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Somebody Loves Ya, Baby

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Good morning beloved how are you doing today?
Are you feeling well and loved, or feeling some other kind of way?

Are you happy with the way that the G7 Summit went?
It was good to hear Global Leaders positively vent.

America is on the field and the race is a relay
I am most thankful to God for less melee.

There are a couple of area’s in society that we’ll always need to address
like inner community beauty; where & when we “wear bonnets.”

The good news is our community is great at yielding support.
Rickey Smiley rolled through for Auntie Mo, to be a conferring sport:

No shade. Self improvement is key; you deserve more love.
Please allow this Griot piece to nourish and hug

Building Us up
is what I do

and I’m not alone because that would be a shame, 
I’m on the same relay team as China Anne McClain.
She’s erupting compassion into the world via God’s lane:

I agree with the BLACK LIGHTNING youngster who is coming-into her being as a compassionate lady,

I’m Qui

Your Griot Auntie conferring that indeed “Somebody Loves You Baby…”


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Fire Flames by Giphy

When I come-up on new information or get a footing to a new understanding and comprehension, I usually respond emphatically, “That’s some FIRE!” This week has presented me with some necessary degrees of fire. 

Our Multimedia Producer, EYIDA has been taking pole dancing classes. A recent visit to our hub office included installing a pole in the center of the lobby. It’s a little corporate unorthodox, but then again, we are hardly “corporate.” We leave all orthodox protocol to our corporate suite neighbors; they appreciate it more.

Once we removed the floor-to-ceiling drop cloth curtains in our publishing lobby, it became a stopping point for pedestrian traffic. Pole exercise is #NoPussy workout. I am 5’3, 157 lbs and am considered to have a natural athletic build. Honey, I am here to tell you that pole workouts are for #Heroes. Period.

When was the last time that you visited a strip club?  A display of art and sport; a showcase of skill to be dug:

ASHLEY FOX is inspiration in my poling nation. I mean, WOW! Pole dancing is exciting and often exotic. Ashely is an exceptional athlete with awesome teaching capabilities, so if you are interested in learning more about this sport, I suggest dropping in on her studio: Foxy Fitness and Pole.  I found her digital storefront during a search for upper body strength workouts and learned that Foxy Fitness and Pole is full of online and offline class capacity. Climb-up to the challenge and enroll.

Eyida (Eye-eat-eh) is 20-something and has very little time for an un-fit life. It was her idea to install a pole in the lobby for her afternoon workouts. How could I refuse? Her biological vehicle is quite inspiring:

She obviously likes “long walks on the beach,” but all I have is a 2-story studio with a lobby and a pole. Eyida walks to work every morning and produces multimedia for us, as if it is a day at the beach. Her work is definitely her play and her work ethic is contagious. There are only a few of us in the hub-office and all of us are juicing for lunch. I call this peer pressure and Eyida is not shy about it. She  is a Culturally Authentic [CA] Aristocrat.

Keep your eyes on Eyida,
she dubs as my daughter, and I, as Queen Sheba. 

Today we will be incorporating pole into our fitness fire!
MMJ is known to lift but pole fitness gets you higher.

It’s Hump Day baby, and I love talking to you.
What on Sam’s hill will you be getting into?

We will be pole climbing and testing our upper body strength.
We are paying it towards core fitness – not dancing for the rent. 

The ladies who helm best; mastering pole dancing
 calculate skill capacity. Their risk is no chancing.

I’m a fan of such ladies, and yes I frequent the clubs.
I’m that chick with dollar bills near her tits, frequently tossing them up.

I’m usually masked-up and gloved.
Because I’m still OCD in the club.

Today is Hump Day and I’m past ready to climb it,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee. Where’s your FIRE? Find it & mine it.

To workout is good for the body & soul.
You can hit the free weights or you can hit the pole.

See ya’ in the lobby. 

Watch a STALLION do it.

As Much As…

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How much? As Much As I want. I workout hard and then gem-flaunt. I’m well hydrated so I don’t thirst haunt. I’m into creative touchdowns and I accept most script-punts. 

Good morning, hun.’ How did you sleep last night? Me? Like a baby; a grown one who writes.

I spent the weekend in hiatus mode. Dialogue was a hog; I wrote and wrote and wrote

the deeds that each protagonist will sow and things are shaping up well. — When I write I form life and zone-out for a birth-laboring spell. 

I’m alive & well today and am happy to report that my hands are fine. They did not cramp but composed a stamp like Robert McKee’s STRUCTURE design.

As Much As I’d like to say that things are moving fast — I cannot because R&D is hot and I tend to make it last…

Yes, I played some Keith Sweat because when scripting emotions it’s no mystery — that you should start with a little R&B, so I yield to Black History. 

Surely you knew that I was going to mention that, — after all the month of February is for the love of Blacks.

As Much As I wish that all I did this weekend was write and Discussion RISE — I must admit I reaped some serious endorphins from physical exercise. This weekend was about glutes, hips, and thighs. Kinfolk, when I tell you I put in the work — I did. My fitness level is revived.

Good morning, good morning, I am alive and I’m loving my thighs. Let today be a day of hard work and well-deserved high’s. I’m awake and I’m wide eyed. I feel cute, but could use the eye of Jeremih:

I’m working from home today in a brand new pair of heels. Creativity is wielding me like a vehicle; I’m the wheels. A little metaphoric spill for a Sapeosexual thrill, if you will

It’s early on this opportunistic Monday. I’m already claiming it as a “fun day.”

Much like the headlining picture – may a nice arse be every girls fixture.

I’m definitely working on my own as I serve wordplay on this Monday,

I’m Qui

and As Much As I want to retreat, my legs and these scripts have much to say. 

The hours will be long | My WORK is My PLAY:

LaToiya Williams’ melodic tunes deliver me to scripted-swoons of nookie-at-noon and Monday is not ever too soon.

Today is LEG day:

Do The Work.