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I’m just in from Hawkins Theaters premier debut of PROUD MARY and Taraji P. Henson did her thang!


No spoilers here. Should you see it? Yes honey!
There was a whole lot of action/script drama and a lil’ funny.

It wasn’t a comedy but life can be a gas.
I’ve been in a hairy situation or two and had to laugh.

taraji_p_henson_proudmary_silhouette.jpgProud Mary is an assassin and her ex-beau is fine.
He’s the dude from HTGAWM – from Analise’s line.

In Proud Mary his name was Tom and he was able
To hold down the leading male role; quite stable.

I enjoyed his presence.
Proud Mary bore a lot of Christy Love’s essence.

You probably don’t know or remember Christy Love?
But she is exactly what Cinematography needs more of.

She was the television version of the principle character in FOXY BROWN. Like Christy and Foxy, Mary shows up and throws down.

She can hold her weight in chrome pounds.
She rarely misses if she fires a sound…

Heavy stunt action work owned the view –
like any boom-bang film starring Tom Cruise.

Again — I LOVED IT.

Taraji is showing up for that action hero title!
I support the view. We could use a new femme action icon.

Right on to the reel – and reel to the right on!!
A woman’s touch is what’s needed when things go wrong.

billy-brown3.jpgI’m proud of Ms. T. P. Henson and her co-star Billy Brown!
They filled the theater, thickly in my fair melanin town.

They get a BIG POUND! 👊🏾

The bay was packed with large groups of 10 or more.
For me, this film was a more personal score.

I sat in the back
In a tilted black hat.

I observed the laughter – I observed the gasps.
I observed a good time that by all – was being had.

and so I was quick to come home and tell you all about it.
I’m Qui
That PROUD of MARY, she. So much so, I had to content shout-it!

Open for plans this weekend? Friends or solo, choose to be merry!
Get dolled up — or maybe not. Regardless, go out and enjoy PROUD MARY.

Let’s go out to the movies…

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2 Cats at the moviesIt’s the weekend my friends – so let’s get it in!
Denzel gives THE EQUALIZER a reel ‘come again,’

At EQ’s first box office weekend it ranked 1st, the second week it was 2nd.
I’ve been trying to see it since day one – for a free moment, I’m beckonin’.

This weekends box office opening will include Boris Kudjoe in ADDICTED .
Which film do I see first? Good gracious, I am conflicted.

I think I will see them both. Two fine guys in one weekend? What a thriller.
I pray to see them both at one place, for Addicted opens in limited theaters.

Let’s go out to the movies. That’s where we’ll see all of the stars!
Another incentive to go the movies is the high caloric concession bar.

My kid and I went to the dollar movies, just the other day
Admission was just $3 bucks, but for the snacks, you will pay.

The kid was impressed with ticket prices. She thought the theater was dandy,
but she forfeited buying any popcorn, drinks, pretzels or even candy.

The cheapest snack on deck, was tallied at $4 dollars.
My 17-year old who’s newly employed, broke into a ‘laugh-hollar.’

Saying, “OMG! Are you kidding me? Those prices really hurt.
Had I known ahead of time, I’d have put candy in my purse.”

Oh isn’t she adorable? The concession prices were none the more loopy
than going to a regular priced theater and paying out the booty for a movie.
Ooo Wee. 🙂

I explained to her how it goes, the theater is just a hosting widget.
They have to hike the concession price – they get “little” off the ticket.

And once we were clear, we had a fantastic time together at the movies,
I’m Qui
Looking forward to Denzel and Kudjoe while dining on water and tutti frutti‘s.

If you like it – Put a DATE on it

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put a date on itBeyonce once said to all of the SINGLE LADIES that if a man likes you enough – he should put a ring on it, well recently Denzel Washington said something similar in an impromptu speech he gave to budding thespians after reviewing their craft. His advice is strong, it’s direct, and it’s the ‘game changer‘ ingredient:

Life is tricky, still you can have whatever you want.
God gave you vision through dreams, and it’s okay to flaunt
that you have passion inside. Sometimes you want to shout it!
But the vision is just a dream, if you do nothing about it.

