding, come on back. The word “winky” — I use so loosely.
Basically I have reserved this day to play footsies & Lucy Goosie.

Do I have to go into the office today? Yes, I do in an hour or two.
Though since we are woke, (before putting coffee-in-throat), let’s dance an unbridled deux. 

We can wear shades of pink, purple, nothing, orange, or blue. 
Wednesdays were made for winky. Please be encouraged to…

Do the Hump-Day dance with your Beau or your Boo. 
It’s the gift that keeps on giving; winky was made for two

Good morning to you, please roll over and dance collectively.
I’m Qui
Feeling winky on this Wednesday and in the mood to bob-a-beat.

Forfeit the snooze – Let’s play footsies.

Dailies Wow Me

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Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

Tomorrow will yield me the most awesome of Dailies.
I shall not dilly nor dally — I am a focused lady. 

Good morning baby. How are you doing?
I was late to compose, for good health pursuing. 

Meditating is what I have been into
— then I thought of you
and composed Griot anew

I’m always into “being into you.”
It’s Friday y’all! What are we going to do? 

Let’s get jitted-up early to enjoy the day.
If I may suggest, let’s go roller skate.

If not today, perhaps on Saturday.
I went online and bought me some skates. 

I am sure to use them in eactly this way: 

Yep! Skating is everything to me.
I’m trying to get back to it – get-up and skate with me. 

Speaking of skating, today should be a breeze.
I’ve got mad capacity in the DP rink.

I shall swim and not sink – but you already knew that, right?
I love to keep it real so I compose reel writes. 

Todays shoot is from a COMEDY script with so much real-life incite.
I’d like to take full creative credit, but I just looked-at-life and took-a-bite.

Sometimes it looks and feels like I’m dilly and dallying,
when I’m really about ‘reel & dailies‘ tallying. 

You know? It’s okay if you don’t. I absolutely do love to say, 
I’m Qui
Enjoying the fact of a skating act; “Life is a game that must be played…”

and I want to play with you. For reel.
Meet me on the rink and let’s take the day by the wheel.