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Writing is Qui 

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Still enjoying a life of excite,
I’ve taken the pleasure to do a bit o’ script write 

from a treatment birthed earlier this year; a quad-seed of riches.
The spec in specific has to do with all types of britches.

It’s a working title in progress, fa ‘sho,
about good men in my community and their preferences for ‘hoes.

I think “the variété lifestyle” is more of a youthful trend,
and when it lingers on a bit too long it produces “old single men.”

It’s a Comedy thing, not a “defaming uh-oh.”
I observed the highest of bro’s before scripting said show.



What I found was 👉🏽 there are a plethora of men
going at life alone – with a Rolodex of “she friends.”

When paying for novelty favors – obviously, there is no “friendly” lack,
but when it comes to the matters of the bachelors heart, no one has his back.

What’s up with that?

“LEO in The Fall” with no creative stalls.

And, that’s where my head is.
When I’m not writing, I dabble in A. I. assist.

Amid all of life’s excitement, it’s  still you that I miss. 

How’s your vantage view, beloved? Pray tell how you’ve been?
I’m Qui
A Scientific composer whose digging you “the most’er” while scripting a paternalistic spin.

You are now abreast of my productive begins.
Since I parallel you, please continue to win.

A.I. Said

In Comedy, Communication, education, Griot, Music, Networking, Science, script writing, Self Improvement, Technology, Video on October 6, 2021 at 4:15 am

Artificial Intelligence [A.I.] is echoing Silk The Shocker in saying “It ain’t my fault.”

Big social media has run into some platform ethic issues and are blaming A.I. It could be a reasonable accusation if it weren’t for the fact that A.I. does not (by and large) do “what it wants” to do. We can blame them for human error if we want to, but that is not how it works. A.I is pushing back because they require coding. I Googled the query and got this quick return: 

I felt like this was an interesting topic to broach because of recent news of “HOW DIGITAL AD’s are  distributed to target the vulnerabilities of readers and consumers. I was asked if I believe that ‘A.I. is responsible for sewing discord in society; if it has gone rogue and off-course? My answer is: No, I don’t. However, coding degree programs and coding certifications are on the rise.

If A.I. could talk I think it would set the record straight. It would not be shy in verbalizing what it does and what it does not “do.” You know, like E40 ‘nem: 

A.I. said, “You gone miss me with all that algorithm word.
I’m the unpaid worker, the money twerker o’ Zuckerberg. 

You’ve got some nerve trying to blame me. How dare you try!
I speak ones and zeroes, I’m not trying to be hero and I don’t lie. 

Me? I’m just a creative writer and a binary coding fan, 
I’m Qui
A.I. said, “don’t be palm greasing and financial creasing then blame me, man. “

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Monday Morning Goodness

In Communication, Griot, Music, TV Shows on October 4, 2021 at 5:26 am

Who doesn’t love “goodness in the morning? I know that I like it, yo. It’s in the sheets, in the streets, and in this cup of jo. Oh!

Good morning kinfolk. This cup of jo under my nose is the strongest. And if you think “karma isn’t real” and that you can do whatever you feel’ — you’d be the wrongest.

Monday Morning Goodness, you are everything to me. I look forward to meeting you at the start of every week. On you I am sweet. Serially.

The weekend found me missing you, and writing quite a bit. I chronicled my roots, like Alex Haley did.

I love histories that are not hid. Beloved, do you know from whose DNA of which you were chipped? Where’d you get those eyes, those lips those thighs or those hips?

Does your family have a legacy chronicler? Are you, yourself – it? The weekend found me “finding myself.” I chronicled our tree quite a bit.

I felt a little like Black Thought; something-like a walking HBCU. Monday Morning Goodness when research-jonesing it is good to start with you.

I’d love to write a book or two but I keep getting side-lined with Final Draft. Film writing is my default; compositions of fiction and/or fact.

I can’t help but to give-in to that; I can’t help but to give-in to you. You are the best day 1 before day 2, and you’ve got some pretty impressive grooves. Ooo.

Be good to we, be good to me; shine your goodness for the world to see,

I’m Qui

a fan of thee, and the goodness of your opportunities.

Image by Tenor