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God bless the folks that migrated over time
to join the scores of digital kids who were living online.

You did it!
You built a website with tons of widgets. 

People flocked; a constant come and go –
you became a word planter and you did sow. 

But not too much.
You were always aware of the faux popular rush. 

Or weren’t you?
Perhaps you dropped off after a year or two.

Subscriber levels never panned out – but setting up your website was fun.
Though you never reached the viewing levels of Facebook or Amazon.

But why not, you earnestly wondered?
You stuck with it, but viewership plummeted.

With new content on the horizon you really didn’t want to stop
– then the hackers era rolled in and digital storefronts became hot…

targets of blackouts.
Suddenly you realize you fought hard to join this – now you want out.

Perhaps you never really understood,
that unless you are selling something, having a website isn’t all good.

If it wasn’t fashioned to grab attention for a product coming soon,
many found themselves high and dry in 2021 at noon.

The digital children had been swooned,
as big business soared, towered, and boomed

until global hackers came into the room and
attacked dimensional stacks of digital bands and 

suddenly many bloggers were inspecting their hands,
to see if they’d been harmed in the hack of digi-land.

With no tighter plans other than to blog to distant friends,
many creators decided 2021 may be their penning end. 

It’s no longer friendly to voice your point of view
 on the world, your emotions, nor politics too.

The opportunity to voice
became a matter of subject and choice. 

And here we are between a digital kettle and a rock —
and many are realizing it’s not worth it to blog.

Telling the world your point of view –
is exactly how the globe is able to target you.

Creators. We are so giving with our truths.
Hackers have tailed you from the beginning; pirating sleuths.

Bots have archived, chronicled, and republished our shit
to the point that one wonders if Griot encouragement is worth it? 

There is Not A Lot Of Stock in a blog, but server hosts are surely tracking moves…
hackers are wielding (dark money fielding); trying to interrupt legal grooves.

Like, that pipeline ransom that was given to free the gasoline lock–
is back in its proper kitty; the FBI reverse-hacked the costs.

Bad ass coding will not be lost because no one person or entity owns it all.
Still, I have to give a lot of props to the FBI’s hack-back call. 

Way to go.
In the meantime I’ve moved on; producing ‘to and fro. 
I’ve got script compositions pending to-go.
They hit hard and strong like hot a.m. jo.’

I’m moved to compose – just thinking about you, yo.’ 

Not A Lot of Stock should be put into what we “freely” produce online,
I’m Qui
an online pioneer since ‘95. Better Evolution will reconnect us in time.

Walk It Out

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Sitting too long isn’t good for you.  I’m a writer and I sit like, “Ooo. Is there any reason to stand and don shoes?”  But sitting too long can yield our postures big blues.

I should know, I have TMJD — so keeping a good balance is good for me.

One should be often about walking to and fro. Several months back, I had Vertigo.

And good balance was not “a working thing” that day. It took more than 12-hours to dissipate.

I felt like I was on a boat – without a doubt. The only thing I wanted to do was “straight-away” Walk It Out.

Have you ever been there, at any point where your body does something unfair?

It happens and it happened.  Resist most urges to pout. — Live in the moment proactively and always: Walk It out.

Chris Rock used to have a joke in reference to resilience; I love him.  He referenced black families walking off disease and applying Robitussin:

It’s Hump Day and I’m feeling it. Good things are coming your way – I’m sending it.  When the video editing is done – I’m rendering it.  Take the day by the horns and insist good be born in it. Alas, when all resolutions are good-to-go, put a pin in it.

Stand still for no one and nothing; move expeditiously to get things done.

I’m Qui

‘gonna Walk It Out with thee – straight into 2021.

I think we’re going to LIKE it:

Hibbity Hump Day – Folks it’s Time To Slay

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Bey Slay.gif

Hey, hey, hey!” Sounding like Rodg’s friend Dwayne,
What’s Happening” with you; how’s the view in your lane?

Me? I’m awake and up for goodgame.
Me? I’m the vehicle in the creative lane.

You? You’ve been on my mind for quite some time now;
different reasons ‘why‘ and dimensions on the ‘how.’

Believe me now, when I say that I’m enjoying the climb
that has delivered me to this day; my creative grind.

I’m happy y’all.
In a world of uncertainty, I have the gall.
I wish happiness for us all.
Flex your positive gall.

It’s Hibbity Hump Day, which sounds a lot like “hibbity hop.”
Saying “hibbity hop” reminds me of The Sugar Hill Gang – Hip Hop don’t stop.

Something like The HUSTLER’S CONVENTION, I’m a one-stop Griot shop.
I’m something like Lightnin’ Rod; The HC is not a publication that you can cop

but you can stay tuned to multiple flows like my own, for most Griotte’s are quite steady.
We are storytellers of the day born. I learned as much from Fab5Freddy.

I forget not, much. I am intrigued by various moves made.
I chronicle the view in rhyme. Griot is my mode of Slay.

Hey-hey-hey!” I’m quoting Haywood Nelson again,
I’m Qui
atop of this hump glad to be purveying and conveying What’s Happening.

It’s a total high day and I’m up for the win.
Come with. This vantage view is better with a friend.