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light_scienceI am enjoying the effort that I am putting into understanding and comprehending the menu of motion picture lights and their many, many uses. I have in my possession several types of lighting kits to use on my shoots:  2 of them use 65-watt fluorescent bulbs and the third one is a set of LED power plate heads on stands. Between the 3 lighting kits that I have, there are several softboxes, key lights, fill lights,  a backlight, and several stands to perch them on. I even have a light rig that yields an awesome rim light and makes my small sets look extra cool while rendering my subjects pleasantly visible.

I am nearing the last 12-month mark of my collegiate journey and lighting is crucial at this stage if I am to ‘see my way clear.’ I’m relentless on learning how to.


I’ve got my LIGHTS and my CAMERA, now I just need that LIGHT action!
I’m a student of cinematography –  a well-lit scene is my passion.

I’ve been doing a little research as I attempt to recreate the ambiance and feel
of a warm and nurturing scene with a social and eventful appeal,

and I find a place in France; the company bio did excite me to swoon,
they are Airstar Lights – the folks who make light filled balloons.

Yes, I am smitten with lighting and am encouraged to learn more so that I may utilize.
I’m Qui
atop of todays Hump with Cinestar visions in my Cinematic eye and intentions to light up the sky.


Well Rested and Format Tested

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euphoriaEvery day for the last two weeks I have been a “reel tenderoni.”
I’ve been courting Phoenix in cinematic bliss,
via my new FS5, Sony.

I have utilized the exposure triangle to capture “the shot.”
Saturday morning I filmed Tempe Lake at the 911 Memorial spot
and I’ve been a little emotional over the footage that I got.

The FS5’s capacity is yielding to be quite hot.
I like the way she reels, I’m beginning to love her, a lot.

I’ve been taking her everywhere that I go.
Passerbyers star in my ‘reeled traffic show.’


I can’t keep my hands off of her.

Some of which are handed my card during their to and fro.
Good talent is hard to find, you know?

But if you look-the-part and pose for the camera as you pass me
I’m likely to divvy my card with visions of collab’ing on a cash heap.

Art is not cheap so I’m into paying
if the subject is committed to reel slaying.

Though the scenes that I have been shooting as of late have been for school,
I still run QuiFilms where neverending networking is infinitely cool.

I spent the weekend shooting from sun up to sun down.
I’ve been spending the wee hours of every night sleeping rock-solid sound.

It’s a good trade-off.
The hot and dusty atmosphere invokes a cough.

Still, observing Earth’s atmosphere and all who live here truly works for me,
I’m Qui
Good morning baby. See the world through your beautiful lens and make it what you want to be.

Be sure to format your SDXC card before you leave for the day.
Be sure to format your life; this happens when you pray.



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Today’s GOOGLE search engine is indeed ART vetted —
so I had to drop by to share w/you a very cool message:

Fab5 hit me up the other day while I was “script birth” sweatin’
And said “Click on the Google icon during the weekend of August 11th.”

I yielded the anticipation towards art and was indeed thrilled to execute and learn
about the turn tabled viewpresented like only Fab could do. Click the icon, it’s your turn:


Click icon from Google page for full experience.

Fab’s groove is authentically true and multi-culturally tried.
He ‘done took it to another level and got folks looking GOOGLE’Y Eyed.

Still the tale
remains to reveal
the Virgo takes it all in stride.

THAT’S WHAT UP 👋🏾 My man, Fab5!🖐🏾

divider blk_south

Just as sweet as the Google treat is
I’m also pretty stoked about the art of The O List.

It’s delicious and I mean it –
Please tell me that you’ve seen it?

The Layered Look


A few yummy things we think are just great!

The Doberge cake is six layers of moist butter cake sandwiched between made-from-scratch chocolate and lemon custards and topped with buttercream, fondant and New Orleans harm. Of course, eating it on Fat Tuesday– but laissez les bons temps rouler! (Eight-inch cake, originally $45.50, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH;

daisies-sugar-cookies.jpgEdible Arrangements
“Please don’t eat the daisies!” does not apply here! Baked in small batches, these sugar cookies are both soft and crunchy, laced with almond extract, coated with cream cheese frosting and impossibly delectable with a cup of tea. (Orignally $49 for 12-pack, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH;

