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Every morning that I wake up, I thank God that I’m alive.
I’ve been doing this for decades now. How many exactly? Five.

Multiplying 5×10 means that your arithmetic is nifty.
Let’s see what the Sexual Bucket Lists holds for an intimate 50.

Psychology Today notes “that “sex” is not necessarily limited to intercourse. In research into the lives of older adults, the definition of “sexual behavior” includes “physical tenderness” and can include masturbation.”

That’s what’s up and surely you know as much…
Shucks! I’m a chick who digs à la human touch.

I’m also a woman who loves deep diving into research.
I’m into all that feels good, and knowledge doesn’t hurt.

A person with high intellect is often called a “Good Head.”
I’m into lobe wrinkles, thoughts, and thinkers, the well-spoken, and well read.

I do enjoy [a] Good Head.
Don’t shy away now. You heard what I said.

Hold my hand and let’s hug-it-out a little.
Whisper new 411 in my ear and effect my middle.

What kind of intellect are you wielding?
I’m twenty-five twice, a research nerd, and touch-giving.

I’m a little different, but not that much.
I’m into hugs, kisses, and making love.

Some of the topics that thwart 25×2 from being intimate —
stem from health issues, energy levels, and lack of touching it.

For many women, intimacy starts early in the morning,
with a.m. conversation that is prompted after yawning.

It’s a head game for us, the “sweet things” that our partner says.
It’s intellect for me; let the lobes of my dome be fed.

Whisper sweet intentions that are dealt from the heart.
Intentions are equivalent to flint and will tend chemistry’s spark.

Photo by Yohann LIBOT on Unsplash

Intimacy isn’t born out of thin air like it did in your teenage years.
So, here’s some intimate 411 to help you and your bed mate/dear:

Psychology Today reports

  • Sex brings pleasure. Dopamine, released during orgasm, is associated with our basic reward system.
  • Sex increases oxytocin, the “cuddle” hormone, and so promotes bonding, positive feelings of attachment, and trust.
  • Sex increases testosterone in both men and women. Frequency of sex in younger men appears to protect them from prostate cancer later in life and to enhance the physiology of sexual functioning in women, preventing chronic cystitis, eventual prolapse, and incontinence. It is associated with increased survival in men, especially from heart attacks.

This is major news and is known to reverse the lack-of-intimacy blues.
Psychology Today also yields research on scientific behavioral views:

  • Sex is movement. and movement is related to happier moods, regardless of what time of day, at least in the (generally younger) 10,000+ people who participated in a random time-sampling study using a smartphone app to track movement and collect self-report data. People who moved—regardless whether the movement was “exercise” or not—recorded happier moods and had higher life satisfaction, according to University of Cambridge, England researchers.
  • Sex can be exercise. Just how much “exercise” may be controversial, but, generally, judicious exercise is considered good for our health in many ways and at any age.
  • Sex is fun. A 2004 national study showed sex as the #1 activity associated with self-reported happiness.

How is your intellect capacity? Any issues following me?
If so, read the details for self at today’s Psychology.

This morning I woke up to “a hit” — it was classic, and it was nice,
I like the Sexual Bucket List that intimately exists for a naughty QUARTER TWICE.

Good afternoon, Goodness, whilst you “hit some” today?
I’m Qui
A Sapiosexual She in the mood for a little lobe play.

So, what are you getting into today?

Let’s Play Ball. | Photo by Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash

GOOD FRIDAY – Leg & Thigh Day

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Good Friday
is work on leg and thigh day.

Lord knows that I need the work.
God gifted me an awesome body and I want to utilize its worth.

Don’t eat everything in that Easter Basket, it will yield you girth.  
Man shall not live on snacks alone, but by God’s every word.

A snack is comparable to your mother telling you that God loves you,
but when you comprehend the Bible for yourself you solidify your relationship; it’s true.

Me? I’m up early researching and reading.
411 brings in the day, therefore I’m up eating.

Do you have a good friend? Then they would tell you,
Have faith in God above and He will always see you through.

There are no weapons formed that can harm you.
Learn the word of God and it will protect you.

Today is Good Friday
my workout leg and thigh day

because I always intend
to stand in the word and let God in.

When the stone was rolled away from the tomb of our Lord,
the world rejoiced and the saints partied hard.

Wasn’t that protocol in earlier times regarding Good Friday night?
Let generations return to celebrate specific inspired by encouraging writes.

Today is Good. Today is Friday.
I stand on the word of God; my Leg & Thigh day.

What’s in your basket? Don’t wait until Easter Sunday
to celebrate Jesus’ return and put hopelessness away.

It’s Good Friday, y’all and I am a recipient of the blessings herein.
I’m Qui
Sharing my basket of words with thee, because we are family; we are kin.

The best word once born does travel
teach the youth to have leg strength – as not to unravel.

Kiera Lashae on LEGS and TEACHING future generations.

Whatchu Talmbout in Church

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‘Get it brother/deacon!

The following is my a.m. goto aerobics video.
Jump on it and thank God for your agility, yo.


I have been to church via digital stream and I’m feeling A-Okay.
I have prayed for the families who are affected by the war of today.

Everyone should be concerned – do not try to look away. Tomorrow is unknown so thank God today.

I’ve jammed to several other videos that support my joyful point,
but none as fly as the Praise Team nigh jamming to Janelle’s joint.

Good morning dear kinfolk, we are at the Sabbath Day again,
I’m Qui
Up having fun before the rise of the sun, getting my cardio on with my church friends.