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A Few Things

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I’ve been reading a really cool book because intellect is regal,
written by Roy Lilley titled, “DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE.”

Are you one of ’em? Challenges intrigue me indeed.
So I’m glued to this book, comprehending the read.

Psychology is a love of mine, I do love the mind.
Today I commit to finishing the DWDP bind.

In between chapters, I have been getting-in my serial fix
from that “evolving for cash” app, Netflix.

Upon finishing TRANSATLANTIC, I am changing app vines,
SWARM exposes ‘Stan harm, and got me watching Bezos’ Prime:

It’s a good find. It is freakish, but founded in truth.
Donald Glover and Janine Nabors are life-to-drama sleuths.

Good screenplay composition invokes me to produce,
but not a minute before I research & compose fresh webinar juice.

It’s something that I’m into. I’m a course-creating kind-of girl.
An admitted Sapeosexual in a 411-rich world.

Nothing makes me much happier at all
than to learn new information and share without stall.

So, while I’m at it, I may as well tell you about those scripted scenes
that I am drafting while publishing this note of A FEW THINGS.

This is what is on my plate, my desk, and my mind.
I am careful to break and relax, post this write, I’m cracking the bind.

These are a few of my favorite things to get lost in and to do.
Good morning, beloved, what are you getting into?


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Life is good and when it is not fair
there’s always compensation to get you there.

Ask Ms. Carroll, for she would know.
A low point in her life became a national show.

It’s over now, but sexual offenses are often underrated.
Carroll received no respectful apology but was compensated.

At various talk show tables, this case will continue to be debated.
But today, Ms. Carroll will be paid, and her reputation is vindicated.

That’s news that society can use. To use it, the society shall.
Defame a woman of standards today and tomorrow pay her well.
It has a nice ring… kind of like a church bell.

I can tell that the winds are changing — a bit.
What mattered not yesterday, is adding up quick.

And I am well okay with that.
Bodily respect is life respect and everyone deserves that.

Godspeed to complete healing for all victims all of the time.
A “coming of age” is necessary for civilization to rise.

When life is unfair you can easily lose all control
and be sent upstate post a wrongful debate to impound your soul.

In the case of Patrick Brown
for 29 years he was on lock-down

but he committed no crime in the state of New Orleans.
The alleged rape victim lied as a child, then as an adultcame clean.

Justice appeared to be blind and did not want to see
that Mr. Brown could not stay down, so they set him free.

News is reality blurbs and often they are not uplifting or fun.
‘Seems like 3 out of 5 headlines are about death and guns.

America, we are trashing the vibrant lives of our future sum.
America please come together over the carnage due to guns.

I believe the battle can be won. I’m standing by for the manifest.
I understand the era that we are living in and this is a Humanity Test

and it will not forever last.
Because the good book says, “this too, shall pass.”

And it will. Today is Hump Day but not all is uphill.
You can still call the shots, respect all life, and live at will.

Last but not least, Americans are interested in the high-brow,
of the Supreme Court Justices and their gifting cash cows.

Peep the piece by MAUREEN DOWD

Yessir, and how. Seriously… what is this shifty sorting?
Upholding the law for all, but for thee, “not gift reporting.”

That’s life and wouldn’t you know,
It’s craftier than any scripted show.

Life is not ever boring and these are societal cues,
that lead to we, and noted history; our beloved NEWS PERUSE.

The Big W

In #SeveralLayersDeep, Griot on March 29, 2023 at 3:15 am

Surely you already know what I’m about to say…
W is for WHERE as in “where are you going today?”

That’s right, The Big W has us all atop of this hill  
with our lives, our health, and our strength; able to move at will.

It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.
Only you think you are getting over, but you’re being WATCHED by G-o-d.

Oh, my goodness! Where did that come from?
Here atop of this hill, there’s nowhere to run

but down.
If you’re dealing in mischievousness, ’tis where you are bound.

W is for WHAT as in “what are your intentions today?”
I hope that they are good because boomerangs feel like wood
WHEN they return the convey.

Boomerangs surf the wind when they glide.
Make sure you exude the right intentions in your stride.

If for no other reason beyond the one that I stated before,
You are not in a vacuum; God is keeping score.

Well. I suppose this piece is shaping up to be a real big clue —
that says “W” stands for Wednesday as well as a Warning to me and you

to be on our best behavior today because it really counts.
Look for opportunity to do good immediately.
Thank God when you see it and then pounce.

Today is dedicated to THE BIG W.
The WIN herein is for me & you.