Batter Up with A Small Miracle
batter-up.jpgWE have two words for Kristen Tomlan (the brains behind Do, a brilliant company churning out safe-to-eat cookie dough in flavors like Salty & Sweet, Gimme S’more and Brownie Batter, along with gluten-free and vegan options). “Bless you.” (Do Cookie Dough Confections from $30 for four-pack;

waffleshot-ziavalentina.jpgAny chance that you have a shot of espresso or vodka that needs a tasty capacity holder? This next creation is A Small Miracle. Fact: Food just tastes better when it’s tiny, which is hwy we fell hard for these mini waffle cups.  Roughly the size of a shot glass and completely edible with a surprise filling at the bottom — they’re prefect vessel for espresso or ice cream and an adorable finishing touch for a dinner party. (Signature waffleshots, orignally from $7.50 for two-pack, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH;


Chew On This
Found: a hangover-free way to enjoy bubbly.  These little gummies are infused with either Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne or Whispering Angel rose’ (the alcohol cooks out), creating a deliciously sophisticated candy. (Three piece bento box with Rose’ All Day, Champgne Bears and but First Rose’ gummies, $26


And so it’s Friday and Fabulous opportunity is nigh,
I was happy to start it out being all GOOGLE’Y EYED.

I’m happy to open my eyes and feel pretty good today.
I’m happy to see you here – still dropping by my place.

Thank you. I accept your company with appreciation and grace
You are good reason to borrow The O List to spruce up the place.

You’re absolutely worth it.
I’ve been eating light so I can ‘Happy Hour’ girth it.

Today is a winner
you and I are no beginners

I say we take this day for all that is good,
I’m Qui
On top of a mountain out here in A-Z
@ the outter edges of a Phoenix hood.

Getting this 411—

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I wake up WAY TOO EARLY in Arizona
and that usually means rising between the hours of 2:30am and 3:30am. It’s something my body has grown accustomed to over the years. I was a night owl in high school. I obviously felt like I had to stay up to help usher the sun into its dawn position. However, by the time I was well into the swing of “mom duty” and raising two kids, I forfeited staying up all night for an early turn-in (usually around 11pm) and then I would be up-and-at-it again by 6am. Just early enough to be up-and-mobile by the time the girls alarm clock went off for school. The years brought adolescent maturity and by the time my last daughter was in high school, I was a master at turning in at or before 8pm nightly. That’s also around the same time that I started getting up at 3:30am.

I do quite a bit everyday before the sun and most people – still, the world is always way ahead of me, (in terms of news and headlines). Arizona is on Arizona time and at this moment the entire East Coast is 3-hours ahead of us and the South Coast is 2-hours of ahead of us — in time zone. California is on the same time zone as Arizona right now, but their clocks will drop 1-hour back once Fall comes in.

My quandary: How can I possibly stay connected to multi-regional and international news if the sun dawns in my region last?

Possible resolution in play: Get up early, put Morning Joe on in the background while I surf internet news and of course my WordPress Reader Tab. Wherein I found the following linked stories…

Todays tabs were informative. There was business, politics and fun.
Todays WordPress Reader yielded me literal dimensional 411:

Even though most don’t consider the prison population to be a helpful sum,
when it comes to extinguishing forest fires, some inmates get it done.

Get this 411: I’m speaking of no other than
California’s “Angels in Orange.”

Firefighters are in demand as the earth dries up and the sun peers hotter.
Inmates have the capacity to help. Officials gave them fire masks and a hose full of water.
What a practical problem solver…

Then over in Tennessee the air quality is far less than a 10,NBCC-harmful-TN
and the National Black Chamber of Commerce is no “person of colors” friend.

Participants in an Environmental Protection Agency research project
said 40% of the population living near energy plants are losing the bet.

That 40% is made up of people of color.
Special interests group countered – because it won’t affect their lives or their mothers.

Special interests groups conducted a study and the National Black Chamber of Commerce did bite.
They’ve caught on to special interest donor growth and would rather be funded than RIGHT.

What we know is:

“For the past year, a team of Tennessee State University students and I have been investigating the air quality in and around the Cayce Place community as participants in an Environmental Protection Agency research project.

Low-income and minority communities such as Cayce Place are often the hardest hit by the effects of air pollution and climate change.

The EPA’s new Clean Power Plan will, for the first time ever, limit power plant releases of carbon dioxide, particulate matter and related pollutants such as ozone.

Forty percent of the U.S. population living near power plants are people of color — so the plan will greatly benefit these communities. It will reduce incidences of asthma and other pollution-related illnesses, as well as create thousands of new jobs and save families money on utility and medical bills,” … but no one’s listening or heeding this report.

Tennessee get it together.
The ozone is what protects us and regulates the weather.

Stop taking special interest cash and selling off the quality of life for your residents.
No one moves to a death trap and work like slaves — only to die trying to pay the rent.

Am I my brothers keeper? – Yes I am! I yield him plenty of compassion and not pity.
I’m a soldier for human rights, though I sound like a cast member from New Jack City.