Everything in life is attainable. Open your heart so that you can receive it.
Think you need additional mental support? I suggest you read THE SECRET.

Life. She can be tricky but once Denzel W. hits the stage,
even the universe pays attention and moves right out of the way.

It’s not just a skill Mr. Washington has – he’s encouraging you to hone it,
I’m Qui
and Dreams really do cone true, but first, you have to Put a DATE on it!


Perceptual Film Audition Banner

Perceptual Audition Ad - June2014Ready for your close-up? Email: to request more information or click HERE to connect via their website.

The HART of the NEWS

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Tuesday night at 10pm, I was on the film preview train
enjoying Kevin Harts new travelogue film: LET ME EXPLAIN.

He sold out Madison Square Gardens by being anything but lazy
and had us cracking up in Phoenix talking about women who act crazy.

I enjoyed it to the hilt and laughed at myself (via his script) a time or two.
Kevin Hart is the real deal and good ol’ laughter will carry him through.


More news on the wire, that varies between dying out and picking up steam
is the crazy unappetizing news about the law suit against Paula Dean.

We all know she’s been in the news, trying to apologize for the N-word,
but the white woman who filed the suit against her – said those charges are not hers.

She’s not suing Paula Deen for being derogatory to any minority races,
but rather sewing her for condonation and abuse of power in their work places.

In fact, the plaintiff’s name is Lisa Jackson, and you can say what you like,
but she’s not kin to the King of Pop at all, you see Lisa Jackson is white.

If this isn’t a black and white issue, how in the world did the N-word come up?
I think her PR’s using it as a smoke screen in hopes to muddle-the-law-suit up.


If you’re hungry for some hot dogs – let me hear you holla
like the gf of Chestnut. He won twenty thousand dollars.

When it comes to eating 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes – you have to be the best.
That’s rightfully why Joey Chestnut — won Nathans Hot Dog Contest.


The 4th of July was great. I basked in independence and ate plenty,
I also adopted an awesome greyhound/heeler mix, whose name is Pretty Penny.

Penny 2013-07-03 at 4.09.55 PM


Today is our beloved Friday and there’s an overcast in Arizona at this time.
I’m so giddy about the shade of it all, I had to put it in rhyme.

Last Saturday was 119 degrees and I insisted on staying in the shade.
I left not my home to do errand roams – the living room is set to 78.

Originally, I’m from Texas and I used to think no place could possibly be hotter.
But now I know, that thought was faux. Phoenix natives let me hear you holler!


Beach bodies are hotter than the current temps and definitely in season.
I’m working out harder than ever before and here’s a part of the main reason:

Look at Jada’s view.
I want to do it too!

We’re the same age exactly, (save 30-days between us).
Who doesn’t want to be 41 and still kick up beach body fuss?

I know discipline is rough…
but my minds made up. I must!


Speaking of getting fit, I have actively been weight loosing.
I’m down 23 pounds. Physical activity is what I’m grooving.
It’s just like the FLOTUS said: “Alright folks! Let’s get moving!”

I’ve been shrinking up nicely since April the 24th.
23 pounds in 3 months encourages me to move more!

That’s a little over 7 pounds a month,
I’m loving the smaller tag size a bunch!


Speaking about the good of being “small”
Let me Explain is a laughable riot – y’all.

Nothing is as easy as it seems. We began this journey by laughing at Kevin Harts pain.
I‘m Qui
Watching the way he works a bad into being his good – and am duly doing the same.

What’s your plan to win in lifes game?

Go. See. Do.

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So Mothers Day is Sunday, what have you got planned? I’m a Mom and so far these folks that live with me have been ‘tight lipped’ regarding any type of planned celebration. Fortunately there’s my handy EBONY MAGAZINE and thier Monthly Agenda. Here’s what they have penciled in as recommended things we should consider to Go. See. and Do. for the remainder of The Month of May::

10th The UniverSoul Circus stops through Washington D.C.’s Capital Plaza Mall through the 27th.

