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50 Years of HIP HOP

In Music, News, Video on May 27, 2023 at 6:45 am

Hip Hop is 50 Years Old and showing no signs of aging or getting older.
I was raised on “wisdom & beats, a musical feat that is much colder

than any other genre at evolution and domination.
It is Griot’s great-grandchild. Please make the relation.

Hip Hop coddled the boom of Mp3’s, platinum CD’s and ultimately Digital.
It represents where you’ve been, your fam and your friends, geography, knowledge, and where with all.

Come on ya‘ll – this is amazing.
Hip Hop has raised many and in constant rotation continues raising.

I like the new ladies of Rap that are breaking out.
Please tell me that you know what GloRilla’s vibe is about?

I like it a lot, especially her voice.
But if I had to choose a Hip Hop Queen, REMY MA is my choice.

I still dig MC LYTE, KRS-One, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli
I still jam the tunes of Slick Rick, Kwame, Big Daddy Kane, and Biz Markie.

I can’t forget YO! MTV RAPS and all of the personalities
that Fab5Freddy introduced into our reality.

Remember The SUGAR HILL Gang’s joints and Jj Fad’s hit, too?
I was cut for LL Cool J, Tupac, Uncle Luke and The 2 LiveCrew.

Just to name a few… because there are so many contributors to this groove.
Hip Hop won’t stop and will continue to move

the dialogue of the Black Community along.
Eminem and Jack Harlow are Hip Hop strong.

There is no color barrier in this fam of the word-savvy.
Shades of melanin welcome hair with mousse, braids, and nappy.

Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and The Weekend —
Scarface, UGK, T.I., Hustle Gang and friends…

There are so many to honor. For the sake of longevity we cheer:
Happy Birthday Hip Hop, we’re glad you didn’t stop. You are the youngest 50 Years.


In Communication, education, News, script writing, TV Shows, Video on May 22, 2023 at 3:15 am

As a serial watching fanatic
my current focal point is TRANSATLANTIC.

Have you seen it? It follows France, post the 1930’s.
It is based off of Historical events that remain Drama worthy.

Didn’t pay attention in History class?
Netflix debuts a glimpse from our past

Thank God this particular tyranny did not last in its projected entire.
Unfortunately racial tensions still exist and has mutated its fire.

Like the refugees in the 1940’s…division is still a thing.
The Transatlantic series debuts the eerie and has a certain caveat ring.

There’s nothing boring or mundane about the series layout.
Episode six provides a fix if you wonder what “data tracking” is about.

The good ol’ Census may not be the thing that we once thought
would record us as counted citizens; a right that can’t be bought…

Well, the Census was not created for anything of the sort,
but more of a way of knowledge to separate the south from the north.

And I don’t mean that in the terms of geography; a place.
The creation of data tracking was to keep track of “statuses and race.”

The Census is used as a tracking stamp

and is pretty much the historical reason
why many of our ancestors were not excited by “Census season.”

I am reminded of the Census views
as noted in Harlem by Langston Hughes:


I used to perform this piece within a southern state.
I understood the words, but not the specific movements of the day.

The Transatlantic series has helped me to add more dimension
to what Langston Hughes was channeling during his publishing ascension.

Learning the route of our ancestors; our great, great grandpa’s and great, great grand momma’s
makes for the most interesting and compelling Historically engaging Drama.

Are you watching? You’d be better to serve yourself a look’sy.
I’m Qui
And I’m eating up History. It is the best zero calorie cookie.

Chew well every bite of noted history
to avoid walking into a re-make of humanity’s racial mystery.

Three The Reel Way

In education, Griot, Movies, News on May 15, 2023 at 3:15 am

Q: What’s the name of the project that Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson-Jackson produced?

The answer is legacy and has been for several decades now. Are you familiar with Zoe Jackson?

You know LaTanya. I was first smitten with her exceptional role diversity work in The Dorothy Dandridge Story, 1999:

In the film, there is a scene when LaTanya (portraying Dorothy’s mother’s partner, AUNTIE) is helping the young Dorothy get dolled up for her wedding to one of the Nicholas Brother. Dorothy’s mother (portrayed by Loretta Devine) starts to sing a chorus of “Love.” She pitches her voice to Soprano and sings one word, “Love.” Dorothy’s sister (portrayed by Cynda Williams), pitches her voice to Alto and melodically joins her mother to the tune of “Love.” Alas, Auntie, (portrayed by LaTanya) pitches her voice in Baritone and flattens the harmonious preamble that seques into the married life of Dorothy and Harold Nicholas (portrayed by Oba Babatunde). I was struck by the Baritone note and what it ended up meaning in script. As small as this scene may have been it was paramount to me in story and I loved LaTanya’s delivery. If you have not seen Mrs. Jackson in ACTION in this script, you owe it to yourself to rectify.

You know Samuel L., and like his wife, LaTanya, Sam’s film credits are long and hard-hitting. Ebony Magazine (Kevin Powell) published a piece on him about a decade ago, titled: He’s a Bad Mother, and while they run down what seems like a million Film/TV titles and accolades — today it appears that Sam’s CV has doubled. Did you know that Megan Thee Stallion will join him in Marvel Cinematic Universe? There’s never a boring minute when Samuel L. is all up in it.

DISNEY +Plus Subscribers: Next month Sam will be blazing alongside other Marvel lovers in SECRET INVASION. Jackson and Action are inseparable.

IMDB boasts that Sam is associated with 198 film projects to LaTanya’s 98, and both have Upcoming Projects on the horizon. Zoe is the work that Hollywood did not create. Zoe is a Jackson Production and is sharply seated in the chair of the Producer.

Know Zoe.
With almost a decade under her industrious belt and 16 Television Producer Credits, Zoe is making her own way. Perhaps you are familiar with her work:


The screen-scripted life is my life and I’m all into it.
Calling the shots on reality? A good Producer can do it.

I don’t foresee Sam or LaTanya going “reality television” on us yet,
but if show writers are not compensated exciters, stop: Reality TV may be the next.

‘Nothing wrong with it. I do enjoy a loosely-scripted show
of BRAVO’s beloved franchise: RHO.

Not that the Jacksons need to display loose Actions like so those in ATLANTA,
but to be real, within the Jackson family will – we could come-up on some good banter.

Great dialogue remains the answer to what ails most relationships.
Samuel and LaTanya made a pact and remain connected at the hip.

Action will always play out better than any monotone lip.
So whenever I get wind of the Jackson Band, I bring out my publishing tip.

Kudos to the doting parents of Zoe Jackson.
She’s all grown up and producing with passion.

Multimedia is my technical modality, and Griot is a faction.
My name is Qui,
and I’m a fan of “WE” — specifically of that Jackson ACTION.