Ruthless, I am not. For those who live by the sword – die by it.
Why suffocate your brothers for the special interests of others? –  Aint that some bullshit.

Don’t be a low-moraled bitch.
Consider your own family for a bit…

NBCC:: Is a radiation hub a great residential fit?
Get out of here and off of it!
Lest you move-in your mom and keep the radiation pilot lit.

There are many fine authors and great stories on my WordPress Readers list,
but none pierce me as compassionate as our loved ones who are on a journey to FORGET.

They don’t remember your face anymore. They don’t recognize your smile.
You’ve been with them all of your life, after all you are family – their child.

Dementia and Alzheimers is wild
so while perusing I found this file:

Three films about Alzheimer’s disease


Ed Rowe of Cornblog wrote:

“Alzheimer’s disease is a ‘worthy’ issue and such issues don’t often make for great films. Even the most successful have their moment of exposure and then fade away like memories. That said, Alzheimer’s is an issue with inbuilt dramatic thrust. What could be more scary than a disappearing self? I’ve a special interest in dementia…”

He then lists 3 movies that touch on this topic.
Medical science is in hot pursuit to research a way to stop it.

For family members dementia is a huge life test and requires a loving crew.
There’s nothing natural in the scope of humanity that preps us for folk FORGETTING you.

Here are 3 films with 3 different views
all about Alzheimer… produced to help you:


At current, science does not exactly know how Alzheimers chooses its prey. 
So since God is the author of all big and small – I recommend you be vigilant and pray.

My great Aunt Hattie suffered from this. We used to be social for a familial while.
Then one day I stopped by to visit her home and she said, “You ain’t Art’s child.”

Art is my mother and Aunt Hattie is my grandmothers sister.
That was when I realized the longevity of a strong mind – had missed her.

It all came on after the passing of her hubby. I remember it like yesterday.
So yeah, science doesn’t know what to do, but God does. Do pray.

With a short list of films and couple of other headlines on my desk,
I’m Qui
Kicking all topics to thee. I find picking your brain to be the best.

It’s Hump Day baby, walk through it, smile and have fun
I’m up and at ’em, ready to bat ’em after Getting this 411.

Apples to Oranges and/or Androids

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apples-oranges-androidsIt’s exactly like comparing two fruits, they are both delicious and nutritional in value, but they are definitely not the same. My 17-year old daughter, Dakota is responsible for this topic write-up, so she’s getting co-producer credits today. During one of our “girl time” errand runs yesterday, she started on a rant about Apple users and Android users and group text messages. Her specific was regarding the small number of her friends that are constantly left out of the loop because they have android phones and no one wants to mess up the smooth delivery vibe by adding them.
Her experience (and mine too) is that by adding an android user in your iMessage group text it almost always hinders the text delivery system, causing at least one if not several persons to not receive the text thus rendering chaos in the group text and ultimately leaving many people “out of the social know,” of their ‘oh so necessary’ info drops. A teens nightmare!

Even though Apple Stores and the Genius Bar is so 2.5-years past cool and on a steep downward slope, the Apple iPhone seems to still be cool. I visited the Apple Store in Chandler Fashion Mall last month and the smell of Bengay and warm breath was overwhelming. The majority of the patrons were well over 65 (which isn’t bad, but not exactly the ‘hip crowd I was used to mingling with when I stop by), and the Apple store employees were plentiful in bodies, but very few were helpful. I spoke to two employees wearing (WalMart) blue t-shirts and they both pointed to one guy standing in the center of the store surrounded by people who needed help. It looked like he was holding an auction. Needless to say he was too busy to help me and my new (fickle) iPhone 6 is still not operating as smooth as a new phone purchase should. Irregardless, I’m not interested in going back to that store; it was horrible experience and the stores appearance looked so third world. However, upon exiting the Apple store, the sun started to shining again as the breezeways were filled with happy teens spending their hard earned money, (or their parents) on the trends of the day. No matter what shops they went in and out of, or how many avoided the Apple store like the plague, most of the teens were iPhone 5S and 6Plus carriers. How do I know? I literally sat in the breezeway and counted them as they passed by while I was attempting to wait-out the auction process going on inside of the Apple Store.

It’s kind of mind boggling. I mean, how is the iPhone still so popular but the support (device and customer service) system is failing?

Apple Store REVIEW - Qui

History. Apple is notorious today for encompassing a recognizable history. I have so many Apple products that have expired their shelf life, from phones to computers, to software – Apple seems to be quite okay with if not proud of moving on to new generations and leaving old ones to fend for themselves, in hopes that users will get tired of being outdated and will opt to buy a new Apple product. So far Apple has been correct and new/upgraded purchases are still happening daily. But Why? For this hard mind bender, I went to the teen social guru Dakota and she said,

“Apple is more trendy, it’s still the trusted name brand that celebs carry. Likely because it has a uniformed user menu that works across generations and it’s simple, sleek and clean in design. Apple iPhone is equivalent to windows – everyone knows how to use windows.”