16-27 Then Cannes Film Festival annually attracts our biggest and brightest stars to showcase and judge the best films the world has to offer.

18th The Brooklyn Museum is showing Question Bride: Black Males, a video installation featuring dialogue of some 150 Black men from 11 cities, including Birmingham, Chicago, Oakland, Calif., San Francisco, Atlanta and New Orleans. The artists Hank Willis Thomas and Chris Johnson, ,hope the varied conversations will help “deconstruct” Black stereotypes. Go to for more info.

Which movie will be more popular, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, starring Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, or uberfight drama Battleship, starring Liam Neeson, whom we’re sure will be kicking major butt, and features Rihanna in her big movie debut?

19th The Black Rodeo held at the Arkansas State Fair Complex. You know I’m a horse riding chick raised in the Fort Worth stockyards, so this sounds like a heck of a lot of fun to me. Yahhh! (that’s the noise I make when I’m trying to get my horse to pick up the pace, while agitating his side with my spurless boots).

25th Men In Black III starring Will Smith. — Mmph! I’ll see you there.

25-27 Jamaica’s Calabash international Literary Festival, held in Treasure Beach, celebrates Caribbean and Diaspora writers. For more info go to BOMBA!

25-28 Annual Urban Beach Week What would Memorial Day weekend be without the 13th Annual Urban Beach Week soiree in Miami’s South Beach? Or, if you’re a biker or a biker wannabe, skip Miami and head to Myrtle Beach, S.C. for Black Bike Week.

That’s a pretty good layout. So what will you be getting into?
I’m Qui
A high social she
– and I can’t wait to Go. See. Do. Ooo!

He’s a bad mother…

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LaTanya calls him Sam.

LaTanya calls him Sam.

Samuel L. Jackson is a bad mother — and he will never shut his mouth. The multibillion dollar man takes aim at President Obama and Hollywood, and dares you to say something. Kevin Powell [Ebony Magazine] reports:

“Say, man, my wife said you called her. What’s up with that?”

Samuel L. Jackson barks at me, sternly, his almond-colored deep set eyes weighted with history, mythology and Black folktales, scanning me quickly, methodically, as I respond, feebly, “Uh, my friend, the visual artist Radcliffe Bailey said to call…”

Before I could finish, Jackson strips the tension with a devilish smile, shakes my hand and returns to posing for the photo shoot

As Pandora spits a soul medley of James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, The Isley Brothers and Sly and the Family Stone, there is Sam, forever in his beloved Armani, firing up smoke, flames dancing from the cigar and the match thisclose to burning his finger. There is Sam tossing hats at the photographer’s lens, his bald head bobbing and weaving with each flick. There is Sam, much taller than I expected — about 6-feet-2 — so at home in his 64-year-old lean and battle tested body that he nonchalantly peels off one set of clothes, down to his white boxers, before changing into a new outfit. With no one batting an eye because this is Sam’s world.

Yes, it is mad corny, at this stage, to call Jackson “cool.” He is way past cool. he is chill, like the chilled ice in a sweet tea on that steamy Chattanooga, Tenn., porch where he inhaled the words and wisdom of his mama, his auntie, his grandmama, his granddaddy, his uncles, the men of his ‘hood. So chill, in fact, that even Sam’s being proclaimed by The Guinness World Records the top-grossing movie actor of all time, with nearly $7.5 billion in ticket sales, leads to a yawning response: “Yeah, I’ve done a couple of popular movies.”

An understatement, clearly a box office total that will balloon with his and Robert Downey Jr.’s star in the wake of Marvel Studios-produced The Avengers (which grossed $204 million dollars in its opening weekend). WOW! But Samuel L. is not just in this game for money or fame, although he readily admits, “The coolest thing about being famous is the free shit.”

