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Refreshed RISING

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Photo by Petr Sevcovic on Unsplash

And so the morning is already started and the sun has been up,
I, The Composer is just rolling over for jo in an oversized mug.

The weekend was good; she had many views.
I am festive about film screenings, so I submersed in the hues.

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — my head bore a halo ring,
as I sat in the rear dressed in Film Festival merch gear and peering at many screens.

Today I’d like to highlight two films produced by African American Filmmakers.
“SPIN” & “REAR” are audience breath takers.

They are short films whose topics are sensitive in sphere.
Let’s first talk about the adolescent in “REAR.

The topic is corporal punishment in school and it is rough.
The film focuses on Alabama and paddling adolescent butts.

It took on the heavy lifting of school paddling to the point of a bruise.
Though if a parent does the paddling it could be deemed “child abuse,” [?]

Nothing was done about it. No resolutions were formed by the film’s end.
We were left to realize the pain in the protagonist’s eyes, lost in a system of crevices and bends.

The film was well composed, it was short, and it made you think.
Me? I squirmed in my chair because corporal punishment stinks!


The second film was quite intimate and really “got it in.”
It was about two consenting adults and the coveted “rear end.”

The name of this film was “SPIN,” and it did present a whirl
when we met the sexy white guy with his cocoa-brown girl.

She was beautiful with a small waist and a perfectly plump backside.
Her bf had explorative ideas and wanted to ‘ride.

The cocoa Bella said “no,” but her ivory-tusked bf insisted ‘they should.
The pain on her face as he imposed in her space — screamed, “no good.”

I couldn’t help but think that the title of the SPIN short undoubtedly arrived,
because the boyfriend didn’t see anything wrong with him going inside.

In the back of the theater, my eyes grew wide.
Comprehended enlightenment deserves no cry.

These films are created by African Americans who “fear not” sharing their view.
I appreciated what they brought to the table concerning me & you.

Yesterday was long, and I spent most of it in the theater.
I knew you’d come thru and read like you do because you’re a film festival reeler.

It’s that time of the year again. Friends & colleagues are sharing 5-star productions.
And the film festival goers are expert composition knowers who love screening without interruptions.

I love the multi-film block experience. I can literally screen all day.
But that’s why I’m only now rising from bed with my post-weekend say.

What about you? What did you do and what are you getting into today?
After this cup of jo, I’ll be good to go. Next up: Meditate & Pray.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

MAW Has Vision

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Remember this one?

Lois-Lane-Xray-Vision.jpgI am sure that I am not the only one who knows that Mother Nature and your Mother have superior vision over a host of mysteries that plague a young mind. As long as you live on Earth you will be an adolescent to Mother Nature; not ever an elder. Global Warming has been a thorn in her atmosphere for a very long time and her immune system is fighting back.

Earth will heat up to whatever degree it needs to eradicate her issue. I think our fuel convenience and animal farming is a large part of her issue. I enjoy a chicken sandwich and a hamburger as much as the next American, but to what enth of a degree?

Did your mother ever say to you, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your own face?” Could you imagine doing such a thing? It sounds silly.

Q: Who would cut off their nose, as if they do not need it on their face? It’s ridiculous. Worst than that, who poison’s the world’s oxygen knowing full well that they, themselves need oxygen to breathe and stay alive?

A:  Humans.

When I was an adolescent and my mother was away from the house and things would go awry between my siblings and me, if I was victimized I’d be the first to say, “I’m telling Mom!”  Mom is a term of respectful endearment but is synonymous with Mama, Mommy, Ma’dear, and even MAW. She gives birth; life. She is for her children’s future – even when their vision is short or tunneled.

Earth is being victimized and I think we need to listen to MAW: Marianne Williamson before we unknowingly burn down our home. Respect Mother Earth and vote to live in a world that offers fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink and respect for every human — because YOU DESERVE IT. The love that a mother has for her children is often misunderstood, but in most cases, she without thought would give her life to save yours. I am only asking for your vote. I am a mother, I love you, and I just want you to live.


What will it take to get you to see
that a maternal love may be the key?

Why not?
Afraid that she’ll wipe our snot?