Good analogy. I remember being a die hard windows user and then I moved to the MacBookPro and started doing heavy film editing. I had every intention on using my Dell for document purposes, as it utilizes windows, however, it wasn’t long before I was using my Mac for everything, (right after I downloaded Windows). lol! I never thought of my Apple products as being trendy or ever even considered that I was a part of the “in crowd.” I just purchased my new iPhone 6 in February. I researched the androids, Samsung’s in particular and well, it just didn’t happen. I felt defeated on “change.” I shared with Dakota just how interested I was in getting to know the android and had hoped to purchase one and she said,

“The Android? Who’s using that? Not Bey, not Jay, Kanye nor the Kardashians are with the android. They’re trendily sporting iPhones.”

Are Android carriers less savvy? They’re certainly likely to be left out of the loop and out of most group texts (especially if the text originator uses an Apple). There are so many different androids on the market that there’s no universal menu system across android generations. No one knows how to “generally work” most androids because there are so many different brands that use the android operating system. For me, it was so unfamiliar lost interest while perusing before purchasing. My guy has a Samsung S5, he purchased it around Christmas. He tried to encourage me and share his device with me and tell me about the pro’s of touch-device data sharing – a feature that we’d be able to use to share pics and videos. I love sharing data with him, but I wasn’t sold on that awesome feature, alone. He’s a savvy guy, but definitely a nerd and well, at present, he’s not very trendy among the teens who by far are becoming the largest group of consumer shoppers in the USA. But teens are not loyal. There’s definitely a pending pedastal for tomorrow’s pop culture phone piece, but it is not present today. Today Apple still looks like the leader in the fruit bowl, because of trendy reasons, but the truth of the matter is, Samsung has some pretty cool features that are to be admired. The internal components, alone, are remarkable and yield all kind of usage. The thing is, nobody really knows how to use it “in general.” As Dakota said before, uniformity seems to be the word of the day. Kudos Apple manufacturers. I see what you’ve done there and now our kids are doing your bidding, unconciously selling your product to friends who want to be in the group-texts of the socially trendy.

divider Abstract

I’m not into being clicky or trendy, but I do love some fruit.
A lot of phones are manufactured, still operating systems equals two.

The kids know what’s up, but I am more informed.
I wanted a new phone piece and Samsung didn’t charm.

iPhone won out the sale on familiarity.
Design and menu recognition worked for me.

My guy called iPhone users simple-minded in the dome
for not yielding change for lolling in a comfort zone.

Fine. I’ll be that. Dequota, myself, her friends and celebs
are simple minded in OS binding and have the best group texts.

So when it comes to comparing devices and drowning out the noise,
I kicked the topic to you of Apples to Oranges and/or Androids.

Which are using? Which do you prefer?
Are you aggravated in group texts when interruptions occur?

Do your “alternative OS friends” dissolve into a blur?
Do you pass down information by placing calls to him or her?

Communication is key and I am Qui by birthright.
I hang out with the youth – they live carefree and light.

I’m not in their group texts, because I’m pretty much for  ‘the lone.’
I pick and choose who to hit up with what – mono texting is my zone.

Apples to Oranges and/or Androids — what is up to your ear?
I’m Qui
and my iPhone 6 is suffering from audio that isn’t dependably clear.

Still, it’s not enough of a reason for me to turn it in.
To even pretend I like “talking on the phone” is for me Qui to commit a sin.

I’m a writer, a texter and though audio is garbled – I’m okay at the moment.
Apple, I love you, so fix my phone, before I go back to saying, “I don’t want it.”

Fruit is fruit, it’s all good and each has great benefits.
Dole, Del Monte, Samsung or Apple — what’s your spend?

All this MATTER! What we gone do?

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science_is_sexyI’m an artsy girl, a gadget girl, a chocolate eating, nerd loving, information gathering girl
. I am her! So it’s no wonder that at 4:00 am this morning I was up watching the SCI Chanel, grossly involved in HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. Fascinating stuff! Did it turn me on? You betcha!

It’s no secret, that I’ve been intimately involved with a nerd for more than 2-decades now. He lives on food, water, air, math and science. Screw fashion! His cargo shorts are a 365-day fashion must in his world of INTEL life. Technology companies hold some of the greatest minds. I often sit in the parking lot in my car and watch them file into the tech campus, most of them dress in cargo shorts and nikes, most of them carry awesome swiss army backpacks that they call mobile desks. I call it a NERSE — which is short for NERD PURSE. lol! It seems to hold quite a bit of matter. Technological matter.

divider blk_south

Math and Science. It’s necessary at our very core.
Knowledge rules the world and this is a hell of a score.

