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Living The Dream

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Are you still dreaming when you go to sleep,
prior to you “praying the Lord your soul to keep?.’

I am. Prayer and dreams aren’t wrong.
Then I awake to research meanings of WHAT is going on.

This weekend I had several dreams, though I’m going to speak on two,
I dreamt one revolving around fam and one revolving around me too.

The first one was a 2For: I saw my nephew and cousin whom I love a lot;
their vehicles were flooded out (by excessive rain) in a parking lot.

The parking lot is a place of stop; there’s not too much that moves.
Both beloveds were with their vehicles; my nephew’s was flooded to the roof.

My cousin’s vehicle was further in the parking lot and on a slight hill.
In the dream he responded to my concern that he was ‘melancholy about the ill.’

Not scared, just concerned.
My nephew, also responded in a tone ‘less than burned.’


Are you flooded out with EMOTIONAL STRESS?

That’s good news, because research tells me that water equals emotions and feelings.
Both beloveds were consumed by the water, both are believers in divine endings.

The end of the dream delivered me to consciousness/waking up.
I grabbed my phone upon opening my eyes and started texting-it up.

I don’t graduate from the university until next May,
so I allowed my Psychology knowledge to rule the day.

My cousin and nephew responded on cue
and confirmed the dream is a comparable view.

Each man also said, he is “working things out.
I asked for no details of what their situations are about.

Because I don’t need to know.
I have my own dreams to reverse engineer and sew.

The next night I dreamed that I was sitting on a school bus
with my hand over my mouth. What’s the messaging fuss?

I looked it up and found several says
that assure me “foul conversation” is in play.

Huh? What does that mean?
I took a few more minutes to comprehend the dream.

Basically what I learned after many research hours
is that someone will try to coheres from my lips: conversation-sour.


I shared the dream and meaning with a confidant and vowed that “ill conversation” will find me being still.
24-hours later my confidant called me and said “rumored conversation” was on the prow trying to reputation kill.

Huh? What does that mean?
My confidant was being beckoned by authorities on the scene.

There is an official investigation in-progress over an intentional lie.
Though it did not concern me, the accused is an apple of my eye.

My confidant woke up the next day to trouble at the door.
The dream I shared with them prior, was hardly theory anymore.

It was manifested real.
Allegations included a familia feel.

This isn’t the MATRIX and no one took any pills; dreams are a reflective clue
of what-in-the-world is going on as it pertains to those you love and you.

Maybe not all dreams have a message – but a great deal of them do.
I’m Qui
Living The Dream starring Me and about You.


My Monday Morning Jo

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Good morning baby. You look adorable when you sleep.
Let me slip out of the bed and make you something to eat.

A beautiful day is on the horizon with no pending “Oh Boys.”
Reminding me that out of tragedy — God produces unmeasurable joy.

I feel it. I’m encompassed in it. I’m wearing good love like a blanket.
A new day is upon us. Did you rise early and tell God thanks, yet?

Do you still pray and meditate?
It’s the first thing I do at the start of each day.

It really works!
So with this day, I’ve intentions to flirt.

This weekends film shooting went well.
I’m all about showing, fewer words; less tell.

It was great. I am pleased with the sound that we reeled.
The shotgun mic had more reverb than I like – but I loved that boom mic appeal.

It has a solid-sound, rich in feel and it resonated nice.
For this project, I prefer the boom over wireless lava mics.

I endeavor to pull a full-bodied sound with clarity.
Still, I felt a little shy when the camera is staring at me.

This latest piece is an introduction documentary.
“Griot is Key,” is designed to introduce me.

It’s a short film, it’s entertaining and telling.
Life is no crystal stair and I’m not belling.

Good morning sweetheart. You look adorable when you sleep.
Any chance that you sugarplum danced; any chance that you dreamed?

I did, in fact, I do it all of the time.
Then I wake up and share my dreams in rhyme.

Yesterday’s morning rise had no yawns to spare.
The first words out of my mouth were: “I dreamed I killed a polar bear.”

