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Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash

Life. I woke up this morning in good spirits and quite chippy
though, my heart is missing a friend; Tarisma’s mom, Nikki.

She crossed over mid-day in good health this week,
as my childhood gf and I were mid-text speak…

Suddenly out of nowhere my chippy girlfriend said,
Qui, I’ve got to go, my mom is now dead.”

I sat still in my seat and the wind did not blow,
I stared at the text, waiting for some admittance of “a joke.”

But it didn’t come.
Ms. Nikki had transcended her energy sum and my girlfriend was numb.
Happy words? At the moment, I had none.

Life. When she is vibrant, we call her a sweetheart,
so I’m also sending out love to the fam of Midwin Charles.

She was a sweetheart on Earth, so she shall be in Heaven.
Attorney Midwin crossed this week at only 47.

She was a Haitain-American and a Defense Counsel whiz.
She was body-stacked, her skin never cracked, and I don’t believe she had kids.

It seemed like she “hopped a ride out of here” with Ms. Nikki.
Both crossed like a boss, in good health and not sickly.
A journey lived so richly…

Life. She is special and herein we are to connect
with feather-like folk – so I dug DMX.

I found his raspy voice to be nifty.
It conveyed wisdom in rhyme – he has checked out at 50.

Life circumstances started out hard for him and only got harder,
he maneuvered this place with a serious face, an alchemist performer.

Always hype at shows and during his PR work
when in reality life was painful and he was often hurt.

I’m going to miss his barking and lyrical indentions.
Hip Hop will miss DMX aka Mr. Eric Simmons.

Life. I GOT IT and I’m so glad that you do, too.
Go forth on this weekend and win-win-win. Do what you need to do.

Life is not a promise, so in all that you do please remain true,
I’m Qui
appreciating you for coming through and comprehending this Griot groove.

May peace, blessings and love be upon you.

WORLD NEWS: Today the Royal Fam is short one soul –
Prince Philip has crossed over at 99-years old.

In love nor in life will the details be all-rosy or all-fair,
so please be mindful of those grieving and send up a boomerang prayer.

Later on, when you need it, it will be there.



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The Son has risen.

I woke up this morning with this song in my head
on the calendar date of “Jesus is not dead.” The song said, 

And I reckon the answer to that question is yes.
Today is great because of fate, “the rise of our Fathers best.”

Let a new feeling crest and wash over you.
You don’t need painted eggs in the grassy dew.

Though if you find a few, please do eat well.
Today is a day of dimensional tales.

The kind of day that has the potential to make your eyes swell
once you realize that your life is greater than any fairytale.

Cinderella is a fairytale with a very rough begin,
any chance that you or your issues feel ‘Cinderella kin?

As in ‘life has been no decorated court & ball for you?
Well, today is the perfect day to elevate your purview.

God’s best has risen for you.
Walk in goodnessnot in a glass shoe.

Glass shoes are not flexible; the pain of hard cellophane will be prone.
Walk with God and your bare feet won’t ever feel rigid terrain or stones.

Life can appear stony.
Live in truth and reject phony.

Life is short, there’s no time to live it “not being yourself.”
In such a case, it could go long on detours & depths.

You don’t want that for yourself.
The gift of life is the biggest wealth.

Rich & dead don’t go together.
Life is opportunity; a chance to get better.

Wherever your thoughts are on this day,
I’m thanking God that you even dropped my way.

This word of encouragement is RISEN for you.
You are the egg in this week’s opportunistic dew.

May everything that is good reside inside of you.
Love-on others like you love yourself; it’s the God in you.

Today is Easter Sunday and I woke up with a BIG LOVE feelilng,
I’m Qui
“falling in love even more with life,” because love is so healing.


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Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash

I’m an avid scientist and reader whose interested in exploring the OVER ACHIEVER.
In the veracity of the human spirit, I am a true believer. 

So, let us focus on a couple of highs today, starting with our fight –
against the Coronavirus and saving life.

America was stressed when our death tolls did rise.
Since then, President Biden has governed 100 million vaccinated twice

in less than 100-days that he has been in office.
I’m quite excited about our future and can’t get off of this

Focusing on the Over Achiever is a favorite of mine.

For as many years as I can recall I have endured teeth grinding melee,
until my Ortho’s overachieving Valedictorian skills were conveyed my way.

Quelling TMJD is not an easy task,
unless you’ve got an over achiever with an extended skill cap.

My orthodontist is a queen; with her exceptional skill, I am ridin.’
She’s about quality of life, much like President Biden.

I once confessed orthodontic concerns and was quite nervous,
regarding whether or not I was going to have to transfer my service

because my TMJD wasn’t yielding to the braces and brackets.
I thought my doc was at wits-end about it – but then she killed that racket.

She is an over achiever who is not one to be “out for the count.”
She stepped up and engineered a plan of resolution to mount.

And I have not been in pain ever since.
My orthodontist is the best and an over achiever, hence,

I wanted to write about it.
When folk expedite my quality of life, It’s my delight to shout it.

Which brings me back to President Biden and the vaccinations,
I’m head-over-heels happy for the veracity of our nation.

Thank you to all of the leaders who lead without question.
I appreciate your science of yield and connection.

As for those who lull in the low,
in the opposite direction – please refrain from suppressing the voter connection

The intentions of your heart do not have to be understood by all,
for karma to find you and cause your status quo to fall.

So, stop it.
Civility is everything; do cop it.

You don’t have to be an over achiever, but gosh darnit it is a good look.
I like a big brain with compassionate game helming the books.

President Biden and my orthodontist are such people.
They are at the top of their game, the apex, the steeple.

How are you standing? What are your values and goals?

I’m Qui

Happy Friday to thee, introspection is good for the soul.