I’m not about creationism side taking. I’m trying to understand like Hamlet,
I want to see HOW scientific particle play, began in the universes gamut.

The HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS show that I saw this morning was titled, “FIRST SECOND,” it originally broadcasted this year (2014) and it’s information line reads: “The most important second in history which seals the universe’s fate.”

Sounds good. Right? I was so intrigued, I couldn’t resist transcribing it for you. Now mind you, this is a 60-minute show, so… we’ll see how long I can keep up. Please keep in mind, that Math and Science are turn on’s for me, so technically… we could be at this all day:

 The most momentus second in history: the first. “In that first moment of creation in the first second, space and time, matter and energy – everything was set into motion.” [Ref: Michio Kaku] Space and Time burst into existence, giving birth to the universe. “More things happened in that first second that will probably happen in the entire future of the universe – no matter how long it lives” [–Ref: Lawrence M. Krauss]  This violate first second will define everything, including you. “So that very first second, understand that is the key to understanding the universe.” [Ref: Phil Plait]

Look up at the night sky, our universe. An awesome spectacle. Stunning, exhilarating, humbling. And look at all the world around us, bursting with life, with natural wonders, with those we love. All of this, everything we see, comes from one miraculous moment: THE BIG BANG!

LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS, Cosmologist — “The big bang was more than just a creation of matter. It was the creation of the universe, which means the creation of space and time.”

Creating time, space and everything is a pretty neat trick, obviously, it happen, but so far, physics hasn’t figured out how.

MICHIO KAKU, Theoretical Physicist — “We don’t know why it banged, we don’t know what bang, we don’t know how it’s banging.

All we know for sure, all the existence suddenly burst into life. This is the beginning of the first second, when time itself is set to zero.

LAWRENCE: “It’s the moment when everything we see, all hundred billion galaxies each of which contain a hundred billion stars, all of tat material was compressed in a region which was infinitely small.”

In its first second, the universe evolves more erratically than the 13.8 billion years that follow.

PHIL PLAIT, American Astronomer — “The first second of the universe, was the most important second that that universe had. And it went through more stages in that first second than it has in all the time since.

So much happens so quickly that scientist need a whole concept of time.

LAWRENCE:  “We’re human beings, one second can seem like a very short time, but in the universe, an incredible amount can happen.”

We measure our lives in hours, minutes and seconds, but they’re useless without the time stamp of creation because the big bang unfolds, almost, instantaneously.

LAWRENCE: “We have taken our understanding of what the universe was like back from one second, to a tenth of a second, a hundredth of a second, a thousandth of a second, a millionth of a second, a billionth of a second, all the way back to a time with the laws of physics as we now know them, break it down.”

That far back, time must be measured in unimaginable, tiny slivers known as planck time.

LAWRENCE: “One way of understanding how that actually happens in the first second is to think in units of the plank time. The planck time being 10 to the minus 43 seconds. There’s a billion, billion, billion, billion, billion planck times in one second. The are only a billion billion seconds in the entire history of the universe. That’s far fewer seconds in all of history since one second to today than there were from the planck time to the first second.”

By breaking time up into tiny fragments we can imaging the birth of the universe, moment by moment.

In the beginning space and time are wrapped up in an infinitesimally small spec of pure energy. As the planck time clock starts running this nod of space and time somehow burst into life.

PHIL:  “The big bang wasn’t an explosion in space, it was an explosion of space.”

As the hands of our cosmic clock approaches the first planck time all of space expands, the universe emerges everywhere at once…

FAR OUT stuff! At this point in the show, (which is only 5 minutes into it), I am captivated, intrigued and wide open in the lobe department. I’m a knowledge vampire, I biting into the juicy intricate parts sometimes and math, science and physics will take you there. So in an attempt to ‘get to the good part’, I will digress from translating and share the video with you, (THANKS



Variety is the spice of life. You can not know, if you do not research.
Knowledge– like this, is heavy, but still  it doesn’t hurt
to just know as much exists. Scientist aren’t mad hatters.
I dig them, because they understand (more than myself), ‘about the matter.’

All this MATTER! What we gone do?
Creationism + Big Bang may indeed hold some truths.

On March 13th, 2013, the Higgs Boson was a success.
Onlookers cried, as particles charged making the big bang connect.

Good news for them! Good news that’s still very much a mystery.
Who really cares, we’ll be noted as a people who dared; translated in tomorrows history.

