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In A Zone

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Imagine life as a multifaceted multi-lane highway with “yay-many” lanes going in each directional way, so very organized, smooth traffic with no delays. Imagine that and you will have arrived at me enjoying my creative space.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I am In A Zone; the kind that thrives when I’m alone.


R&D is conquered best when on hiatus. Travel is funky in our country and so I pray for us 

and zone-out onto a creative highway; a familiar route.

It’s Friday, again, and good morning to you. I’m up before dawn, done’ ditched the yawn to chronicle character truths.

The character seems to admire your natural charisma and personality fire. Situations are tight and character aspires. Consequences are set and hurdles are higher. I look at J. Blakeson’s work and I’m inspired.

Do you know J. Blakeson? His Netflix piece is hot – it stars Rosamund Pikes and titled “I CARE A LOT.”

It’s a Dark Comedy and it’s several layers thick. I definitely recommend it for viewing – I think you’ll like it:

Bored, you won’t be – this film nicks that thirst. I’d love for the same to be said when others view my work.


It’s good to admire, learn and incorporate specific seeds — into your work starting with serious R&D.


I’m nosey by nature so pre-production is a treat as well as interviews and meet & greets. Thank you to everyone who’s agreed to meet with me. There’s nothing like story and yours is key.


And so, this weekend will find me doing much of the same, I’m on a road trip and I’m in the creative lane.


What have you got planned for the next few?

I’m Qui

Always digging thee for digging me and coming through.


You’re good-company on my creative route; ‘tis what a good muse is all about.

Thank you. Meow. Pow! And ciao for now.


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Good morning beloved, how do you do? Is the life of zen still with you? Is happiness still your Boo?

I certainly hope so. As we roll into Spring let’s focus on our inner glow.

Are you meditating on your breath?  Do you even know how? Focus is for everyone, let’s do some now: 

Three minutes is not too long to invest in you and your inner calm… breathe.
Do it slow, steady, and with ease.

I am grateful for the capacity to inhale and exhale oxygen that is free.

I am grateful for the breath of “we.” Now breathe.

If when you inhale you are in thought and do think — that on the exhale that something did stink?

Just gargle a little bit — then rinse and spit and breathe. Enjoy the inhale of the mouthwash’s breeze.

Life is hill’y — we all know that. But don’t take it personal; only deal in the facts — then breathe. 

It feel’s good. Let gratefulness be understood with each breath that you breathe.

Look at you doing it autonomously and with ease. I’m paralleling your in-and-out, to a “t.” 

Wednesday is a great day for introspection. Reflect and give thanks during meditation… and breathe.

Whatever it is that you have facing you today, go forth and conquer it after you pray… and breathe. 

It’s obvious that I’m focused on breath. From the moment I started, I can’t let it rest.

I am grateful for life and I don’t consider her challenges to be strife.

I meditate and I learn. I spend very little time with “yearn.”

Most things we can achieve. May our imagination be great and creativity stay on our plate, as we grow to be great… and 

This morning my mind is occupied with thanks and humility, 

I’m Qui

Thank you for spending your time with me.

Godspeed to a day of love and prosperity and please don’t forget to breathe.

In Love with The Know

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Have you ever met an inquisitive child who just wanted to know everything? A kid who just wanted to know how and why the caged bird sings? If it ever sang at all. A curious child who has to see the tree in the forest fall.  

I know of such a kid; indeed, one who has a question about everything that is established and its founding seed. I know the kid well, because the kid is me. Curiosity yields my favorite show; it yields me knowledge – and I love to know. 

Once upon a time my guy and I were driving down the street – and in the back compartment was a toddler in high seat.

She is the progeny of my kid. Her name is Quell and she shoots from the hip. 

She’s a respectful child, but curiosity has lip with adorable eyes, so bright and wide. – Quell didn’t believe the ice cream shop was closed until she couldn’t get inside.

We told her that the ice cream shop closed promptly at noon, but she insisted she see it personally to “know it” to be true.

She’s a lot like me and I’m not a Missouri mate, but I’m into ” the know,” like them folks from the “show me state.”

I am far from a toddler’s age and Quell is making strides. I love being in the know as it pertains to scripted life.

So, I read, research, and eventually I find — everything that I need to strengthen my vines. And good Lord o’ mine there is so much on the line, but if you know me, once I learn – all will be fine. I do it all of the time, learning a new thing will always add a new shine. Conquering what I don’t know is my favorite kind of grind.

How do you maintain? Do you need to know every last darn thang? 

“Need” is a strong word, but if no-one really minds — I’d very much love to sip new knowledge that is aged like wine 

until I’m drunk,

I’m Qui

In Love with The Know,” because it keeps me crunk.