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You guys know that I am into my dreams and trying to interpret them. Doing so is fun and often times very revealing to my circumstance and journey. However, this morning’s topic isn’t necessarily about deep dreaming because when the alarm went off I woke briefly, stood up walked across the room and turned it off, then I hopped back into bed and closed my eyes and saw this:

Photo by luis arias on Unsplash

Well it wasn’t the exact scene, but it is close. I saw two twin girl toddlers lying on their tummy’s on the floor with their heads up as if they are preparing to explore crawling. The baby girls were dressed alike in denim overalls and each had a bow in her hair; identical twins. I lingered there with my eyes closed and focused on the view, then I opened my eyes in the dark and became more and more curious as to “what” the view meant.

Seeing double. What does it mean if you haven’t been to happy hour? Well according to a quick research the view is an exciting one. From what I gathered, dreaming of or seeing twins in a dream state means:

Need I say more? Probably not, but I will, just to give you a little background and context. Yesterday was MOTHERS DAY and I spent the entire day at work, worried about the progress of my professional team. I’m at a point where I can tell that it is time for me to learn something new, but I love what I do, so I’ve been procrastinating ‘moving on. I had a running conversation in my head all day with God about feeling bad about knowing that I have to move on (which in essence means career escalation). I would thank Him in one sentence and pray for strength in the next because guilt was trying to hitch a ride with me. Guilt and I are not twins so I fought my inner thoughts to not be in the same car with guilt. After work I talked about the feeling and in the end I came to no resolve. I fell asleep. I slept deeply. I slept well. I woke up refreshed. I closed my eyes once more, after dismissing the alarm and then I saw double.

This morning I am double-glad that my view was not a remnant of happy hour because I needed to see that. I thank God for my research tendencies, too. I am not known to have an inkling on anything and not research it out. You can call me Mrs. Kravitz if you want to and I will happily answer.

Good morning beloved, we are at the beginning again
God is good. The day is new. Let us get up and win.

Yesterday was Mothers Day 2022
I enjoyed the flowers, the gifts of love and the many views
I pray yesterday was good to you too.

Today I am awake and the day is forecasted void of trouble,
besides when I woke up this morning, truth is, I was SEEING DOUBLE.

I am not pregnant and I have not given birth
but if you have questions about life, go to God first.

I did and I do and He answers every time,
I’m Qui
good morning to thee, I’ve got DOUBLE on my mind.

Today will be great at my leisure and my grind.

What are you poised to be productive in today?
Give it some thought then indulge in double play.


Did You Catch a Wink?

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Over the last few days, especially over the Thanksgiving week, I noticed the online pulse of activity began to fall weak.

What is it that thou are doing? Pray thee tell. Are we no longer in a handbasket directly addressed to hell?

I’m asking because online activity numbers indicate – folks are no longer online all day.

God is good, and I’ve got to say: “Hooray!” — No “hip-hip” will preface my celebrate.

The other day I read that saying “hip hip” before “hooray” is connected to a bit of racial play.

Had you ever… did you know as much? Go ahead and click the pic and tighten up. 

It’s okay if you didn’t know the true origins — of how a lot of our American sayings began.

I didn’t either — but then knowledge crawled up on me like a spider

and I yelled, “ouch!” To ease these terms into everyday conversation is like offering gout.

Thank God that racism is not gastrointestinal. Though if it were, would folk be more confessional?

I mean, have you seen folks who suffer from gout? Random walking is not what they’re about.

Gout is painful, as are racist connotations in any setting. — Are you sure your friends won’t think you’re a racist? Hm. You are betting.

The good news is: social media is at a lull, and the numbers are low. So, please take this moment to read more during your to and fro.

The last 4-years pushed you to run behind the eight-ball of headlines. The pulse feels like “we can take a break now,” — and things will be fine.

So we’ve put down our phones, tablets, and the laptop’s too, to kick it with family, old friends, and new.

Is that what you did? Pray thee tell. Did you? — Well, I’m not tripping because I did it too.

I have also been sleeping better, my dreams are far more calming. Just a few weeks ago (over the last year to fo’) my dreams were a bit alarming.

Not all dreams are charming, nor is every day. I pray the online decongestion is our new normal day.

Folks: we have family, friends, pets, and the likes — we should not be online from the birth-of-morn to the dead-of-night. We both know it ain’t right.

So, this weekend when I noticed the online-coast-was-clear and that every digital storefront was open, but not many visitors were near —

the feeling of a new pulse washed over me. I thanked God for the moment and all that it can be.

Then I thought about you, “Did you catch a wink?” I hope you did – you deserve it; running behind the eight-ball stinks.



A new wind is coming in, it feels good, please do inhale,
I’m Qui
Good morning my sweet — keep moving towards heaven and away from hell.

Close your eyes and take a moment to meditate; take a moment to think.
You’ve held on tight, and things will work out alright – go ahead and catch a wink.

Living The Dream

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Are you still dreaming when you go to sleep,
right after you “pray to the Lord your soul to keep?.’

I am. Prayer and dreams aren’t wrong.
Then I awake to research meanings of WHAT is going on.

This weekend I had several dreams, though I’m going to speak on two,
I dreamt one revolving around fam and one revolving around me too.

The first one was a 2For: I saw my nephew and cousin whom I love a lot;
their vehicles were flooded out (by excessive rain) in a parking lot.

The parking lot is a place of stop; there’s not too much that moves.
Both beloveds were with their vehicles; my nephew’s was flooded to the roof.

My cousin’s vehicle was further in the parking lot and on a slight hill.
In the dream he responded to my concern that he was ‘melancholy about the ill.’

Not scared, just concerned.
My nephew, also responded in a tone ‘less than burned.’


Are you flooded out with EMOTIONAL STRESS?

That’s good news, because research tells me that water equals emotions and feelings.
Both beloveds were consumed by the water, both are believers in divine endings.

The end of the dream delivered me to consciousness/waking up.
I grabbed my phone upon opening my eyes and started texting-it up.

I don’t graduate from the university until next May,
so I allowed my Psychology knowledge to rule the day.

My cousin and nephew responded on cue
and confirmed the dream is a comparable view.

Each man also said, he is “working things out.
I asked for no details of what their situations are about.

Because I don’t need to know.
I have my own dreams to reverse engineer and sew.

The next night I dreamed that I was sitting on a school bus
with my hand over my mouth. What’s the messaging fuss?

I looked it up and found several says
that assure me “foul conversation” is in play.

Huh? What does that mean?
I took a few more minutes to comprehend the dream.

Basically what I learned after many research hours
is that someone will try to coheres from my lips: conversation-sour.


I shared the dream and meaning with a confidant and vowed that “ill conversation” will find me being still.
24-hours later my confidant called me and said “rumored conversation” was on the prow trying to reputation kill.

Huh? What does that mean?
My confidant was being beckoned by authorities on the scene.

There is an official investigation in-progress over an intentional lie.
Though it did not concern me, the accused is an apple of my eye.

My confidant woke up the next day to trouble at the door.
The dream I shared with them prior, was hardly theory anymore.

It was manifested real.
Allegations included a familia feel.

This isn’t the MATRIX and no one took any pills; dreams are a reflective clue
of what-in-the-world is going on as it pertains to those you love and you.

Maybe not all dreams have a message – but a great deal of them do.
I’m Qui
Living The Dream starring Me and about You.