I like the note worthy, lobe provoking mention during our time. Give science a cheer.
Paint me to be a vandal with pen, I blog to note in history that I was indeed here!

So let the documented pages of time, document that we were intelligent and pushy.
I’m Qui
and good brain on the Sci Channel is like rain. A sexy mind is wrinkly and gushy.

I don’t mean to be obscene,
but creases in the lobe are the sexiest thing.

Keep a healthy balance of Nerdism and Cool, 
As it pertains to life, ye ol’ #KnowledgeRules!!!!

So What-do-ya-know?

Hump back, hump back, hoochie mama

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a HUMP in her back

It’s what I call myself when I knock film and web administration projects out of the box on a Wednesday morning before 6:30am. You can call me that too. I’m proud about it!

Quitters never win and Winners never quit
Today is HUMP DAY and my work ethic’s a hit!

divider blk_south

Humpin’ wit’ it!
Creativity? I’m Jumpin wit’ it!

Surely being a work-a-holic isn’t a real punishable sin,
because I’ve been “on it and focused”… so totally Plugged IN.

I’m the host with the most, who loves to film and web design.
I’ve taken the City’s event, shot and edited it on a FC timeline.
And everything is fine.

The website that I built to host their last concert
knocks all other Talent PR Work in the dirt.

I’ve built a 25-page embedded site, as if I was admin thirsty
then laid down the vids I’ve edited, (which in total was about 30).

I did it single handedly – the editing and web administration duties.
That’s why I woke up this morning dancing and shaking my booty.

Ooo wee. I really can’t help myself.
For at least a month, I’ve been working solo and stealth.
Yes, and it was good for my health.

And today is WednesdayHump Day, and I’m certainly down with it!
I’m Qui
with my hands on my knees, feeling free – I’m gonna have to HUMP WIT’ IT!



Before you shove that old iPhone up…

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Shove it up into your JUNK DRAWER into an intimate corner of your JUNK DRAWER – please consider what future use it may be good for. While watching GOOD MORNING AMERICA this morning, Becky Worley explored the uses of our old iPhones as Apple prepares to unveil the iPhone6.

A new phone — it’s like Christmas! And your old phone? Yeah, you just put it in a drawer, never to be used again. Right? But hold on, this thing is still a really powerful device. Jennifer Jolly (USA Today) says don’t retire it – repurpose it.

Jennifer: Don’t ever throw that old phone away. There’s so much that you can do with it.

1. Start with NAVIGATION: The HUDAWAY App. It lets you download a roadmap from home and then it projects directions onto your windshield.

2. Next – Want to keep tabs on your home remotely? Well the iPhone still has wifi access and a pretty good camera..

Jennifer: So, you could  buy a $300 security camera or you could just use your old iPhone.

3. The PRESENCE App fires up when there’s motion and it sends you alerts, pictures and videos. Smart!

4. Beyond burglars what about keeping tabs on your baby? The CLOUD BABY MONITOR App runs off of any device with wifi and a camera including an iPhone or even an old tablet, and you monitor it from your new phone.

Jennifer: You can do things like record video, you can turn on music so that it plays a lullaby, you can talk to them.

Now think about the future, lots of new devices are coming out for a smart home that’s wifi connected. From music systems to temperature control to lighting — all of these are controlled by your phone.

What if you and your device are out of the house what do Grandma and the babysitter do? Well, goto the old phone. Remember your old iPhone has a huge hard drive. Great for permanent music stations, also keep in mind that you can find similar apps that do the same things on Android phones. So don’t put your old phone out to pasture put it to work.” [original broadcast – Today 9/17/14]

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Good morning WordPress kin!  I’m at it again
considering replacing my 2nd iPhone friend.

I’ve long been an APPLE fan; product manufacturing was the best.
I own 5 iPhones, spanning a couple of generations; varying in depths.

I own an efficient iPhone 4 and reliable AT&T 4S.
Though all three of my 5S’s seem to rock capacity best.

Unfortunately as of late, iPhone has been falling off and I’ve got fears,
because I’ve only had this last 5S for less than two years.

17-months, to be exact, and it’s already falling apart,
Siri loses her way in GPS regardless my charting the start.

The operating system is moving terribly slow and my recent call list is inaccurate.
Though I do have a nice case and microfiber towel, that makes it look immaculate.

Just like the other iPhone 4’s that were replaced by my (dimming) iPhone 5’s,
I am being hooked by Galaxy’s look: their smooth operating system & design.

I don’t think an iPhone 6 will make it into my household, this time,
thus I’m excited about it’s future uses grind.

Not sure about the Samsung Galaxy either, I’m merely on the browse,
I’m Qui
Before you shove that old iPhone away, consider PRESENCE, HUDAWAY, or CLOUD.

