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Whatcha Looking At

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It’s fun to watch TV and all of the stars pretending to be wealth.
It’s fun to get involved in the storyline when the characters look like “self.”

Emayatzy stars in Onyx’s REASONABLE DOUBT drama —
that is broadcasted on Hulu for me and your Moma.

Are you watching?
Kerry Washington is the producer and she’s not stopping

at snagging Emayatzy. In fact, the entire cast is steeped in fun,
including the gorgeous Michael Ealy and Pauletta Washington.

You know? John David‘s Mom. She is fire.
Who knew Denzel’s beautiful wife was ‘for hire?

The show is power, style, relevant, and wild. Episode 1 comes in like WHAT!
I was hooked, enjoying the dialogue like a book until the closing punch in the gut.

The punch was directly delivered to me
when I realized the show only debuted on ABC.

ABC served me a taste, an appetizer, an itty-bitty bite,
that lead me to research more of Raamla Mohamed‘s writes.

She is the creator of this fabulous view
that looks real familiar; my communal hue.

Reasonable Doubt is fresh and the view is fine.
Peep this dime on HULU’s shine.

I’m into powerful stances thus, I dig the next serial jones.
Being the daughter of a Cowboy, I love YELLOWSTONE:

Are you still watching? I won’t bother to go back over what I already wrote.
But when it comes to kicking ass and asking questions last, the Dutton Fam get’s my vote.
I was raised in Texas and rodeos are dope!

Whenever the television is on it is because I’m feeling surf-groovy,
So, I’m quick to slide over to the streamers in hopes to catch a good movie.

Is that what you’ll be doing for the remainder of the day…feeling surf-groovy?
Well, hit me back, because I’m feeling that.
In fact, up next, REVIEWS from streaming movies:


Whatcha Looking At & Whatcha ‘Gone Do?
I’m Qui
Thanks for stopping by, I am most THANKFUL for YOU.


In Movies on September 9, 2022 at 5:15 am

Race is always a hot topic. But should it be? It has existed since the beginning of time and there’s still uncertainty surrounding it, how to broach it, approach it… should we laugh at it or toast it? I think that we should.

There’s nothing too hard to handle, if we first decide “to handle it.”

Me? I choose to handle a great deal of weighty topics with a little laughter or at least a small side portion. It makes life not to sting so much and allows me to broach, approach, and toast. All that remains is to love and hug. To love and hug are my number two and three favorite things to do. Laughter is number one and laughing at the hard stuff pulls even more rank. It just means you’ve overcome the surface of the topic, and understand it to be what is. It also means you’ve got mounds of wisdom.


Remember how Ashton Kutcher’s character was dealing black jokes in SONY’s film “Guess Who“?
Laughing while understanding is always the point and quite the thing to do:


Was it hard to watch?
For many, that reality is as real as the clock.

Maybe we should talk about it?

Every time I search COMEDY, something with Bernie in it – is on.
It’s almost as if the brother has not even moved on.

His presence is strong and he keeps me laughing.
When I see his films on the tele, I forfeit passing.

I even find myself going back for seconds – rewinding the laughs,
I’m Qui
and comedy with a moral point is the best joint and far too historically good to pass.

Go on and laugh:

and if you don’t understand…
we can talk about it.


M is for

In Communication, encouragement, Movies, Self Improvement on August 1, 2022 at 4:40 am

Mmm, good morning, Monday. How are you today?
I’m feeling quite keen in a masterful way.

The weekend did come, but I did not play.
Like Hump Day, I stayed inside to software slay.

I’m always learning something new,
this weekend was no exception and I retain on cue.

M is for Magic, which is how I amply feel,
to have conquered uncharted ground off of determination and will.

Afterwards a sexy feeling did duly wash over me.
That’s what happens to Sapeosexual’s who are on a knowledge IV.

Mmm. I am on it indeed.
M is for motion. When I’m in it — I lead.

At the moment, I am swimming in CONTENT CREATOR mode.
My calendar is full my challenge is: goal.

My muse is my own energy; whatever I think I will birth into life.
M is for the sake of My Guests. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Mi digital casa es su digital casa. Por favor, do come back through,
I’m Qui
with lips pressed, they vibrate best: “Mmm. Morning, and ‘how do?

Rise majestically.


Timber in moisture. Merrily.