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Regenerative Science is on the rise
and was on my mind upon opening my eyes.

Good morning, dear beloved. How are you today?
The good news is yesterday is gone, and younger is our day.

We may not be at the point of re-growing limbs like the salamander or the gecko yet,
but we are well on our way; regenerative biology is a real bet.

I have four associates with the same core spinal issues,
regenerative meds were given to two and healed their bio tissues.

What gives, you ask? Science is giving.
What does it all mean, you ask? More quality living.

So, before you sign off to a wheelchair, a cane, or not dancing the night away,
do a little research to see how the science works, contact a doctor and continue to pray.

It’s not time to put those dancing shoes away.
You have not outgrown recess & play.

Good morning, beloved, awake refreshed, and embrace the whole day.
God has your back, and there is no lack — Stand by to regenerate.


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Photo by Phyllis Poon on Unsplash

Remember that near run-in in traffic the other day —
when that car cut you off on the express highway?

Remember at lunch the other day as we stood in that long line —
and those two guys cut in front of us like all was well and fine?

It wasn’t all good and it wasn’t okay…
Your lack of response was heavily at play 

and I didn’t understand why; not really.
Though arguing with folk that you don’t know lacks commons sense; it’s silly. 

I’m so digging your vibe. I’m composing this so that you literally feel me.
for, if compassion were a knife, offenders are screaming “kill me!” 

I love the way that you give way to new life.
You put compassion above karma and birth new light. 

When I asked you about the rude driver incident that played out in traffic –
your compassion lead to comedy; you made it something to laugh at. 

When I asked you about lunch – curious about your thoughts,
you made a meal out compassion that’s rarely being sold or bought.

So, I woke up this morning wanting to put it on display:
COMPASSION in ACTION and how my friend, Mickey plays.

Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash

Way to go, Mick, for reviving that thing,
that America intends to stand for and collectively mean:

You aren’t just talking about it, you put it into ACTION. 

Mickey responded, regarding the two incidents: 

  1. “Who knows if the driver that cut us off in traffic was late or in the middle of an emergency? Who knows how I’d respond under that type of pressure in this type of traffic…”
  2. “I’m not sure why they cut in front of us in line? Perhaps they work under-the-gun and aren’t privvy to long lunch breaks? I can’t imagine how that feels.” 

Both responses were born out of strength.
Mickey‘s time is valuable and positively spent

He chooses to run the day and to not have the day run him.
He approaches the karmic moves of others with extension or hem.

If the situation is thoughtless,  young Mick gives no time to it.
When it comes to enjoying life in the face  of spite — Mick’s ‘gonna do it. 

Let us be like Mickey, but he is by far, not a mouse.
Mick is a towering specimen who rejects the energy of louse.

Putting Compassion into Action starts with a zest for life – to win it!
Think of that vibe that you love and thrive — then give no time to being offended.

Good morning beloved, remain sweet on life even when it feels kind of sticky,
I’m Qui
Feeling childish like Disneyindepths while quoting my Dronologist, Mickey.

Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash

Hump This

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Good evening beloved. How are you today?
Are you propelling forward in a bold and defined way?

My journey is a mixed bag; I’m enjoying the route.
How’s that project that you’re working on, working out?

Mine are going well; I am working on two.
I’m spearheading both while Griot’ing with you.

Wear many hats much? Indeed, I do.
It’s fun, it’s exhausting, and worth it, too.

What’s going on in the news is interesting indeed.
I’m concerned about Congress and Manchurian seeds.

Need I say more?
It’s election time, again. Someone’s going to score.

Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Your life is about you.
Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. What you do unto others will be done to you.

Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Let us comprehend what is good for the whole.
Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Worship no man in this land, lest you torture your own soul.

The warmth in the air makes me appreciate the Fall and Winter months even more
and reminds me to enjoy Earths temperature scale and show ungratefulness the door.

Are you still up for fighting COVID? We have all come so far. 
Are you up on ‘thangs going on in Ukraine? Godspeed the end of war. 

Are up to date on your boosters? Let’s not repeat our past.
I pray that our healing is something you’re feeling — because lock-down can’t come back!

Dearly did I miss traveling, so I recently returned to traveling the skies.
The act-a-fool passenger did not show hide nor hair; logistics were serene and nice.

Perhaps I’ll  do it a little more, or at least take more road trips.
Time is nonrefundable, familial love is wonderful, and like wine – anytime is a good time to sip.

My biological pouted lips delightfully stretch to smile 
as I enjoy technology, the weather, and you for a while.

What have you been up to, child? I pray thee do tell 
so that I can hump-up on your good fortunes for a spell.

Life is good. Lord knows the tube can’t show it all.
Still, I’m tending serial seeds that are thriving without stall.

Moving forward in progress means everything to me. What about you?
I’m Qui
Humping Happy on this evening. What are you humping onto?

Days left in the general work week are two.
Make them count for production towards the good of you.