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The other day, while channel surfing I found a show that was broadcasting its 4th season on TruTV, and I fell head-over-heels for it. What do you know about TV personality Kevin Pereira and comic Brooke Van Poppelen and the series HACK MY LIFE? Season 1 debuted in 2013 and the last season aired in 2018. Interestingly enough, IMDB hasn’t closed their production date brackets; the productive billing reads: ” 2015 – …” To me, that’s a sign of hope for future hack defibrillation.

No fan of reboots here, HACK MY LIFE is perfect still, in its show outline. There isn’t a show on the air with competitive content to date. For instance, when Murphy’s Law shows up at your house while you are changing clothes and your zipper gets stuck. You could tug on it and catch your skin in the process or you could:

Who knew? Knowledge remains ours for the taking
…and you thought wax paper was only for baking.

What about a hack using shaving cream, a dryer sheet, a half of a lemon, an avocado, a few drops of milk?

Who knew? Did you?
The show towers well beyond a thing or two.

I learned so much that I had to share it with you. No lie.
Episodes reviewed prior to sharing it with you, were only 5.

Each episode is informative; it’s the kind of series one should ‘take to heart.
There’s gamification and product relations that leave ya’ laughing and feeling smart.

Here’s one more glimpse of the show before I go:

Catch the show while it is nigh and learn a thing or 3,
I’m Qui
enjoying a chill weekend with thee and watching the most TruTV.


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Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Life would be a bore without it.
If creativity was a club, folk would crowd it

and try to keep others out.
Creativity is what a good life is all about…
and in the Social Media game, it could equate to “big clout.”

UGC (User Generated Content) is manifested composition
of creativity pointed at corporate positions.

A working system yields compensation and/or a credit mention,
says a robust fan of Thomas Edison’s inventions.

We all love to see the light.
Therefore, amongst the Mundanes —- ‘Creatives shines so bright.

People love to feel it.
So much so, many chart to steal it.

Stealing is nothing new. It’s been in fashion from the beginning of time.
The less-equipped struggle to create from whit, so they opt to ‘steal a shine.

Ever you experience such a thing?
A shameless being with no creative sheen…

Imagine not how they must feel.
Thank God that Creativity is real.

Creativity is not a club – it is a prompt; like a gene within your DNA.
It means different things across a myriad of scenes that will birth new convey.

While creativity is perceived to be fun it actually is a technology advocate for the advancement time…
In fact, creativity is where you want to be, per Albert Einstein.

Allow your creativity to shine and inspire many, (even those who seek to steal),
because without creativity life would be a monotonous & mundane hill.

And none of us want that.
So, the next time you’re in the company of a creator – acknowledge that,

network, and change the world.
Life is in the mood for new influencers, o’ young boy and girl.

What will you bring to the table and how will you fashion it?
Life isn’t easy, but it could be breezy if you’ve got a Creative fit.

Do you?
I’m Qui
Do You.



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The year 2018 was rough. If only I had known about the HEAVYWEIGHT LIGHTWEIGHT Stand Up Series with ALONZO BODDEN.

Initially, I met Alonzo’s stance in the early 2000s. I was a young mother, hardly grown, watching late-night adult TV via the Comedy zone and Alonzo was on. He was several years my senior, so I felt “cool” being able to vibe his well-thought-out shows. Thank God for LAST COMIC STANDING, it was the show that introduced me to the man who jokes about life despite her strifes. There’s nothing like overcoming the hill whilst you walk it. Right?

I fell in love with LCS. I was faithful to each season that Alonzo was on the bill, between the years 2004-2007. I lost contact with LCS at some point and thus lost comical contact with the majestic comedian until recently, when I dropped in on his Heavyweight Lightweight stand-up while stream/app surfing. I immediately fell back in love and married the work. I am so happy to find out that Alonzo has never stopped trying to reach me through laughter; his resume. Turns out, ‘the blessing of more streaming options had crowded out my usual route to enjoying him. Options are awesome and Amazon PRIME is the stream that linked us up, again. It went something like this:


Please believe me when I tell you that “it felt good” to laugh like that. Especially in the face of living out the topics. It’s a delicate walk, but Alonzo laughs in and at the current moment. The past is gone, and the good news is our future is not pre-determined. Perhaps laughing with Alonzo more often could help us all to not take life so seriously. What’s really “serious” is how much we all do have in common…

When Alonzo and I reconnected this weekend, I was on the verge of divorcing many issues in my life. I mean, I had my hand on the doorknob of mundane issues… then in came Lightweight Heavyweight and I remembered that “Life is a game that must be played,” (Fab5Freddy). After the broadcast, I kept my hand on the proverbial doorknob, but to secure it, instead of exiting. In retrospect, I thought about the things that I do love… This is important, since “Life (also) delves much hell to every human under its social spell,” (Qui).

As I took to IMDB and looked over Alonzo’s resume, I realized that he has been in many more scripted television series than I ever knew. Very impressive. So, he’s not just a Comic? Fortunately for the laugh-happy masses Alonzo has been two-timing Stand Up routines with Actor gigs the whole time, and somehow, I don’t care. I think it adds more dimension to his already majestic physical presence. Alonzo is not short of entertainment; therefore, I will spend my “honeymoon” catching up on Zo’s Actor/Writer/Producer moves. I am sure to be “at it” for hours. Oui!

Yep, I did it. I found my boo
in laughter at reality’s hue.

I married the resume and have committed to gloatin’  
about the well-crafted Stand-up Comedy of ALONZO BODDEN.

When joking in wisdom, he’s a Lightweight Heavyweight
I’m Qui
Consider me married to Comedy for at least the rest of the day.

Please join me in a winning week, love, laughter, and new memories all the more…
Good news from my digital vantage view: Life is not limited to any streaming score.


TALL ORDER: Alonzo towers in CURRENT TOPICS Stand Up Compositions