Do you really prefer a nose full of boogers?
Crystalized mucus is not the same as sugar.

Daddy didn’t tell you because he didn’t know.
Mom grabs a tissue, your nostrils and to town she goes.

It doesn’t feel good, but you look and breathe much better.
Mind you much if she takes a go at healing the weather?

We may not like what she will prescribe…
She will apply the RX to sustain our lives.

Look alive and stay alert. I need you on this.
You may be over 35, but what about the rest of the kids?

Don’t let ill-intentions be hidden, as if we can control burning only half of the house down.
Thinking like that is as archaic as dinosaurs; dinosaurs are no longer around.

If you feel me give me a pound and check out MAW today.
You don’t have to be for #GirlPower to want to live another day.

Just be: For Life.

When I read about the fires in California and the Amazon’s all over the world,
It became quite obvious to me that we may need to listen to a girl…

Her name is EARTH.

Are you listening? Because she’s talking to us all,
I’m Qui
a part of Earth’s “WE” and I truly believe it’s time to listen to MAW.

Have you the gall?


You control the narrative. 😛

Did you vote for Earth and are you doing your part?

The proof is in the weather. It’s not too late to start.


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The year 2018 was rough. If only I had known about the HEAVYWEIGHT LIGHTWEIGHT Stand Up Series with ALONZO BODDEN.

Initially, I met Alonzo’s stance in the early 2000s. I was a young mother, hardly grown, watching late-night adult TV via the Comedy zone and Alonzo was on. He was several years my senior, so I felt “cool” being able to vibe his well-thought-out shows. Thank God for LAST COMIC STANDING, it was the show that introduced me to the man who jokes about life despite her strifes. There’s nothing like overcoming the hill whilst you walk it. Right?

I fell in love with LCS. I was faithful to each season that Alonzo was on the bill, between the years 2004-2007. I lost contact with LCS at some point and thus lost comical contact with the majestic comedian until recently, when I dropped in on his Heavyweight Lightweight stand-up while stream/app surfing. I immediately fell back in love and married the work. I am so happy to find out that Alonzo has never stopped trying to reach me through laughter; his resume. Turns out, ‘the blessing of more streaming options had crowded out my usual route to enjoying him. Options are awesome and Amazon PRIME is the stream that linked us up, again. It went something like this:


Please believe me when I tell you that “it felt good” to laugh like that. Especially in the face of living out the topics. It’s a delicate walk, but Alonzo laughs in and at the current moment. The past is gone, and the good news is our future is not pre-determined. Perhaps laughing with Alonzo more often could help us all to not take life so seriously. What’s really “serious” is how much we all do have in common…

When Alonzo and I reconnected this weekend, I was on the verge of divorcing many issues in my life. I mean, I had my hand on the doorknob of mundane issues… then in came Lightweight Heavyweight and I remembered that “Life is a game that must be played,” (Fab5Freddy). After the broadcast, I kept my hand on the proverbial doorknob, but to secure it, instead of exiting. In retrospect, I thought about the things that I do love… This is important, since “Life (also) delves much hell to every human under its social spell,” (Qui).

As I took to IMDB and looked over Alonzo’s resume, I realized that he has been in many more scripted television series than I ever knew. Very impressive. So, he’s not just a Comic? Fortunately for the laugh-happy masses Alonzo has been two-timing Stand Up routines with Actor gigs the whole time, and somehow, I don’t care. I think it adds more dimension to his already majestic physical presence. Alonzo is not short of entertainment; therefore, I will spend my “honeymoon” catching up on Zo’s Actor/Writer/Producer moves. I am sure to be “at it” for hours. Oui!

Yep, I did it. I found my boo
in laughter at reality’s hue.

I married the resume and have committed to gloatin’  
about the well-crafted Stand-up Comedy of ALONZO BODDEN.

When joking in wisdom, he’s a Lightweight Heavyweight
I’m Qui
Consider me married to Comedy for at least the rest of the day.

Please join me in a winning week, love, laughter, and new memories all the more…
Good news from my digital vantage view: Life is not limited to any streaming score.


TALL ORDER: Alonzo towers in CURRENT TOPICS Stand Up Compositions