Welcome back baby

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I'm sweet on you. You know that right?

I’m sweet on you. You know that right?

You have got to believe me when I tell you I jammed Beyonce’s new cd relentlessly over the weekend, rendering a more sultry Qui (than usual). Oh don’t get scared – you’re safe – we’re online. But if you haven’t downloaded Beyonce’s new album on iTunes, please know that you can get it at most stores except Target. She and Target had a ‘cd selling’ thing, but when Bey ‘gave it up to iTunes’ on an exclusive — Target put out a press release announcing that they will not be selling Beyonce’s new self titled and visual (yes! music videos included) album.

Mmph. That’s Targets bad and Beyonce’s good – net. Do yourself some good and check it out. It’s a feel good listen. Ow!

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Welcome back baby, I’ve missed you indeed.
It’s like a high knowing you come by and check in on my feed.

In the car 32-hours, round trip – we went to Texas and came right back.
See when it comes to being with fam – distance is a short track.

We met up at an awesome resort, that had horrible mobile signals and no wi-fi.
But see, that’s the thing, — it was a part of their genius design.

So my entire family and I hung out, played games, ate meals, played miniature golf and the likes.
We slept together and faired all social weather – together, my family and I.

There was easily 21 of us, sharing a span of 3 2-bedroom homes
It was so good being nestled in the woods, forced to chat, due to bad service for phones.

The moment – God kissed it.
The moment – I had truly missed it.

It was good, so good to my soul and the resort had an amazing natural view,
I promise the only thing that was missing, was me being able to kick it with you.

Thinking of You SIGN

And so now you know I’m sweet on you and sometimes it’s hard for me to let go,
of jotting down and giving you a pound amidst my griotic flow.

Wait! Is griotic even a word? I really don’t think so,
but that changes not the fact, that I missed you while on-the-go.

And so we travelled a great distance to get there and returned home sound and safe,
I’m Qui
Welcome back baby – I’ve surely missed you in this place.

How did you enjoy your holiday?

Reel Talk

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ReelTalk3If you make a good film product but no one ever sees it, did you really ever make it at all? Wait. That’s the questionable pose for the tree in the forest falling with no one around to see it –well it just so happens this analogy fits well in context to filmmaking too.

I’m a lover of art films, art house films, underground documentaries, hip hop documentaries, cultural pieces, music videos and the distribution outlets that broadcast them.

No matter how creative the writer is in scripting and casting a production, if he does not have the proper venue to broadcast, he may as well be performing in his series in his parents living room. Talk about limited exposure.

A hefty [number] following is crucial if you are trying to advance your video project and YouTube knows that rule best.  A good web series will need a good home with adequate marketing and traffic.

First thing’s first, let’s talk about creating a web series, while searching for an edge on the process I came across Tom Cruises wisdom (via on this very subject and couldn’t resist reblogging.  Take heed and try your hand at webisode creation:

Web series are the equivalent of self-published novels for many aspiring video creators.  They have complete control over what the final product looks like, although they may not have the money to pull off their ultimate vision.  They are a way to showcase your talents and possibly move on to something bigger in the future, but for many, web series is where it’s at.  It’s a unique way to tell a story, and basically these shows’ entire seasons can be told in the span of an episode or two of regular TV series.

1. Start With A Story

The first point that I’d like to talk about from the Tom Cruise blog post is starting with a story.  What is the story, how do you want to tell it, and basically, each of these episodes should contain a three-act structure even if it only lasts 5-6 minutes.  For easy examples of this, take a look at web series wonder The Guild, which manages to make a season that lasts around or little over an hour into something that seems much grander in scale.  It’s all because each episode is packed with content and very quickly moves its story forward.

It clearly outlines the stakes at the very beginning.  By the first 20 seconds, you know that something (racy) has occurred and it could affect the relationship with her friends.  Boom.


We talk about this all the time, about finding the audience for your channel and directing content towards them. You have to figure out who is going to watch your creation, because it certainly isn’t going to be everybody. It’s going to be a select group, even if it proves popular. So, your science fiction web series should be shared with blogs and sites that are dedicated to science fiction. Maybe you share it with everyone you know who likes science fiction. Maybe you ask those people to share it with other people. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to find your genre, who enjoys that type of thing, and find those people on the Internet. quotes Felicia Day’s own blog post, “Web Series: Four Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting.” Of course, that post is amazingly good advice in its own right, right there from a person who is considered the queen of web series. I’ve expanded their own quote to include the entire first paragraph of her third step:

I think a key to web series, that builds upon points #1 and #2, is that trying to please everyone will never work on the web. The Guild is popular because we started in a niche and grew out from there. The internet isn’t TV: It’s 20 million channels rather than 200. If you can’t sit down and easily identify what kind of person will like your show and name 5 places that person might go to on the internet, you will have a hard time getting the word out, no matter how good it is.