I recalled the dream in great detail to my bed-mate
and we discussed the meaning of it in bed, while we ate.

Insightful stuff.

Polar bears aren’t my rival;
to dream about killing one points to my survival.

Good morning my love. I’m ready to start this new week,
I’m Qui
I missed you, I love you – let this Griot hug you.

Consider keeping a journal to jot your dreams.
If nothing else to sip on what it means.

What’s Left

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Opportunity over Rabbit hole

What’s left in a world that’s chasing its tail
down a rabbit hole to hell
with an over inflated Wall Street, at the bell
and a healthcare plan that wishes you’d never get well?

I’ll tell you on a dime, exactly What’s Left:
Your GOOD MIND! Now, tend to your health.”

Good morning baby! How’d you sleep last night?
Me? Snug as a bug in a rug; solid and tight.

My dreams were alright, easy going, I’m sure I cooed.
Then I woke up to Life, Wednesday and YOU! All of which is cool.

What’s Left for me today? To hang with you and highlight the good
Since Jon Ossoff won’t be representing that Georgia hood.

And that’s okay, right? The political pool is filled with smoke.
I respect the people’s choice – twas the people who cast the vote.

Let yesterday’s story be wrote and make today memorable still.
What’s Left is opportunity! Go ‘head and cop a feel. 🤗


Making it my own…

I went shopping yesterday and bought a cute little chaise.
I’m in the mood today to rearrange this place.

I’m in the mood today to make a new space
In my life, my heart – renew the smile on my face.

I do meditate.
It’s the best way
to start the day.

What’s Left after you loose your sanity and your cool?
Well, there’s always, a cave and a bib for your drool.😄

But that’s not you! And I’m willing to bet
If you put forth new effort you can increase What’s Left.

Exercise your body, exercise your mind.
You’ll find What’s Left beyond a tighter behind

Is clarity of thought and creativity in flow.
I recommend focusing on YOU – you deserve it, Yo!

So with this beautiful new days begin,
I’m Qui
bidding you encouragement to Win! Win! Win!

Yesterday had its relative depths.
Today: opportunity is absolutely What’s Left.


Take it. Make it your own.
I’ve got your back. You are not alone.

Mondays Best

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So last nights sleep wasn’t signed off by candy or cocktails
and the vivid dream I reaped had much foresight therein, to tell…

I didn’t understand the whole meaning, though I loved it.
I woke up to THIS new day and )))HUGGED((( it.

Good morning intellects, how are you today?
Good morning jesters — please get out of the way.

flying-heartsLove is in the air and good is on the plate,
There’s nothing unusual about me loving up a MONDAY.

And when I say “a Monday,” I don’t mean an African American man.
A term that I learned of from Quentin. I’m a Tarantino reel fan. 🙂

I do love a MONDAY! It’s always filled with interesting cues.
I love opportunity, the conquer of obstacles, good times and YOU.

I slept 7-hours last night, so YES! Today I am quite REFRESHED!
I’m Qui
A Monday She – rooting for WE. Let’s make this our Mondays Best!

Cool Stuff on my desk…

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qui-desk-nov2016Good morning sweetheart, I hope that you are well
and have taken a couple of #SelfPreservation moments for yourself.

I dream a lot when I’m asleep. Doth you and do you ever recall?
I usually wake up in the midst of my dreams clutch and yes! — I remember all.

Though as of late the dreams have been a bit different
and I seem to have the option to forget them or to remember.

I journal a lot in book bind, but as of late, I’ve been a little lazy.
I’ve not been doing much journaling but dream noting before the memories get hazy.

I did no dream journaling this weekend, but did I dream? BOY DID I.
I have also retained their memories — and I most certainly did not try.

The dreams have been adventurous in nature, but not necessarily my go-to-fun.
While all may need interpreting on many levels I think I’ve decoded one.

I dreamed of snow on my family’s estate home on a hillside back in a time before my birth.
The snow on the ground: is a metaphor for the cold feelings; my family’s dysfunctional girth.

