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Key Black History – Ooo la la, LA BELLA

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The day is early, though the month is most gone
but a not a minute before we talk attractive DNA & Domes

Let’s focus our attentions on the Matriarchs of so many
and whether they’ve born a child or not their contribution to humanity is plenty:

Kamala Harris has to be first out of the gate;
she is a Black woman by way of bi-race.

She is a progressive woman of legal stature and strong teeth.
She is a respected woman in the U.S., Americans call her V.P.

She is not camera shy and she loves being on the team.
Coy she is not, but upfront and enjoys working behind the scenes

You can read more about Mrs. Harris HERE; she’s big business and social fun,
though a celebration wouldn’t be a celebration if Issa Rae couldn’t come.

Issa Rae is a multimedia mogul indeed
intellectualism and talent with INSECURE scenes.

I enjoy her individualism and style.
I am inspired by her productive wilds.

Issa’s rawness is not a gimmick.
She is one of many women who operates with no limits.

The entertainment industry can be boisterous, thick and full of weeds, 
yet it’s no mystery that we are still able to see the heights of Robin Theade

I see myself in Robin’s scripted characters… I also see you.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

Robin is bi-racial and sports 50% of German goodness.
Her Mother is African American. From whence did Robin get her hoodness?

It’s good to see reflections of self… it’s so good to laugh out loud.
It’s good to have ties to Megan Markle, for she is Royalty, child.

Life can be crazy for us all, in fact, it can be quite wild.
Though I can only imagine navigating life as a bi-racial child.

That is the reality of many, and of Multimedia Matriarch‘s the list would go long
To thrive in the face of “all-public” and love it — one’s spirit has got to be strong.

Megan is such spirited woman and she is quite strong.
She is mother to Archie & Lilibet — Harry is her love song.

She is a talented actress and just so you know
she may not be on a weekly sitcom and still her life is a global show.

I am learning from her vantage view much that I did not know.
I’m something like Porsha Williams: family, love, and travels to & fro.

Porsha Williams is a good woman to know.
Her life is boisterous enough to yield its own show.

And so, Porsha is a hardworking DNA-twerking Producer Ms. —
And PORSHA’S FAMILY MATTERS is BRAVO’s new serial mix.

The series is insightful with real trials starring Porsha, Dennis and Simon, too.
A Drama-Amply Blended Family is a new term and this show’s view.

It’s a real beautiful reflection to see.
Porsha is the grand kid of Hosea Williams and as vocal as Joy Reid.

Joy is a pleasure to listen to. For the unfamiliar – please call her Mrs. Reid.
Joy keeps our community visual and on-topic via THE ReidOut on MSNBC.

Her career is not always fun nor does it appear by any measure to be easy.
Joy delves into the good and the bad, yielding us each “a more informed lad” – ‘fo sheezy.

Joy Reid has Caribbean roots that I am most happy to see.
I am encouraged when I turn on the tv and see people like me

I am in no way BE bias, I appreciate the ladies as well as the fellas,
Though amidst love in Black History Month, I wanted to zoom-in on the LaBella’s.

Did you know as much about each nourisher herein?
I’m Qui
Each woman is of America, she is Black, and she is your kin.

Image by: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Beauty is born out of chaos and the world is in chaotic fashion.
Congrats Supreme Court Nominee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

News Peruse & Concept Hues

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Be the EXTRAORDINARY feed that you want to read. | Image by

Gosh, it’s been too long. So much red, so much white, and so much blue
has literally happened since our last NEWS PERUSE.

What is a CONCEPT HUE? A Concept is a new idea; a notion.
Did know that water is symbolic for feelings and emotions?

Water serves as both a hue and a metaphor.
Elevate your mind, open up the walls and soar!

If you ask, whatever for?
I’ve got a pitcher of interesting topics and I’m ready to pour:

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

SPOTIFY is a service many of my colleagues subscribe to and they love to use it.
They comment strong about hard hitting songs; they are lovers of the music

One of my children used to work on Spotify campaigns…
She loved wielding digital brands, but thought the administration was lame. 

This was a few years back, when the company still smelled new. 
So what is Spotify up to today, music or lip service fuel? 

What on Earth is going on under the sun
between Spotify, Joe Rogan, and Neil Young

I won’t get too deep into it because it is truly not my jam.
So, I thought I’d kick it over to you, to see if you give a damn. 

Do you?

