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LIFE is A Good Time

In encouragement, Self Improvement on May 19, 2023 at 3:15 am

If it’s not everything that you wanted it to be and all is not fine
are you really living? Life is A Good Time.

Be mindful of your how and don’t fall for the thwart.
Live your life to the fullest because no matter how long – it’s short.

If you were born yesterday, the clock is surely ticking.
Get up and find a good time now, the joy herein is kicking.

Don’t be missing. You only get one life to live.
And while you’re at it enjoy a little take and give.

Live in a house of reciprocity and be active in it.
If you live to be 264, (compared to Earth), it’s only a minute.

LIFE is A Good Time. I really hope you know it.
Post reading this piece get out there and show it.

It’s not infinite
but by golly you can win it.

What time is it?

make it make sense.


In Communication, encouragement, Griot on May 17, 2023 at 3:15 am

Out of town…

Down the Street…

…In your dreams when you are sleep.

Up the road where you can afford…

Camp-out at a friend’s for free room and board.

Install new curtains/bedding to escape while in-house.

Whatever you do refresh the view — especially if you can’t get out.

Travel is necessary because life can become stale and mundane.

Travel via your favorite show; get dolled up and hang.

Me? I travel often. I’m on my third trip in so many days.

Inspired by nature’s views, I script ‘what you say

in public and especially behind closed doors.

Travel via perception to incite the mind to soar.

I invite you to go there and have a great time.

Meet me at the bar of intellect and sublime.

Pack light.

Adulting is optional.

Get Here.


Send For It

In Communication, encouragement, Griot, Networking on May 12, 2023 at 3:15 am

Whenever you want something that’s out of reach, what do you do?
Call up a flight, UPS, Fed Ex, or the US Post Office crew?

Even if you Amazon when a product is needed,
you order it quickly and standby to receive it.

If you want it quicker than usual, you can pay additional fees
that will expedite your shipment with confirmation receipts.

Whatever it is that you desire, if you can afford it, then send for to come hither.
If the price is too steep, do not beckon; such a request is comparable to “dither.”

If I’m looking for specifics, I send for it by name.
If I am open to new adventures, I opt to order a game.

Today yields us an opportunity to experience fun, laughter, and be frisky.
Up for starting the weekend early, shoot me a text, and then whisk me.

Whatever you want, Send For It; you should manifest your heart’s desire.
And you know how I feel about THURSDAY‘s appeal, so incorporate a little fire.

How soon do you want it?