So if your series has even limited amount of appeal, you’ll have to do the homework to find out who would watch your show, and find the places those people go to advertise/share your content.

 3. The Money Problem/Dedication

 The Tom Cruise blog calls this, “Show Me The Money,” which is the only thing remotely Tom Cruise in this post.  I’ve seen a lot of web series, no matter how successful, get absolutely lost and apparently have no ability to produce a constant stream of episodes, mainly because of the money issue.  Let’s face it, you aren’t likely to get rich doing a web series, and where there is no money, there is also a lack of time, because you’re likely working a job to get the little money you can put into a series.

Still, a successful one requires dedication.  An episode a week or every two weeks is the way to go, which is why I would suggest before even publishing your first video, you create a backlog of episodes so that you can supply content every week while you produce more.  Figure out how long it takes to create an episode, and have a corresponding amount of episodes ready to publish while you create others.

In fact, later in the post, Hitman 101 web series creator Scott Staven makes this very point when talking about how he released a constant stream of content:

ReelTalk3 Quote

With a web series this is possible because it’s not going to require up-to-date information to produce content.  You aren’t making a Philip DeFranco-style of web videos here, where the day’s news supplies content.  You have a script to follow.

I think a lot of web series that I’ve followed and had interrupted over the last year or so could have benefited by not publishing until they were ready to publish a whole season, or at least most of it.

The Tom Cruise blog mentions that some web series have been successful in various ways, but most of the ones they cover are the ones that have had celebrities backing them, like Tom Hanks’ Electric City or Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy.  If you’ve got access to celebrities, your chances obviously are higher to get money, but I’ve seen a lot of celebrity-backed web series get less views than average, everyday videos on YouTube.

Here’s the first episode of Web Therapy, with guest star Meryl Streep:

4. Using Available Resources

 Skipping ahead in their post, I found this interesting section where they talk to LAWEBFEST founder Mike Ajakwe, Jr.  After hitting on some points already discussed in the article, he mentions something about “using the resources around you.”  This is finding people who are eager to help and just want the experience.  Here’s a great quote:

If you live in a filmmaking hub, but even if you don’t, you can find talented people will often work for free for the experience or to bolster their resume. “There are so many people around you that can help. There are sound people, hair and make-up people, wardrobe experts,” he says. “If you put an ad on Craigslist in the area of production, the people who will respond are amazing.”

Now, this is still the kind of thought process that makes web series and web-based entertainment lower than TV series in many people’s eyes, because web series are still considered “starting points” or “a place to get experience.”  But remember, web series and the like are still in their infancy compared to any other form of entertainment, and you can’t let the perception get you down.  Web series are just like any other form of entertainment, and you can’t expect to get rich doing it right away.

The key is to keep grinding and doing what you love, and one day the series might become a hit, or you might get discovered.  But the important thing is that you’re not doing it for the money, even though you should do everything in your power to get it seen.

5. Have A Plan

 Ajakwe also says to have a plan.  And what that means is that you’re the boss and people want to follow you, and you should be a decisive leader.  It reminds me of some tips Ryan Connolly laid out in this episode of Film Riot concerning his experience on his short film Losses:

6. The Quality

 As always, it’s not that you look like a slickly produced Hollywood movie, but you should at least look like you know what you’re doing, and sound and lighting are key.  Almost every bad video is upended by bad sound, and in many cases, bad lighting.  People should be able to see and hear you clearly, and if you can create even the slightest of a mood with your lighting, even more points to you.  This is something else that Hitman 101 creator Staven talks about in his interview with  I highly suggest you take a look at that discussion because it has a wealth of information.

 7. Use Resources

There are a number of places you can find information on how to find success. Check out the YouTube Creator Playbook, and for awesome film/video tricks on the cheap, Revision3’s Film Riot.  Also, Freddie Wong wrote this excellent post about how his channel got popular.  Another good resource is, a great blog to stay up to date with information regarding web series.  These, in addition to the other links already posted here, should give you a really good start.

[BIG UPS to the Reference Source:]

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Starting a web series is a great way to go
for any new producer with an up and coming show.

An audience is needed to prove content worthiness on a grand scale,
I’m Qui
and Exposure is Key if any production intends to mass sale.

5-4-3-2-1 Lights! Camera Action!
No scene is a get rich quick thing –
Viva la Film because it is fun!


Other Sources: Web Series Channel, Define Web Series Success