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How Do You Really Feel

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Tell me. I truly want to know. Are you the words that you want to be heard or are you the actions that you show?


What America is going through is real… but we’re par for the heal if you’ll honestly “voice your deal.” So, How Do You Really Feel?


This weekend was good for me. I snuggled and cuddled and gave like, “ooo wee.” You know me, I’m a voyeur to the way that you move me.


I did a lot of Pre-Production work and realized a Production Assistant couldn’t hurt. Perhaps it’s time that I hire someone like me — someone who’s quick on the 1-2-3. Someone intellectually agile and hard to lose – specifically when creating content and discerning the news.


Are you available; are you a television watcher? Do you arrest bad plots like an “Indie Reel Copper?” Are you the film police who tends to get upset — when films debut with big names, but the script doesn’t connect? If you answered all four checks then you’re something like me. I dig knowing that; network awareness is key.


I feel good about our prospects going forth. Life is a game; you be a sport. It’s time to play ball; then play some more. Be aware of what your capacity affords.


Feel for it.


I want to know How Do You Really Feel? I can gather what I want, but you know the deal. Are you okay, are you feeling loved? When was the last time that you had a hug? I don’t think that this is funny, because I’m genuinely concerned. The stove is hot, love. Please don’t self-burn.


Good morning Monday, it’s good to have you meet us on this field,

I’m Qui

We’ve got a lot of work to do this week, so American fam, How Do You Really feel?

Tell it to me like Jay…

A Bag of LIFE

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dean_winchester_no problem

When it comes to bull corn do you really need to know —
down to the last detail from whence it traveled to and fro?

Will not knowing truly throw you into a rut?
You already know what you need to know – just check-in with your gut.

Sit quietly with eyes closed and ask the universe a question or two —
then check-in with your intuition; it’s always true to you.

Then open your eyes and thank God for the depths of truth.
Thank God that you’re not going to hell in a hand basket; His grace is holding you.

So what – if you’ll never know if a man is telling the truth from the start.
Let folks say what they want – know that God knows their heart.

Embracing this grace will prove you to look and feel smart.
Don’t let questionable chatter and worldly banter pierce your heart.

Staying focused on God is indeed a necessary art.
Your intuition is your compass; use it to chart.

What are your thoughts? Do tell what you think.
I’m Qui
and you’re quite intuitive if you think something stinks.

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What I Do Know


A seasoned dancer.

I do know that God is real and that in Him I trust.
What crimes need be committed to warrant the chant: “Lock her up?”

I suppose if Mueller found no wrong doings – then the Clintons must be squeaky clean.
I also know the government does what it wants to take-away from and to add-to any scene.

The worlds way… it’s an old thing, it’s musty and resembles an old box.
I do know that my intuition is gold and that my connection with God rocks.

It’s also true that if you don’t stand for something that you will fall for any old thing.
I do know that we have a creator and it is of Him, to thee I sing.

Wear the cares of this world like salt over your shoulder,”
after mom delivered me those words she turned to granny and said, “I told her!

My ancestors wanted me to know that there is nothing new under the sun.
What I Do Know is that they weren’t lying. Today’s safety is in Wisdom. Get you some.

Don’t spend your time running in packs devised under peer-influenced controls.
God is watching and time is clocking; Vote your interests and pray for your soul.

I don’t need to know it all,
to know not to fall.

This is What I do Know.

What you do with today is solely on you.
Don’t play to the mundane. Call it “an old thang” – that you just don’t do.
On the real, if you want to heal then turn off the news too.


It may be our last true defense.


Okay. You know me well and how I feel about love.
I’m down to start my day with grown play,  a smile and a genuine hug.

I’m down to tell you just how much your good energy makes me smile.
I do believe love makes cross-country journeying feel like one mile.

Unbiased love is the good stuff, child.
Give some today; be guilty of doling it out.

A good life is yours to live and requires not one day of pout.
Give it and it’ll come back to you; love uses a boomerang rout.

When was the last time that you were God-smacked with love?
I’m Qui
and I’m God-smacking you now. Open up, I’m coming in for the hug.


After All of That

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What happened yesterday? I pray that all mayhem missed us. Now, tell me if it’s true that you reaped love-dues on Christmas. 

How about human touch? Surely you need it too. For human touch conveys intimate love; nourishment to you.

Me? I had a blast. I’ve been a big kid all week long.  Mercy-me, I’m a big kid every week because my Christmas spirit is strong.

For a happy heart, there is no right or wrong – there is only “different.” Judge not that you be not judged – Matthew 7:1 should be spent.

With a few more days remaining, we are fast approaching 2021. You deserve more love, and you deserve more fun.

2020 yielded us plenty: Covid, unemployment, and an abundance of fat.  Yep, we all deserve more love in our lives after ALL OF THAT.

Life would be boring if we didn’t have a few spats. Residing in the human-observation lane has taught me that.

I am a praying kind of gal and I duly pray daily.  I pray like it’s a job, but ain’t nobody paying me.

I’m praying for me and you — that 2021 will be something new,

something better, something fresh, something light. I pray 2021, for us all, will mean a more revived life.

Whatever ate-up your nerves in 2020, write it down and then rip it up,

I’m Qui

Do this as often as necessary before 2021 arrives with new pending love.

Let us all rest easier and meditate more on getting our united swag back. — 2020 was hard like chewing a penny. We deserve better AFTER ALL OF THAT.

Ella is more than a pretty face – Jam @ Ella Mai’s ITunes page.