Neil has moved on to SIRUS XM with his crew.
I don’t Spotify either, man – I just News Peruse.

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Remember Michael Avenetti, Stormy’s old legal rep?
He’s still under scrutiny and nothing is stealth.

Stormy is back in the news with a little more to say…
something about Mr. Avenatti and client betray.

Read about it here; what is done in the dark is not ever a long mystery.
Mr. Avenatti, Stormy, and 45 are all a part of American history

Photo by Yaniv Knobel on Unsplash

Ring the work balance alarm!
Looks like we’re approaching an age of Work Transformed

I know what you’re thinking, “hard labor always hurts.”
Ain’t nobody doing hard labor, we’re cozying up to remote work.

Productive-and-happy is evolving into a broad pragmatic verb.
CNN introduced me to Cotopaxi and Drift and I told you — so, now you have heard

Photo by pixel parker on Unsplash

I read a novel piece in Yahoo news yesterday —
touting Aquarius and Gemini rule at entrepreneurship and corporate play

Is it true? What doth you say?
I dug the read, but have counter-play. 

I love the Aquarius, God knows that I do.
They are tactful, and formal with high fashion cues.

They do thrive in high corporate situations
and are awfully mindful not burn relations

but are they really a “good boss?”
I think so, because they don’t mind paying the cost. 

The article also boasted that Gemini is best at building a successful business alone…
I believe that. I also believe that there are two-people inside of the Gemini’s dome. 

However, the best managers that I have had have been Pisces and Cancer‘s.
They are even-keel-risk folk and not wild chancers.

By experience, what do you think?
Are the authors right? Or is their write-up a sign of stink? 

News Peruse! News Peruse!
Discard whatcha don’t want – keep what you can use!!!

There are so many more news topics that I’d love to get into,
like movies, and theaters… have you gone back with your Boo? 

I’m also excited about news that united diversity is back!!!
The President will nominate a female Supreme Court Justice who is Black

I’ll be back next week to write more on that during Black History month.
Starting with MultiMedia Moguls: between films, music and publishing — there are a bunch.

It’s good to learn about your neighbors next door as well as across the sea.
It’s good to diversify your views and consider new hues; civil respect is key.

Come back to see me, and thank you completely for coming through today, 
I’m Qui
Always aboutwe,” this News Peruse, peace, and the proverbial Griot linguistic say

NO FREE LUNCH – Everyone Pays The Piper

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LIFE via The Lunch Line

Wednesday night I pulled an all-nighter and part of that cost —
was not going to bed until the morning sun fed into President Biden going off

Whatchu’ say?
The Sagittarian in Joseph R.  Biden went “neigh!!!

I enjoyed his speech… at whom he charged the incite.
I also appreciated the introduction of the President’s speech by his legalistic Vice.

The two work well together; nice.  It’s about time that a straight-forward speech has been made.
The world has been watching while ‘nay sayers were clocking‘ what the constitution must’ve forebade.

Morass is a noun in these situations. 
Ever ride cost a verb; check the relations.

For every man who grabbed a tray and fed into those lines that lead to morass

they failed to heed failed-history
and hoped last year would remain a mystery;

a small blip in the past.
And now karma is on many-a ass.

Your mother warned you as a child
— that you can do what you want in life but karma will be wild

and will still come to pass.
I paraphrased quite a bit, but remember that?

Yeah, well, here we are looking at our lunch trays
some of the contents are clear while others are a haze.

Are those potatoes cubed and boiled or mashed?
Oh Lord, those grits can be hot on your ass.
Me? I’m a chronicling observer — and like last year, I’ll pass. 

January 6th, 2021 came and went.
Composing griot for this feed yo,’ is how my time was spent. 

I was not hungry then and I am not hungry now.
Eat from the big-trough and be the cat’s meow

A cat has nine lives. I think that is a fiction that we have taught them.
Get creamed by one car? The end is what such fable has brought them.

There is no free lunch, everyone must pay the piper.
Wearing the desert like a suit? Your necktie is a viper.

Parable, smarables, don’t swear but understand,
there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to man. 

Also, there is no honor among any type of thieves,
and if one of our civil rights are violated that is a strike against “we.” 

Human beings are human. We are all the same.
To think that you differ and are better-than-others is a collective shame. 

The meal that you serve to others will be the meal that you eat. Remember that and live boss. 
I’m Qui
Always happy to sup with thee about wisdom and what progress really costs. 

We are what we eat. Always be mindful of what you speak.