It was in the final stages of melting and for all that it’s worth
that’s good news for me, my relatives and my last nerves. 😀

There were many more signs and I’m about decoding dreamland scenes…
If you’re nosy like me, drop in on this site and give a go at understanding your dreams:

I keep the link bookmarked inside of my google chrome desk.
I keep my dream research notes real close to my vest.

Who the heck cares about what I’m dreaming?
I do, because it helps me to tighten my seaming.

Speaking of tightening productive seams, when was the last time you tuned into OWN?
I do it every so often because I’m black and I’m grown ISO which generational seeds were sewn

that yield to curse and give way to legacy love.
I tune into OWN because I’m a #SelfEmpowering thug.

This weekend while I was thugging, I came up on Iyanla V.’s show
a show participant read the following piece and I was like ‘Woah.’

I like it very much so I thought I’d share it with you,
and anytime you’re in a bind of angst finds – here’s what you do:


click to enlarge

It’s an awesome goto and now the print is sitting on my desk.
I’m by no ways perfect but always on the hunt to be my best.

Also in my view on this tempered glass desk top
Is a note that says: DEM COWBOYS! DON’T STOP!

Oct 9, 2016; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) celebrates with quarterback Dak Prescott (4) after scoring a touchdown in the third quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) celebrates with quarterback Dak Prescott (4) 

The Dallas Cowboys won again. This makes our record 8-1.
Dak will continue to lead the pack, but Romo is not done.

Romo needs time to heal from all of the previous career jeer sacks.
Switching in a hurry isn’t for Jerry; therefore Ro will have Daks back.

Romo isn’t tripping at all – I’m channeling that he isn’t even really that mad
He just wants to go to the Superbowl and he’ll take a captains ride with Dak.

I’m surely pitching for the future. I’d love to see the Cowboys back in the playoff’s.
I was a Troy Aikman girl, then Romo changed my world and now Dak is the new cost.

It’s a bit of a new fit, but isn’t that life.
We just had an election and voted in strife.

Sometimes the coolest stuff happens when you live and let live.
The coolest stuff happens when you’re compassionate and give

a little of yourself, your time and your understanding,
I’m Qui
Up early cleaning my desk and universe commanding.


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Larry-wilmore-Alabama-DMVWhy – You may ask? I will tell you why!
Because he speaks his truths minus the social lies.

He’s a member of the ‘Matter of Black Lives,’ and I tell you what
truer words are rarely versed but thrive on the Larry Wilmore cut.

So it was last nights broadcast that had the most interesting scene,
I’d say it came in at about broadcast minutes of 15.

Larry invokes a lot of laughs and a lot of lumps in the throat.
He’s kind of like John Stewart and of this particular scene, I quote:

[S2-Ep6; starting at 12-min into broadcast, after commercial]
Larry: Welcome back! There’s big news out of Alabama. That’s right a state so conservative, they’re avoiding GAY MARRIAGE by using laws created to avoid INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE. That’s true. That’s conservative. I’ve said it before then I took it back but now I’m saying it again “Alabama. You cray.”

Ok now the heart of dixie is wading into the heart of darkness — the DMV.

[news clip dated Aug 25 reports]
“Beginning October 1st, 33 offices will be closing their doors and by next March there will only be 4 Drivers License offices in the stare.”

Larry: Wait! There’ll only 4 DMV’s left in the whole state? What? That’s 4 times the number of libraries in Alabama. I’m kidding Alabama — it’s 3.

[news clip]
“Because of a 2011 state bill that made drivers licenses or special photo ID’s a requirement for voting the office closures make the path to the ballot box that much harder for the quarter million registered Alabama voters who don’t have the required ID’s.”

Larry:  Ok. Wait a second.  To vote in Alabama you need an ID and they’re closing the places where you get the ID’s?  Is this just a coincidence or something more? Hm. Something’s tingling and it’s not coming from my FUN DOWNTOWNS. Alright look, I’m not going to say this is racist. Not gonna say it. No more “Larry’s always calling – he’s always saying stuff is racist,”  — I’m not. Now we’ve got a meter for that.


