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It’s THURSDAY and…

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If I had a harness I could possibly skip leg day.
Photo by narubono on Unsplash

My inner thighs are tight because leg work is the leading goal-
if I ever intend to suspend myself upside down on the pole.
Oh. You didn’t know?
Yes, honey child, I ‘done put up a pole.

You and I should chit-chat and catch up soon.
I’ve been working out strong from dusk to high noon,

or so does it feel —
the results are coming in and are the real deal.

I’m down quite a bit; a little more than twenty,
I’m muscle building now, days-til-poling? Still plenty.

Are you curious as to why I’m working the pole?
Leo’s love a challenge and muscle building is goal.

Upper body fitness is what I’m missing.
I heard pole dance is quite befitting.

I’ve researched it live and It is no joke, still I admire it in excite.
Plus it’s an excellent skill to list on my resume besides “Write.”

What do you think? Maybe? Maybe not?
Whether I “resume it” or not my arms will look hot,

So I’m definitely going for it.
When it comes to progress, I like to “top score” it.

This morning will find me doing both working & playing,
I’m Qui
It’s Thursday and the art of living is what I’m slaying.

What manner of challenge have you found yourself facing?
If you’re looking to conquer it, plan to enjoy the chasing.

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Vegan Eatin’

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A: Percale sheet dancing, of course.

Yes, kinfolk, I am headed that way. I have engaged in eating with no meat on my plate. I’ve been on this journey for more than a few days,  and Porsha Williams helped to set me this way. 

A few episodes back on RHOA the ladies were doing an intimate mic check when Porsha doled info about “veganism” & “good sex.” Twas good 411 that I shant soon forget; it is her word that vegetables keep you wet. I’m a woman of research, so you know what happened next: I removed from my plate the sex-wreck vex. 

I duly wanted to see – if vegan eatin’ is for me. 

I did a RAW JUICE diet where a lovely lady that I know, blended up garden vegetables for me in cup marked; “Qui To-Go.”

Initially the taste was bland, but taste buds were fast to correct — as I lingered on what Porsha said about vegan eatin‘  & sex.

I sipped for five days and became a revived Qui. I was a Rosie Perez on the percale sheets. Oh my! Oh me! I was like Soul Train TV:

After my intimate research was complete, I returned to eating meat and my percale-dance game — reverted back to it’s usual same;

not quite vegan fireworks as I prefer to exhaust-flirt.

I like to give-my-all with no energetic stall and eating meat yields my libido a slight crawl. 

So, a week ago I got back on it. Veganism & Sex… I endeavor to hone it.

This morning the blender is out and I ‘done been to the farmers market. — Porsha Williams is right, so, to Vegan Eatin,’ I’ve hearkened

Why not? It’s a cool way to get lean before the weather get’s too hot. And dare I say your bed-mate may like it… a lot. 

Do your own research, Please don’t settle for my word,

I’m Qui

Good morning Monday, Vegan Eatin’ is an agile verb.

PLK told me and I told you; thus, you have heard. 

As Much As…

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How much? As Much As I want. I workout hard and then gem-flaunt. I’m well hydrated so I don’t thirst haunt. I’m into creative touchdowns and I accept most script-punts. 

Good morning, hun.’ How did you sleep last night? Me? Like a baby; a grown one who writes.

I spent the weekend in hiatus mode. Dialogue was a hog; I wrote and wrote and wrote

the deeds that each protagonist will sow and things are shaping up well. — When I write I form life and zone-out for a birth-laboring spell. 

I’m alive & well today and am happy to report that my hands are fine. They did not cramp but composed a stamp like Robert McKee’s STRUCTURE design.

As Much As I’d like to say that things are moving fast — I cannot because R&D is hot and I tend to make it last…

Yes, I played some Keith Sweat because when scripting emotions it’s no mystery — that you should start with a little R&B, so I yield to Black History. 

Surely you knew that I was going to mention that, — after all the month of February is for the love of Blacks.

As Much As I wish that all I did this weekend was write and Discussion RISE — I must admit I reaped some serious endorphins from physical exercise. This weekend was about glutes, hips, and thighs. Kinfolk, when I tell you I put in the work — I did. My fitness level is revived.

Good morning, good morning, I am alive and I’m loving my thighs. Let today be a day of hard work and well-deserved high’s. I’m awake and I’m wide eyed. I feel cute, but could use the eye of Jeremih:

I’m working from home today in a brand new pair of heels. Creativity is wielding me like a vehicle; I’m the wheels. A little metaphoric spill for a Sapeosexual thrill, if you will

It’s early on this opportunistic Monday. I’m already claiming it as a “fun day.”

Much like the headlining picture – may a nice arse be every girls fixture.

I’m definitely working on my own as I serve wordplay on this Monday,

I’m Qui

and As Much As I want to retreat, my legs and these scripts have much to say. 

The hours will be long | My WORK is My PLAY:

LaToiya Williams’ melodic tunes deliver me to scripted-swoons of nookie-at-noon and Monday is not ever too soon.

Today is LEG day:

Do The Work.