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Jamie’s Dad, Fred

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Compassion is a human component, it’s tangible, it’s real.
Compassion is what Fred Guttenberg’s efforts are yielding me to feel.

Can you feel him?
He’s hoping new laws will pass and help to heal him.

Fred is Jamie Guttenberg‘s Dad.
I imagine that he embodies the same spirit that she had.

Most girl’s are like their fathers, at least the mechanics in their heads.
I should know, I’m a daddy’s girl, yo;’ my Dad’s name is Redd.

I also have a daughter who is quite lively on ‘the other-side.
I am like Jamie’s Dad, “super tough,” but not too strong to cry.

It’s easy to relate to the Guttenbergs, especially the dad, the mom, the daughter and the son.
Of course our names, interests and dynamics are different, but we are composed of human sums.

Relativity is real. No one is alone in this boat.
Did you see Fred on Morning Joe? His “heart strings” pulled my coat.

And I liked it.
Fred’s got a petition and he wants you to sign it.

It’s the weekend baby! And I’m ready to relax a little.
Gonna laugh, hug and love; loosen up the middle. 

I might even do “the grown folks jiggle.”

When was the last time that you did it until it was done?
Do it again tonight because it feels good and its so much fun.

Life is at hand. If you want the full experience, LIVE OUT LOUD,

I’m Qui

Digging on thee. Sending you Griot vibes from within the global crowd.

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Somebody Loves Ya, Baby

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Good morning beloved how are you doing today?
Are you feeling well and loved, or feeling some other kind of way?

Are you happy with the way that the G7 Summit went?
It was good to hear Global Leaders positively vent.

America is on the field and the race is a relay
I am most thankful to God for less melee.

There are a couple of area’s in society that we’ll always need to address
like inner community beauty; where & when we “wear bonnets.”

The good news is our community is great at yielding support.
Rickey Smiley rolled through for Auntie Mo, to be a conferring sport:

No shade. Self improvement is key; you deserve more love.
Please allow this Griot piece to nourish and hug

Building Us up
is what I do

and I’m not alone because that would be a shame, 
I’m on the same relay team as China Anne McClain.
She’s erupting compassion into the world via God’s lane:

I agree with the BLACK LIGHTNING youngster who is coming-into her being as a compassionate lady,

I’m Qui

Your Griot Auntie conferring that indeed “Somebody Loves You Baby…”


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Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Have you had a chance to screen the START UP series on Netflix? It was produced in 2018 and it absolutely has everything to do with what is in your wallet today. My screen team and I are currently in the throws of enjoying Adam BrodyEdi GathegiOtmara Marrero in a scenario of evolution fighting for life in a sea of digital transition.

Nick, Izzy, and Ronald are portrayed by Adam, Otmara, and Edi; the trio protagonist ensemble. A series following three storylines effectively that tie all together is a win in my book and is an excellent balance battling the malignant antagonist FBI Agent Phil Rask, portrayed by Martin Freeman.

Start Up is streaming on Netflix and a definitely a series about “new business,” but keep in mind not all new ventures need go public, like that of Nick and his drug trafficking father, or the side ventures of gang executive Ronald Dacey, though I think we can all agree that Izzy and her digital currency platform GenCoin is poised perfect to convey finances with little limitations and outside interference. 

Scoot over BitCoin, GenCoin is encroaching on your fictional toe and it’s an attractive story of exploration. I’m learning a lot within Ben Ketai’s creation. If you dabble in the digital coin game, Start Up is your jam. If you do not dabble in digital currency, the Start Up series is the perfect entrance ramp for your forward convey, because you definitely need more than a clue to stay up with what’s really going on with digital money, dark money and the FDIC.

Unfortunately for us all, Start Up only charted three seasons to stream. The up side is the series’ storylines that support the transference of digital currency is cash fire!

Digital Currency is a topic of dividend that will definitely pay off
in gathering knowledge about future income, legacy wealth, and costs.

If you knew at the end of the week that you were moving to Mexico
I bet you’d invest in a Spanish course before your charged “go.”

Wouldn’t you?
Prior planning is what all smart people do.

That includes you, too.
So about digital currency, Boo

I think the series on Netflix will help to build up
your knowledge of digital money; tune into START UP

There are only three seasons in the cut, so the lesson isn’t long,
I’m Qui
Still screening reel for “we,” learning from yesterday is never wrong. 

The cost of not heeding history is too high of a fee.
Join me in being entertained while learning about Digital Currency