This is Samuel L. Jackson’s version of the American Dream, remixed to include everything from his current role of Martin Luther King Jr. on Broadway (with Angela Bassett) in Katori Hall’s play The Mountaintop; to his (crack) smoking away his first shot at Broadway in August Wilson’s masterpiece The Piano Lesson (Charles S. Dutton got the part instead and Jackson was relegated to understudy), to his boyhood Saturday morning trips to the movies and roles in the plays of his schoolteacher auntie; to his lifelong love affair with books that lead him, initially, to oceanography, then to the revolutionary politics of the Black Power era, then to street theater and the power of the spoken word.

No doubt Jackson is the kind of man, the kind of Black man, who is relishing all he has witnessed since the days of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. As a student at Atlanta’s famed Moorehouse College, Sam was an usher at Dr. Kings funeral. Today he gets to freely portray King, very human faults and all, in a play at the same time a Black president is sitting in the White House, no less.

If there is one American Actor who embodies the seismic changes in American politics and popular culture in the years between Dr. King’s death and Barack Obama’s election and has also been a full participant along the way in the best and worst of who we have been — and are — it is Samuel L. Jackson.

“Life is,”
he says inside his tiny Mountaintop dressing room during a quieter moment,
“longer than I thought it would be.”

Especially when, in one lifetime, you’ve survived a ghetto filled with alcohol, drugs, violence and houses of prostitution on both corners of your block; Vietnam War and an extended Black militant period with friends name Stokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown; getting suspended from college for holding the White trustees of Moorehouse College hostage (along with Black advisors including Dr. King’s father) a year after King’s assassination; and a massive addiction to crack cocaine that not only nearly killed you, but also became the source of your role as Gator in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever, (he remains the only performer ever given a special supporting actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for that portrayal).

Jackson smiles a mischievous grin as he reflects upon Jungle Fever and his sudden fame after years of watching peers such as Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Alfre Woodard and Wesley Snipes achieve success: “People in Hollywood were suddenly like, ‘Hmmm, whoa! Oh, who’s that nigga?'”
(Click here to continue reading this column)

Serenading Rick Perry

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Texans are doing all that they can to expose Rick Perry’s lack luster, buster governing antics – so that the rest if the country isn’t bamboozled by the black hair dye job and the ‘rags to riches snob’ that Rick has become post leaving his modest farming/agricultural Democratic hometown in
Paint Creek, TX.

Check out the song writing & theatrical skills at Sanger High School,
They remind us that Rick Perry’s governing is so not cool:

“Where, Rick Perry are you tonight?”

Laugh today and always have a good time.
Let the song yield insight & ride your sublime. 🙂
After all, it’s almost voting time.

Off Broadway or Chit-lin Circuit

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Tonight Sheree Whitfield will star opposite of Dave Hollister in the stage play
“HEAVEN I NEED A HUG” at the Granville Arts Center in Garland, Texas.
Novelty write ups have already tagged this stage play “another round on the
chit-lin circuit” – and I tend to think they may be onto something with their

I pray that “Heaven I Need a Hug” is nothing like the chit-lin circuit design
it is prospected to be, because I plan to go out and support it. Heaven help me –
I will definitely need a hug if they’re on the same corny design. As for Sheree,
I hope she’s fabulous in her debut. I’m a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan myself.
My favorite femme personality would be KANDY though I must admit I have not
been able to watch the show since AJ died. The entire misfortune was too real and
deeply felt; however the rumor mill has been buzzing, her co-stars Kim Zolciak
and NeNe Leakes have been having difficulties negotiating their contracts for the
show, Sheree is set to return for the third season of ‘Housewives.’

It was announced yesterday on that the network has been given
a new season green light as it remains the highest rated show of the ‘Real Housewives’
franchise and last season it maintained its rank as the #1 series in its Thursday night
-10 PM time slot. Congratulations to the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Sheree
for landing a role opposite of Dave Hollister
. Vocally – He’s the best. If he takes over and sings all night, I’ll be happy and moist, but if the corn comes in via
the script… let’s just say I will be exiting the theater at the first whiff of chit-lins.
I’m absolutely allergic.