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The American Floorplan as Remarked by AMANDA GORMAN

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I absolutely loved the 2021 presentation of the INAUGURAL POEM, by Amanda Gorman. Her delivery was something-to-live-for, man.

Did you see it? She spoke life. It was so good that I watched it twice.

She is not a new phenomena, but she is rather young; 22 years is her total life sum. She is a chronicle-loving society’s yum!

Thing is, Amanda Gorman has been like this for sometime now. It’s as if Zora Neale Hurston passed-down literal architecture to this child:

Heck! She is my daughter! She spoke with convicting clarity, as if I had taught her.

Love from her community is what has ‘brought her.” Amanda is the definition of living smarter and not harder

She is todays excitement in my Griot-matic world. I’m down to give 3 pounds for the Poet Laureate brown girl.

Amanda Gorman, your words are weighted in worth. Keep up the talk, continue to walk the walk, and always pen-the-verse.

I pray prosperity finds thee and fills up your purse — or bag. Get you one like Cardi B has

The bag of success that you are crafting today — will forever be remembered in a Presidential way. 

Kudos and way to go; you are definitely kin to me

I’m Qui

A word-witty she and this composition is ‘for thee, I sing.

I love what you’re doing with the place…

How Do You Really Feel

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Tell me. I truly want to know. Are you the words that you want to be heard or are you the actions that you show?


What America is going through is real… but we’re par for the heal if you’ll honestly “voice your deal.” So, How Do You Really Feel?


This weekend was good for me. I snuggled and cuddled and gave like, “ooo wee.” You know me, I’m a voyeur to the way that you move me.


I did a lot of Pre-Production work and realized a Production Assistant couldn’t hurt. Perhaps it’s time that I hire someone like me — someone who’s quick on the 1-2-3. Someone intellectually agile and hard to lose – specifically when creating content and discerning the news.


Are you available; are you a television watcher? Do you arrest bad plots like an “Indie Reel Copper?” Are you the film police who tends to get upset — when films debut with big names, but the script doesn’t connect? If you answered all four checks then you’re something like me. I dig knowing that; network awareness is key.


I feel good about our prospects going forth. Life is a game; you be a sport. It’s time to play ball; then play some more. Be aware of what your capacity affords.


Feel for it.


I want to know How Do You Really Feel? I can gather what I want, but you know the deal. Are you okay, are you feeling loved? When was the last time that you had a hug? I don’t think that this is funny, because I’m genuinely concerned. The stove is hot, love. Please don’t self-burn.


Good morning Monday, it’s good to have you meet us on this field,

I’m Qui

We’ve got a lot of work to do this week, so American fam, How Do You Really feel?

Tell it to me like Jay…

And It Just Gets Better

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Photo by reisetopia on Unsplash

Life. Love. Wants. Desires. The more that I marinate in season, the hotter ‘my fire. And I’m not talking about “the change.” I’m having hot flashes, but menopause ain’t his name.

Please feel me. Good love can heal thee.


I should know, I hurt my back doing laundry the other day, but percale aerobics worked that glitch out-and-away.


I am thankful for that — there were calories burned, and I arose with less fat. Oh, snap!


The news is full of gloom, so turn it off. Vaccinations are on way – please steer clear of all coughs.


In the meantime, stay inside and dimensionally work-it-out. Life is doing her thing — resist unnecessary pout. Give all issues to God; He’ll work them out. Don’t forget to ask for endurance for the percale bounce.” 


You know that I like it! Of course, I’d use a low-key Friday to invoke high feelings. Yield no energy to going-out today, instead stay-in for sexual healing


There I said it. Please tell me that you are not reading this out loud — at church, in the car with kids, or a subway in front of a crowd?


If you are doing any of that then you are quite the interesting goer. I am a woman of polls, do tell how’d the “out-loud reading” go over?


If you’re shy, you should give it a try. Read Griot aloud, like a DEF POETRY JAM vibe.


That –ish would be live and I’d listen. Let your words about reflective verbs flow and glisten. 


And It Just Gets Better; life, love, and understanding emotions — learning to love the water and swim across oceans. Life is literally a day at the beach; Do Not Drown in the motions.


If you want to kick-life-up a notch engage in meditation and daily devotion. It rocks!


I began this morning as focused as any go-getter,

I’m Qui

Life is doing her thing, unity will again ring, And It Just Gets Better.