Larry: The “This Has Gotta Be Racist, Riiiiiiight?” meter. Very scientific, you guys.
(at this point the dial on the meter moved directly to GEORGE WALLACE DREAM JOURNAL slot).  Wow! Oh my God! George Wallace Dream Journal? Man, that sounds bad. I’m sure that guy had some pretty dark dreams or dreams sans of dark. But you know that could just be the meters automatic reaction to the word Alabama. Let’s find out more.

[news clip]
“Of the 10 counties with the highest percentages of non white registered voters 8 will see their drivers license offices closed. In fact, all counties where blacks citizens comprise 75% of all registered voters will no longer have a drivers license office.”

Larry: Fuck! (Larry throws up his commentary notes and rests at the back of his chair; exhausted while the lower left third of the screen reads:  DMV – Deny My Vote). Seriously Alabama? Look I know I shouldn’t expect much from a state whose flag is the bars without the stars


Larry:  but, well I hoped it was just the stars that were racist. Maybe the bars really did believe in states rights. Fortunately Representative Terri Sewell has asked for a full and thorough investigation and by the DOJ – and I’m sure it will happen, at least until President Trump swears in.

orpah-selmaFun fact though, Selma, Alabama is in Representative Sewell’s district, that’s right “Selma” as in Oprah Winfrey’s vehicle into a lesser extent: “That march that lead to the voting rights act.” And now Alabama is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Voting Rights Act by making it harder for black people to vote.  Ok, that is not “cray” that is the crem de la cray.”

divider blk_south

Well, well, there it is in a Comedy Central (Reflecting YOU) nut shell.

Not quite pistachio, but definitely encased in a griots flow and to be honest, I like it yo!.

The Nightly Show is alright and last nights commentation did score,
I’m Qui
That Griot she and I do adore LARRY WILMORE.


Awakened From The Dream by

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doorbellThe Doorbell.

The event is in full swing and my presence is needed here-and-there-and-everywhere across the span of the huge auditorium floor. I get the feeling that I’m a production manager and that this production is massive. There’s a bit of chaos, but nothing that working the back stages of live theater didn’t prepare me for. I’m in it – full swing, organizing, putting out small fires and flaming others (for the life of the show) and just when I get everything under control, I hear a (2-beat) doorbell. Suddenly (in my dream) I become aware that I must be asleep.  Shifting into semi-conciousness, I struggle to pull out of the deep sleep to answer the doorbell. Once fully awake I realize that the doorbell hasn’t rung at all – especially at 3 in the morning.

It has happened 3 times already, the first time was August 8th, but I pretty much kept the information to myself. I documented the 2nd time on August 9th and the 3rd time – today August 19th, by texting a friend and making mention. I texted him because I was a bit concerned with knowing that lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place, so why would I hear the same doorbell thrice? My friend gave sincere thought to my concern and told me “Could mean something is coming. Not necessarily something bad but it could be something letting you know to get ready.” I like the way he thinks, but couldn’t imagine being surprised by unannounced company in the AZ desert.

Wisdom tells me that being the recipient of “something” doesn’t mean that “something” is a house guest.  Tales of wisdom also cite that opportunity knocks — though I think mine has chosen to use the doorbell. This morning I heard the bell chime at 3am. Unlike the 1st time I ever heard it (I was so tired I slept through it, but the time was about 10am) and very much like the 2nd time I heard it (in the wee early hours), I was unable to ignore it nor did I return to sleep; thus I’ve been up since 3am.

Good morning opportunity. How are you? Please. Come on in. We’ve got a future to stage…

divider blk_south

So at 3am sharp – I sat straight up in the bed
to research the doorbell I keep hearing in my head.

It dubs as a timely alarm that duly wakes me up
But no one else hears it – so I’m up alone like “WHAT?”

Early morning research yielded me the knowledgable goods
that helped me decipher the doorbell ringings in my dream-state hood.

Something is indeed coming, and I am just blessed to hear.
I’m Qui
Opening up to opportunity
with understanding – minus fear.