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THE SCORE is too important to ignore

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Besides the soulful intro and outro music that cues up every show on FOX SOUL, the content therein is usually relative and on-point. From The BOOK of SEAN to The FOX SOUL REPORT to THE SCORE, the formats are professional and deep topics are broached and discussed by multimedia members of the Black Community.

BET is doing its thang, but ol’ Fox wants ‘to hang –and it’s a good look. It’s clear by the lack of set design and audio engineering levels across most shows that Fox Soul has a lighter budget than its sister station. However, the talent is authentic, enriching, and addictive.

Tyler Perry Productions yield life to the BET Network at its core,
but all of the drama in the world wouldn’t amount to one pearl if it produced no financial score.

The Score is housed on Fox Soul, and its format speaks to me.
The host is Malik Davis, finances are his flavor… and that speaks to me.

I get the feeling that I’m hanging out with friends when I am watching Fox Soul.
Receiving the news from a talent that looks like you is feel-good gold.

That’s why Tyler Perry is a household name.
The SISTAS and their misters are all the rage, but on the cool, they’re related to The House of Payne.

BET has a nice little viewing frame, but still, it takes money to hone a view.
So, I’m thrown back onto Fox Soul to sit under Malik and the crew:

Both stations work, so I do what I do.
I suppose I’m into keeping the score and sharing it with you.

It’s good to know how to sow your hard-earned dough. Therefore, I do not yawn.
At the close of the show, I immediately go over to The Book of Sean.

Sean has much to say and it always makes sense.
He pulls his cases from social media faces and enlightens the elevated and dense.

And before my day of progress doth end,
I’m sure to seek out my Fox Soul Friends:

NiQuartely and Courtney.
The way the two convey the news always speaks to me:

There will always be room to do better and more good in the world.
Therefore, I wanted to take the time (in and out of rhyme) to voice the happiness of one girl.

I am a fan of diversity, and I love the views.
BET & Fox Soul: I appreciate you!

I can say less because your broadcasts say more.
I’ll never get enough of adding-it-up; kudos to The Score!


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Me and Thursdays — we go way back
like 4 new tires on a Cadillac.

It just is what it is.
I’m all about that ‘Thursday biz.’

What are you up to today?
Is everything everything? Are you feeling okay?

Did you sleep well last night? Tell me, love, did you dream?
I did and I loved it – I’m up to research what it means.

Do you ever do that? Research your dream for a dimensional reveal?
Or when you dream something vivid do you blame your last meal?

Either way, good morning, goodness. I’m so glad that we’ve made it this far.
I have a shoot this morning – my favorite healing arts star.

What? You don’t know of one? You implore the help of MD’s when you’re in pain?
Please don’t limit your access to good health – call a masseuse, a therapist, a saint!
For God sake, do not lower your quality of life because of pain.

During my documentary research, I learned much about the benefit of humans moving.
This morning via movement, I am up, showing-and-proving.’ What are you doing?

Do something for thyself on this day.
No other day is promised – please have it your way.

When was the last time that you went outside and played?
Thursday’s are verse-days; express your inner-kid today.

Me? I’m due on set in a few short minutes.
Experience is mine for the making; I’m in it to win it.

I’m making egg-scramble: sausage, egg, and potato.
I’d love to feed you, as well; consume breakfast before you go.

Rise and sip this jo that I have prepared for you.
Let me bid you a productive day filled with good energy through and through.

Whether or not you have to work the weekend, get jitted up, anyway – to win,
I’m Qui
and Thursdays are my days to shape the week’s end. It’s always good to start it out with a friend.

I appreciate you in my morning spend.

Have you ever been Intimate with a Black Woman before?

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It’s a question that Mignon Von’s character, Danni asked Preston (Trinity Whiteside) in season 1 of Tyler Perry’s SISTAS. That was 5 seasons ago. In case you forgot or haven’t seen the show yet, Preston responded that he has not ever been with a Black Woman before and in short order Danni changed his status.

Danni works at the airport as a desk agent, where she annoys Zach the most. Zach and Karen are a thing in season 1. Danni introduced them, and the two connected. Zach played off. Karen broke it off. Danni unabashedly inserts herself into her girlfriends’ lives in every episode because that’s what good friends do. Good friends share your vibe; the lows & the highs. Danny is a little intrusive, but her heart is in the right place. She’s one of my favorite SISTAS.

Karen (Ebony Obsidian) is a Hair Stylist, shop owner, and daughter of Ms. Lisa, (Sherry Belafonte), former USMC and Harley owner. The family dynamic is tight and full of might as these two women navigate the South in search of counterpart equality.

Andrea aka Andi (KJ Smith) is the leader of the group, especially in career status and bank balance. Andi is a Lawyer and was the side chick in Gary Borders marriage in season 1. Andi did not know that Gary was married when she took a meeting to counsel Jazmin Borders in a Divorce case. Lucky you, because you don’t have to wonder how this all plays out. SISTAS is now broadcasting season 5… and even though Gary is not a “SISTA” somehow he is still in the picture.

Sabrina (Novi Brown) works at the bank/credit union. She is an upstanding woman in search of love. Though we journey into “dating evolution.” In season 1, Sabrina is dating Calvin (Anthony Dalton). Calvin was raised by two dads and obviously has an active SAVAGE X FENTY account based on the tight lace underwear he fancies on their first two dates. Sabrina and I were caught off guard. Evolution is necessary for today’s dating scene. Did you know?

Fatima (Crystal Renee Hayslett) is that one girlfriend that you title “a ride or die chick.” She’s cute, curvy, and her game is shrewd but not swervy. She is a straight arrow for her boss. Fatima is Andi’s administrative assistant at the law firm. Nothing and no one gets by her. Every one needs a a lookout like Fatima. Financially and energetically this type of friend does not come cheap.

Tyler Perry is the man with the composition hand and BET is the outlet that houses the band and

SISTAS is not The LOVE BOAT, but relationships do cruise
and the things that go on in script are addictive and parallel community news.

Tyler Perry misses no beats inside of SISTAS climactic 1-2.
He’s quite spry with dramatic writes & pens resolutions, too.

SISTAS also touches on a lot of topics that I do not live-out everyday,
still, I can’t resist the vibe nor the insightful writes of love, work, and play.

Have you called on a SISTA today? You can always call on me
and if anyone ever asks you the fore-mentioned question, tell them “Yes, I’ve been with Qui.”

because I’m your SISTA and I love ya.’ ❤️