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What If I Told You

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What if I told you that Earth is in a bad place and that she may not make it?
What it really means is that she just doesn’t want you in her so she’s down to fake it.

How would you take it? Where else can you go?
What if you are the parasite that’s aging her so?

She wanted monogamy but man is a ho.’
What if I told you that you are standing on her toe?

Her last working nerve needs immediate reprieve.
Either back up, buddy or cease to oxygen breathe.

What’s it going to be?
Will you make it to see the world past CV?

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What if I told you that I’m not sure how long the Earth will last?
Those warnings about climate change burned up fast.

Alas, here we are.
The world is on fire and politics spar. 

Hardy-har-har. It just isn’t funny, nor does it sit right
that we may be the last of a dying species because we care not to get it right

Hm. What if I told you that dumb people die every day
– from self-sabotage; shoot their own feet while running in place…

would you have a reaction, could I see it on your face?
Believe me when I tell you that dumb people die every day.

I don’t kick it with dumb folk — I just kick it with you,
I’m Qui
What if I told you that humanity is in trouble? What could you do?

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Don’t Be Afraid

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It’s so easy and fun that I’m almost afraid.
My creativity is off-the-charts and many are amazed. 

Me? I thank God for amazing grace, then I sit up and take my place at the table.
For the work that I am all-out creating, surely there are others who parallel “able.” 

Aren’t there?
Our dear Megan is a Stallion; I am a Mare.

I’m almost afraid to blaze the trails in the way that I do.
Those who see me coming question if my capacity is true. 

I am so real.
Scripts are composed with a flesh and bone feel.

Most of the contents herein will remind you of the best you.
Writers who match my capacity? There are still a few. 

Genre bridges are like literal hopscotch to me.
I script Drama, Action, Suspense, and Comedy relief. 

Not even the genre Horror mystifies me.
For I am an Alumni to the summits of Robert McKee. 

Ooo wee. It feels so good & out-write easy.
Ooo wee. It’s a great time to be a relative key.

JILL SCOTT – “I’m not afraid”

Ooo child, today is a good day to ask this of you:
What in the world is it that you’re afraid to do?

There should be no fear. Let me make this absolutely clear –
whatever good it is that you desire to produce, you have got creative support right here

As for me? I’m ready to go; I’ve got an excellent team on my side,

I’m Qui


Don’t Be Afraid to don your skilled horse, jump through a few hoops, and ride. 

You look good in your element

It is a gift, not a buy, nor a rent.

Protected: Somebody Loves Ya, Baby

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