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St. Patty, me and daddy…

In Comedy, Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 17, 2023 at 6:20 am

Photo by Mitchell Kmetz on Unsplash

[Back in the day] St. Patty, me and daddy…
the drink – it almost had me,

but it failed to completely conquer
and I was able to squander

up the courage to keep on (faculty) pushing it.
We walked 6th Street and drunkards were gushing it.

But I kept it in.
I’m a light drinker – I commit no sin.

2 shots in and one in my hand.
I’ve no hair on my chest – I am not a man. 

So I felt not the need to down that shot – quick.
My choice to forgo – kept me from getting sick.

Though I looked good holding it: the glass and my consumed liquor.
Some of my partying sisters took the dare – what a nightmare… they were ‘never sicker!

Passing out in the street and peeing their pants…
Don’t let that be your St. Patty pending stance.

Have a good time today and if you do raise your glass
remember social media exists then monitor your ass.

Don’t think of drinking and driving. The two should never meet.
Don’t even think of drinking and walking – especially on 6th Street.

I’m not in Texas this year so Austin will have to miss me.
I’m Qui
kicking it in Cali – where the green is sure to kiss me.

St. Patty, me and daddy are feeling great.
I raise my cup of jo to you on this ‘kick-back’ day.

Have fun, hang loose, and be safe.
Happy St. Patricks Day!

Dance in the jade.

THE SCORE is too important to ignore

In News, Self Improvement, TV Shows, Video on March 15, 2023 at 3:15 am

Besides the soulful intro and outro music that cues up every show on FOX SOUL, the content therein is usually relative and on-point. From The BOOK of SEAN to The FOX SOUL REPORT to THE SCORE, the formats are professional and deep topics are broached and discussed by multimedia members of the Black Community.

BET is doing its thang, but ol’ Fox wants ‘to hang –and it’s a good look. It’s clear by the lack of set design and audio engineering levels across most shows that Fox Soul has a lighter budget than its sister station. However, the talent is authentic, enriching, and addictive.

Tyler Perry Productions yield life to the BET Network at its core,
but all of the drama in the world wouldn’t amount to one pearl if it produced no financial score.

The Score is housed on Fox Soul, and its format speaks to me.
The host is Malik Davis, finances are his flavor… and that speaks to me.

I get the feeling that I’m hanging out with friends when I am watching Fox Soul.
Receiving the news from a talent that looks like you is feel-good gold.

That’s why Tyler Perry is a household name.
The SISTAS and their misters are all the rage, but on the cool, they’re related to The House of Payne.

BET has a nice little viewing frame, but still, it takes money to hone a view.
So, I’m thrown back onto Fox Soul to sit under Malik and the crew:

Both stations work, so I do what I do.
I suppose I’m into keeping the score and sharing it with you.

It’s good to know how to sow your hard-earned dough. Therefore, I do not yawn.
At the close of the show, I immediately go over to The Book of Sean.

Sean has much to say and it always makes sense.
He pulls his cases from social media faces and enlightens the elevated and dense.

And before my day of progress doth end,
I’m sure to seek out my Fox Soul Friends:

NiQuartely and Courtney.
The way the two convey the news always speaks to me:

There will always be room to do better and more good in the world.
Therefore, I wanted to take the time (in and out of rhyme) to voice the happiness of one girl.

I am a fan of diversity, and I love the views.
BET & Fox Soul: I appreciate you!

I can say less because your broadcasts say more.
I’ll never get enough of adding-it-up; kudos to The Score!


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Regenerative Science is on the rise
and was on my mind upon opening my eyes.

Good morning, dear beloved. How are you today?
The good news is yesterday is gone, and younger is our day.

We may not be at the point of re-growing limbs like the salamander or the gecko yet,
but we are well on our way; regenerative biology is a real bet.

I have four associates with the same core spinal issues,
regenerative meds were given to two and healed their bio tissues.

What gives, you ask? Science is giving.
What does it all mean, you ask? More quality living.

So, before you sign off to a wheelchair, a cane, or not dancing the night away,
do a little research to see how the science works, contact a doctor and continue to pray.

It’s not time to put those dancing shoes away.
You have not outgrown recess & play.

Good morning, beloved, awake refreshed, and embrace the whole day.
God has your back, and there is no lack — Stand by to regenerate.