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HER Ancestors

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EPIC WARRIOR WOMEN is a serial of excitement that broadcasts on the SMITHSONIAN Channel. Have you seen her? I am using the pronoun – her in reference to the channel because it is a giving source that curates some of the coolest historical exhibitions on this is side of the globe.

EWW is very telling of our past as a human society and the shows narrations follow superior suit via greats like Melissa EXVoice Talent [YouTube Video Credit] at the helm of any audible chapter. Melissa’s voice is an ambient ingredient of great storytelling. Life would have little meaning if weren’t for historical conveyors, also known as Voice Over Actors like Melissa. In essence, she, too, by profession is an Epic Woman.

Did you know that “the legendary Amazons of Central Asia are the worlds most famous female warriors immortalized by the Ancient Greeks?” [Season 1 Episode 1 – The Original Amazons]
It’s okay If you didn’t know that, neither did I. Though after watching S1 E1 of EWW, narrated by LYNDA CARTER, I was much wiser on the subject and overwhelmingly proud of my ancestors.

Amazonian Women were not limited to any one region.

YouTube promotes the series like so:

Throughout history, warfare has been seen as the
preserve of men, but evidence shows that over the centuries, women were often
in on the fight. Join us as we tell the tales of history’s most iconic female
fighters, from the legendary Amazons of Central Asia to the gladiators of the
Roman Empire to the all-female fighting force of West Africa. Discover the
extraordinary lives of women who, just as fiercely as men, bravely fought,
endured, and sacrificed.

Episode 1 remarks, “Across military history women have been there, too.” 
Today’s female coalitions have evolved from old truths.

“So far, archeologist have excavated about a thousand graves throughout ancient Scythia and until recently it was common for archeologist who found a skeleton buried with weapons was to assume that the skeleton was that of a male. But now, with DNA testing and the bio archeology we now know that about one quarter to one third +/- of those belong to women warriors.” — Dr. Adrienne Mayor

Women are composed of and birth great warrior matter.
The men that we choose to mate with are composed of equivalent batter.

A spouse and summit partner is necessary; with whom Genghis Khan’s daughter‘s banter.
Our historical past seems to hold modern day truths and well evolved answers.

I can go on and on but I won’t hold you any longer than I already have.
I am a woman of Research and Science and I do love our past.

The History and Discovery Channel hold my attentions along side of the Smithsonian view,
I’m Qui
On day one I’m up early on my warrior sum – girly, peeping the past and thinking about you.

How are you and what front will you fend today?
Whatever it is that you engage in kid, be safe & always pray.

The POWER of Woman | By Drop the Label Movement on Unsplash

You Heard Them

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Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Women’s Rights were put on the ballot last night and Kansas duly said,
Get your ballsy mind off of my womb
,” and voted NO, instead.

Conservatism is no united division and has a much more purposeful sum.
To every Conservative soul who voted “NO,” Big Ups to you and much love.

The majority of the country thanks you for showing up.
Let this be insight into life and Supreme Justices be cut.

Perhaps it is time to revisit their terms.
Let Karma be theirs and their tenure be burnt.

What goes around comes around,
and bad legislatures must sit down.

The citizens of this land won’t vote for weariness.

We will recognize bad dealings and call them out as spec;
like the Republicans who voted down health care benefits for Vets.
Americans will not forget.

The good news is, before Tuesday night did end
Vets got their benefits; a grateful, minutus wind.

Yesterday was a big day and today will be bigger still,
I’m Qui
Cresting this hump with thee, praying today will yield us some “chill.”

Let’s pause to thank God for guidance and good will.


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JUICY FLOWER | Credit: Justus Menke on Unsplash

What about Bob, What about the baby, and alas What about sex?
What about a natural way at the end of the day to indulge in & de-vex?

When was the last time you made out or ‘necked’? Well, that’s too long.
Cardio burning is what you’re yearning. May your stamina be strong.

Our country’s economic state, should not weigh heavy past the mind.
Let not the state of the economy snatch the sex out of your daily grind.

I know this is an issue. I saw an insightful news segment on CBS today
that said people all over the country are saying “their libido has gone away.”

I would hope wild sex would always keep a’ calling —
Long past the phase of corporate security & big face balling.

I hope.
For good sex (to me) is like the best dope.

Job security is a short and limp subject.
Let your sex life be hot. Embrace it and love it.

What about Bob, what about the baby and alas: What about you?
I’m Qui
Not waiting on the economy to be like Stella and bust a groove.
lol! Oooo!

Make Love not Discort.