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I Left My Wallet in Tulsa. OK?

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Yes. It happened in Oklahoma and No. Nothing has been resolved to be “okay.”
The 1921 bombing of Black Wall Street is partly responsible for the wealth gap today.

What happened in OK was not okay.
Century-year-old children go to Congress to have their say.

Alas, they are allowed to speak in the year 2021.
A 100-year old national ignorance sum.

Ms. Viola Fletcher was only 7 when the America looked the other way
as racial hate reigned fire on Black Americans in Tulsa, OK.

To my white family members who honestly thought
that the poverty in my community was not forced-upon & taught…

Please think again.
The United States governance has not ever been
the Black community’s friend.
They kidnapped my ancestors as a means to capital ends.

The shades are once again drawn – will the US make amends?
To continue to ignore what is in the light-of-day is a damnation sin.

Do no start me on a historical Griot binge.
the way that I verse… folks will come unhinged. 

The pain does not evaporate should some choose to bear & grin.
Each one of us is mortal and will see our Creator in the end. 

On that day when you are judged
will your “life’s walk” be rebuked by God or hugged? 

Did you do what was right or did you sorta kind-of nudge?
Are you living a life of honesty and is every man (regardless of race) by YOU loved?

Every mans truths? Transparently, I really do not know.
Though I am certain that I’m living among some very ignorant souls.

Whoa! Don’t hate the messenger but do examine the contents herein,

I’m Qui

and my family name links back to my great grandma’s Oklahoma kin.

To think that “WE HAVE NOT
regardless of the educations we have bought —

because of the color of our skin.
God bless man according to the shoes that he is in.

Dear US Governance: Make things right and allow the healing to begin.

Please return to our families their lawfully earned ends
starting with the ones that in 1921 were singed and then

In A Zone

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Imagine life as a multifaceted multi-lane highway with “yay-many” lanes going in each directional way, so very organized, smooth traffic with no delays. Imagine that and you will have arrived at me enjoying my creative space.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I am In A Zone; the kind that thrives when I’m alone.


R&D is conquered best when on hiatus. Travel is funky in our country and so I pray for us 

and zone-out onto a creative highway; a familiar route.

It’s Friday, again, and good morning to you. I’m up before dawn, done’ ditched the yawn to chronicle character truths.

The character seems to admire your natural charisma and personality fire. Situations are tight and character aspires. Consequences are set and hurdles are higher. I look at J. Blakeson’s work and I’m inspired.

Do you know J. Blakeson? His Netflix piece is hot – it stars Rosamund Pikes and titled “I CARE A LOT.”

It’s a Dark Comedy and it’s several layers thick. I definitely recommend it for viewing – I think you’ll like it:

Bored, you won’t be – this film nicks that thirst. I’d love for the same to be said when others view my work.


It’s good to admire, learn and incorporate specific seeds — into your work starting with serious R&D.


I’m nosey by nature so pre-production is a treat as well as interviews and meet & greets. Thank you to everyone who’s agreed to meet with me. There’s nothing like story and yours is key.


And so, this weekend will find me doing much of the same, I’m on a road trip and I’m in the creative lane.


What have you got planned for the next few?

I’m Qui

Always digging thee for digging me and coming through.


You’re good-company on my creative route; ‘tis what a good muse is all about.

Thank you. Meow. Pow! And ciao for now.

Scripting While in A Script

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It is Monday and while the day is new, I want to raise my cup of jo to the life of you.

Good morning goodness. How are you doing today? Did you rise early again? Did you meditate and/or pray?

You can do both, though, either will do — so what does this day have planned for you?

Oh, you are the planner of your day? Yeah, that’s what we all say.

Surprise,” says every day, so I pray to stay-on-track and not stray.

A creative can easily stray in thought, unless of course her time is bought.

Surprise,” says my good mind — “you are on the clock Qui, the compositional kind.”

With creativity on my side, I’m focused and literal with the whole nine.

It is the first day of the work week for most –  but I haven’t stopped since about a week ago.

Am I tired, yo? No. Not really. I love what I do in addition to talking to you. Me tire out… Don’t be silly.

The force of capacity is with “we” – you and I can do anything that we want to!

I’m Qui

Writing the way; let’s call it ‘stone for pave. Script dialogue is what I do.

And the characters look a lot like you