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Eating a New England steak.

Congratulations to those outstanding ballers on the Philadelphia Eagles team.
You went out there into the US BANK Stadium and did the dang’ thing.

Congrats! Congrats on hogging up our time and the NFL ball.
Even though I love my Cowboys, I’m truly happy for y’all.

Looks like Tom Brady’s career will continue on even still.
Yep. Regardless of how you feel about him, his game skills are real!

I am a Dallas Cowboy fan! I am not known to coddle with the Eagles in any way.
Though I was secretly pulling for them just to keep the cheaters at bay.


So hallelujah to the Creator on high!
It’s a miracle how I’m feelin’ about today’s Eagle flight.

I am sincere in my wishes. I send them with love –
for had the Patriots won, they’d have more Super Bowl Rings than us.

…and we can’t have that.dallas_cowboys_helmet_thumbnail

Goodnight dear NFL fans. Today’s recreational display was beautiful,
I’m Qui
about to turn in now, those battery throwers proved to be dutiful.


Me and My Baby

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We’re half way into month 1 in 2016.
It’s me and my baby and all that I mean.


35 pounds down – in search of more lean,
lady Oprah and orthers are back on the team.

We’re getting back to a fit scene.
No rhetoric about a dress size or jeans

but more about remolding genes and making them strong.
They said “my family history” called the shots– I proved them wrong.

I couldn’t get down with the “you can’t help it” song.
May we all be fit, live healthy, strong and get along.


Me and my baby – my baby is this year.
I’ll be damned if i accept any more jeers.

Since I am in no ways “damned” but a “ma’am” – I shall be obliged.
2016 is a brand new horse. Join me, por favor and ride.

Me an my baby, theres so much herein to explore and enjoy…
Great adventures for a girl; Fantastic adventures for a boy.

Use the hump of this midweek day to propel YOU.
I’m Qui
saying “Oui, Oui,” – I think this year is YOUR BABY too.

Ooo! Enjoy her cuddle and coo
whilst you “come up on” the 1 and 2.

PARTY’ing with INTEL Nerds – [a tale to be heard]

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INTEL Party Sept5_2014So I’m coming up on year 4, residing here in Arizona and mingling with INTEL,
and Friday night, they threw a party that captivated me, for quite a spell.

My date is an INTEL family member and I know that you’ve heard,
I’ve got a thing forhigh intellect, back-pack wearing nerds.’

Those fashionable cargo shorts – that they all love to wear
Is a no-no in other professions, but for nerds, they are fair.

Now, back at the party — I attended on a Friday night,
The nerds were dressed up, the ballroom decorum was tight,

My date went to fetch me a Cape Code – shaken over ice,
when a dude looking-to-dance approached me — looking nice

His name was Larry and he’s been employed w/INTEL for 8 years.
His dancing moves, were quite the groove and I found myself in cheer.

The moment we hit the dance floor, Larry did a 360 spin,
that’s when I knew, this evening was going to be a sure win.

How long has it been since Larry enjoyed a good party?
I, too, let loose to party-produce and we rocked it! Good Lordy!

The DJ was ok. He wasn’t consistently on ‘jam throttle,’
but he did start the party off by spinning V.I.C.’s WOBBLE!

Apparently in these parts,
many are taking to heart

that while AZFSM is inside most gadgets, they know how to throw a good shindig too.
After all, they’re the one’s who hosted President Obama when he came through.

That was in 2012 and I attended that too!
INTEL has got it going on like Wooo!

My dates name is Dedric and he’s a good soul,
He watched me work the dance floor and applauded my rhythm stroll.

I’m originally from Dallas, and parties go hard in the South,
jamming from Uncle Luke, Lil Jon and V.I.C.’s party mouth.

If you’re into line dancing and the WOBBLE, you should’ve come out Friday night.
I’m enjoying INTEL in AZ. Their calendar shindigs are quite the delight.

PARTY’ing with INTEL Nerds – is where the fun truly resides,
I’m Qui
and Good Monday Morning! From the weekend, I am still high.

I networked, DANCED and enjoyed good vibes.
PARTYing with INTEL Nerds is all-the-way LIVE!

Qui @ President Obama LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12

Qui @ President Obama LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12