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In Love with The Know

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Have you ever met an inquisitive child who just wanted to know everything? A kid who just wanted to know how and why the caged bird sings? If it ever sang at all. A curious child who has to see the tree in the forest fall.  

I know of such a kid; indeed, one who has a question about everything that is established and its founding seed. I know the kid well, because the kid is me. Curiosity yields my favorite show; it yields me knowledge – and I love to know. 

Once upon a time my guy and I were driving down the street – and in the back compartment was a toddler in high seat.

She is the progeny of my kid. Her name is Quell and she shoots from the hip. 

She’s a respectful child, but curiosity has lip with adorable eyes, so bright and wide. – Quell didn’t believe the ice cream shop was closed until she couldn’t get inside.

We told her that the ice cream shop closed promptly at noon, but she insisted she see it personally to “know it” to be true.

She’s a lot like me and I’m not a Missouri mate, but I’m into ” the know,” like them folks from the “show me state.”

I am far from a toddler’s age and Quell is making strides. I love being in the know as it pertains to scripted life.

So, I read, research, and eventually I find — everything that I need to strengthen my vines. And good Lord o’ mine there is so much on the line, but if you know me, once I learn – all will be fine. I do it all of the time, learning a new thing will always add a new shine. Conquering what I don’t know is my favorite kind of grind.

How do you maintain? Do you need to know every last darn thang? 

“Need” is a strong word, but if no-one really minds — I’d very much love to sip new knowledge that is aged like wine 

until I’m drunk,

I’m Qui

In Love with The Know,” because it keeps me crunk. 

Magical Monday

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Photo by: Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

A Magical Monday does not include fresh mushrooms, my friend.  A Magical Monday is when you let “fantastic” in, when you ditch the mundane for a more exciting expend, it’s where boring ends and adventure begins. Day 1 of the week is a fine time to win.

Have you been watching the news? I have not and I am a glad. I am free to revel in my thoughts and with no imposition of bad. If it ain’t good news, then it doesn’t need to be had. The new administration isn’t into headlines and I think that’s pretty rad. 

It’s refreshing and feels a little Magical; a flow like Bombay. Today is a gift let it render you a lift; harp on the good of this Monday.  

Me? I’m already up and inside of my creative zone. I’ve got situations to tend to; from script-to-dome. The notes that I made over the weekend have shown — that deeds done birth new situations to be born. The societal commonalities remind me a lot of you; my characters are tried and strong in their truths

A producer flew in to see me and to hear of the fruit (scripts) that I do bear. He thought he’d stand and listen to a few, but soon pulled up a chair.

He liked the dramas that I have composed in POC & treatment — and clarified his interest in producing capital to seed it.

Elevator pitches are the way to go – composing them equals a funday. Sharing them with others who are proud script lovers has gifted me this Magical Monday. What did you do this weekend? I’d love to hear your say. I hope that you were productive too, and I hope that you prayed and played. 

Did you? There are a myriad of things that can help you convey truths.

When was the last time that you played? What are you doing after work today?

Dare I suggest that you prepare your mind — to implement gamification in your grind?

This morning’s magic could start with a strong cup of jo’ — filled with ground mushrooms.  I read it here, yo. Did you know about it and have you tried? I’d love to hear your take on what it tastes like. Did it add to caffein’s already beloved high? 

As Black History Month comes to an end, I’m always thinking this month is too short. Of course America would gift it to us. Gee golly what a sport. 

Americas Black History is made everyday of the year. We celebrate the spirit of it with cheers and tears. It’s an emotional journey from day one to the gurney.

Speaking of day one, please have a fantastic one and stay warm, like Bernie. The Magic starts with you being here, and I appreciate you. Ya’ heard me?

There’s sparkly glitter in my hair, 

I’m Qui

In Griot and Love all is fair.


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Yes, I can be corny sometimes, but so can Valentine’s Day. Give me a dish of cheese and champaign please and we can “skinny-down” & swim away.

The national day is still corny; a calendar date unashamedly to enforce — what many forget to say often enough and end up on the outs or in divorce:

Because I enjoy your company and the fact that you keep meeting me here — I want you to know that I love you so, and consider you my “Digital Dear.”

Does it sound weird? I’m known to be quirky, — so, love on yourself, because love is the first key.
Then keep loving on me, because I am a reflection of you. I love the good and the God in you.

I admire and chronicle your boss-business moves and your artistic grooves; it’s definitely what I’m into. I enjoy speaking my mind all of the time and can’t get enough of  topic: You. The progression of humanity truly rests with you. The love you give or not today will be tomorrows truths.

So what’s it going to be, o’ Digital Dear? Do yo think that we can love more with each passing day this year? Especially now that you know “the why.” Tomorrow is going to stare us dead in the eye. Let’s all yield a little more love; we could at least try. Fall in love and make a lot of it before you die. 

I know that I’m certainly going to try — and there’s no need to wait for the moon to occupy sky,

if there’s someone that you dig and they are near —  should they be single and up to mingle, whisper kind words into their ear.

If you are coupled-up and you guys have matching rings, take a trip “to-town” and re-familiarize yourself with things. 

If you’re single and have a prospect in your sites,  use this day to spark delights. Buy dinner & a card and if you’re gifted do write — on the inside of the card pen how you’d like to end the night.

Friends and lovers all love to be gifted. Feeling down and out? Give some love and get lifted.

Today I was gifted with love, hugs, and pampered like a child, 

I’m Qui

Happy to be corny, quirky, and in Love with you American Style