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In News on May 5, 2021 at 12:03 am

ANTHONY MACKEY is No Lackey and it pays off. The scales are attractive that balance this hard-working Libra. When was the last time that you did not see Anthony Mackey in a production? He’s been present and on-cue since 2002. He is irrefutably a mad talented dude. From 8 MILE to SHE HATE ME to SYNCHRONIC and ALTERED CARBON to OUTSIDE THE WIRE this guy remains reel-elevated, forward-thinking, and on fire.

Since being cast in his first uncredited role in AS IF (2002) he has not had one year off. 8 MILE is the second film that he was cast in, also in 2002 and he has several productions pending this year and two that have already been released: OUTSIDE THE WIRE is a film co-starring British born actor Damson Idris, whose also the star of the series SNOWFALL; in its fifth season. Mackey is also the star of a six-episode miniseries that debuted in March on DISNEY PLUS titled THE FALCON and The WINTER SOLDIER co-starring Sebastian Stan.

Disney Plus is killing the box office booming game, however, for those of us who have yet to subscribe we can catch THE FALCON and THE WINTER SOLDIER streaming on Netflix. If you are interested in an honest review before screening the miniseries, peep Darren Mooney’s review at The Escapist

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The other day I was on Facetime with my mom when she accidentally disconnected the call with her earring, at which time a person that I have never seen in my life appeared in the face of my phone and just stared at me. I was wondering if it was a still shot, and then she leaned in closer to her phone and my eyes grew wide as my thoughts began to race. I was two seconds from saying “Who the (pardon) are you,” when my right index finger disconnected the call.

Thank God for my right index finger, but who was that, and what kind of technical glitch-ification have I just been a victim of? That was a very scary experience, so I began to research if this has ever happened to anyone else and if there was a reason or resolution to prevent it from happening again?

To my surprise, it has happened before, many times, and the issues go back as early as 2013 in my brief 60-minute research. Reddit and Apple forums are two technical audiences that have reported on this topic and unfortunately, neither have answers as to why it happens.

Dialing on adrenaline, I called my mother back and… Click here to continue reading.


Please don’t let the innocent face fool you. This man is brilliant, and his mind is reeled-out in shorts. Please tell me that you know of Christopher T. Wood and that you have seen his short film, “TIME TO KILL?”

The writer and star of the show are one-in-the-same, Wood portrays a stone-cold killer named Harris, who has been sent to a home to kill a target. The problem is the target is not home and Harris is tasked with killing time – which includes some very juxtapositional phone conversations about intimacy and sensitive emotions. The script co-writers Scott Frank and Justin Rettke may not be seen in the viewable frame, but are co-credited for the composition of this hilarious concoction.

“Time to Kill” was produced in 2018, so I caught up with Wood recently on social media, we were just about to take our conversation to Zoom when he dropped this on me… Click here to continue to see what I saw!

Mid-week is at hand and I am respectfully on the move,
but not a minute before I Multimedia News Peruse with you. 

How are you beloved? Is all effectively well? 
I’m Qui
Bidding you good multimedia at every screening-spell.

As for Facetime and party line video calls…
It has happened to me again. What about y’all?


MONDAY is a Fine Day

In News on May 3, 2021 at 7:13 am

Monday is a fine day to make a new decision
to do good to others; utilize vision.

Move in a positive direction. Do it for you.
Monday is a fine day to do what you want to.

I woke up early excited to do me.
Doing-for-self will always be key.

How’s your health and how’s your diet looking?
Are you still eating fast food or at home cooking?

Me? I can do better; let the scale be my proof,
so today for lunch we’ll all be doing JAMBA JUICE.

lunch is on me!

Monday is a fine day to care for the lot of.
I’m Qui
feeling nice about thee. Let’s start this week off with a hug.

gothix _Hugs
and don’t forget to repent for your sins.

God understands and loves us – it’s okay for us to talk to him too.
That’s really all He’s ever wanted from lil’ ol’ me and you.

Honestly, He’s always given us much, much more.
Monday is a fine day to put-in-on a dimensional high-score.


Good Morning o’ Goodness

In News, Science, script writing, Self Improvement on April 26, 2021 at 8:04 am

Good morning o’ Goodness. How do you do?
I’m finally up this morning and I’m thinking about you. 

I went the whole weekend with my head in research.
Being a nerd is what’s really word; my brain reveals lobe-girth.

Art imitates life whenever it is necessary to make a fine point.
So, I interview folk who parallel the characters in my scripted joints.

My scripted joints are inspired by life, kind of like the compositions of FARGO.
Society functions under a guise until society realizes the guise must go.

And it is there where I am inspired to write, yo.
There’s a right for every wrong and karma is always good to go.

Though beyond the writing, what else is there to be done?
Tell me, does building an empire sound like much fun?
What about when you realize that it has got to be done
if you intend for your residuals to go the long run I do intend, hon.’

Mindful I am to dot every “i” and cross every “t,”
if I am to build lasting wealth for my legacy.

In addition to all that I have going on,
you, o’ Goodness are my favorite jones.
No matter what’s on my agenda, you have it going on.

For an opportunity to leisure with you — I’d yield myself prone
and chronicle a piece that feels like a song:

I’m loving you “AS.” — Yes!
  Stevie Wonder conveys it best.

Oh, Monday, I do love you so.
I enjoyed the suns rise while sipping Cafe Bustelo.

The sun came up beautifully and it was well worth the wait.
What good are you nourishing to fruition on this day?

I hope you did kneel and pray before leaving the house.
Mondays are fundays with tendencies to louse.

I pray “louse” misses you
while goodness & opportunity kisses you.

When you kiss us back please make mine sweet,
I’m Qui
Good Morning o’ Goodness today is where creative congealing meets.