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Recap and Dap

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Photo by Edgar Moran on Unsplash

I spent the weekend in a high-rise over looking Times Square,
Goodness and Inspiration met me there.

It was in the air and the air was thick.
When life feels mundane, an hiatus is my schtick.

And I’ve been schtick’ing it out for a while now.
I travel by car, train, and plane to glimpse at the cat’s meow.

The cat’s meow can be seen in the mountains that naturally grow high
the meow is also mirrored in elevated dwellings in architectural rise.

As can be seen looking up at the 5th Avenue skies…
A meow reached out and invited me to come nigh.

The passion and animation in his eyes could not be bridled.
So, I answered his call and sat for a spell; excitedly idle.

This particular “meow” is a cat himself.
When it comes to composing art, he is one fo the best.

And I don’t just mean when he puts colored substances onto canvas,
He’s an artist of life in search of the erroneous and great answers.

In this installment of KEY Recap and Dap things got pretty live,
as I entered the scene of Harlem and networked with FAB5.

If you have read any of my content over the last 15-years then you’d recall just how steady —
I have been learning the most from the legendary yolk of Sire Fab Five Freddy.

Sitting across from Fab and listening to his productive schedule and awe inspiring masterful life I was bursting at the seams to ask, “So, you’re writing a book?” The question came out of nowhere, and to my surprise he said, “Yes, I am working on a book.” My eyes grew wide as I am an avid reader and informative-seeder, then he said, “Would you like to read a draft excerpt?”

Fab hands me less than 10 pages and they spanned the ages of his formative years, between the ages of say 3 to 10-years old, maybe. There was no fat in this composition. Each recollection left me wiser and more intrigued about the legend whose looking 30 and sporting a platinum dye. He is adamant about not being labeled an Historian as a lot of respect goes into earning that title, but Fab is a living culmination of American History. He recalled the social tenement of the day when both Malcolm X and MLK were assassinated. The first decade of his life is American History insightful and page turning. Fab was born in 1960.

There’s so much more to NYC than Fab5Freddy, though running into him shaped the highlights of my hiatus. After all, it takes a tall legend to surpass the sky scrapers that surrounded my hotel suite imposing inspiration upon me. Hiatus’ exists for R&R and while I did no work and enjoyed people watching for hours on end (views that feed into script character compositions), it was the FAB HOUR that conveyed me the most power. Learning that his first art gallery exhibition was in Rome when he was 19 is still mind blowing. Who does that and how?


Staring Fab in the face in his domicile space, my wig was blown.
I was married at 19. At 19, Fab was showcasing his art in Rome.

It’s just what we were doing at age of 19
that may be the key to mapping out dreams.

What do you want to do and when do you want to do it?
Fight to work on self and situations – resort not to “screw it.“

Self-sabotage has not ever been known to help
in any way or form when trying to produce wealth.

Wealth doesn’t just mean money, honey, I’m talking about self-gold.
Fab has the goods on self-worth and his hood; for every man that should be goal.

And that is what I did with my weekend.
The cost of my hiatus was a meager spend

compared to the amount of legacy that I got out of it,
I’m Qui
Glad to Recap and Dap with thee. The weekend was great – I loved it!


Fun Fact that many may not know:
Fab5Freddy is the beloved godson of Jazz’s great MAX ROACH.

Goal figure…It just had to be so.

I Wonder

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Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence on Unsplash

I wonder why governments all around the world
chose to deflect UFO 411 like a lying little girl?

When there’s proof-upon-proof of guests in the sky.

I wonder if the SYFY channel is feeling renewed love
now that there’s been a mass dump of UFO notes from the gov?

Had you heard of such info?
Child, what do you know, what do you know

about Campaign BETRAY on topic UFO’s?
“People fear what they don’t know.” Isn’t that how the saying goes?

If I wonder long enough about anything, I will research it out.
Do you believe the UFO documents or do you prefer to doubt?

Something else that I was wondering about the other day
is ‘what in the world is going on with the sale of real estate?

Are you still paying attention? I’ve been researching the topic a little —
and it appears that the housing bubble will burst over the working class/middle.

Word is, because of the lack of building materials nigh
folks with Tract Homes have doubled their prices and some did it thrice.

They are unwittingly married to losing, so let us throw out some informative rice:
existing Custom Crafted Homes are being sold at the same level of price.

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Which means to the subdivision tract home seller, Please DO NOT OVER PRICE your pad!!!
Your realtor’s numbers mean well, but if your home doesn’t sell, you’ll be ‘the over burdened lad

And you do not want that.
2008 is the quickest look back

to a time when we had a housing bubble poised to blow
and shortly thereafter, millions of Americans did fall victim to foreclose.

Homes were abandoned and whole families sheltered else where.
It seemed the governing forces were inadequate or didn’t care.

It was a little bit of both. Losing so many homes led society to somber.
What on Earth is going on and is anything wrong with real estate today? I wonder.

Choosing to list a home for two to three times its worth
is to raise the price to fit no mans girth.

Whatever for? I thought that people who intend to sell their homes attempt to try.
But somewhere between necessary and price-point-scary, the home is priced too high.

I wonder if those hoping to sell,
are eyeballing the schematics of the current price point hell?

Blue collar workers are listing their homes
double and triple the balance that’s left on their loans

and in the end
no one can afford to buy it and panic sets in.

The kind of panic that owned 2008.
I wonder what’s happening with real estate today?

Aw, we’ll be alright, we’ll be okay.
I just want to warn folks to not ‘feel 2008.

So what have you got planned for today? Give it mindful thought… and it’s okay to ponder,
I’m Qui
and I’m not going to further keep thee, because I can go all day long on topic “I wonder…”

Thank you for dropping in to see where my head is.

My mind is on

I wonder where it is?

I wonder if this is a good time
for a We Are The World chorus line?


In News on April 22, 2022 at 3:15 am

Good morning beloved, WHAT have you got planned for the day? Did you sleep well last night or was your sleep just okay?

When you awoke this morning what was the first thing you had to say?
Did you kneel or sit upright and talk to God? It’s the way I start every day.

However, you start yours, I’m sure that it’s great.
Just be sure to affirm-ate. Okay?

Encourage thyself daily, for it is key
if you intend to positively contribute to humanity.

Affirmations are “the joint!” You have got to believe in you more.
Faith is what you need to increase your law of attraction score.

Believe in yourself, your driven purpose and what God has in store for you.
Hop up on this Hump Day and open your heart to love more of life and truth.

You deserve it. Goodness and mercy is what you were made for,
I’m Qui
“the WHAT” really matters. What is it that you desire all the more?

Pre-visualize WHAT it is; see it in your minds eye. • The organize your thoughts on how to achieve it; manifest.

Does manifesting it mean physical labor on your part? Nothing worth having is easy at all; thus, your cue to insert heart.

WHAT do you want? I want that for you, too. Affirm-ate, meditate, pray and work towards it, boo.


There’s a higher vibration pending to meet me and you.