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You guys know that I am into my dreams and trying to interpret them. Doing so is fun and often times very revealing to my circumstance and journey. However, this morning’s topic isn’t necessarily about deep dreaming because when the alarm went off I woke briefly, stood up walked across the room and turned it off, then I hopped back into bed and closed my eyes and saw this:

Photo by luis arias on Unsplash

Well it wasn’t the exact scene, but it is close. I saw two twin girl toddlers lying on their tummy’s on the floor with their heads up as if they are preparing to explore crawling. The baby girls were dressed alike in denim overalls and each had a bow in her hair; identical twins. I lingered there with my eyes closed and focused on the view, then I opened my eyes in the dark and became more and more curious as to “what” the view meant.

Seeing double. What does it mean if you haven’t been to happy hour? Well according to a quick research the view is an exciting one. From what I gathered, dreaming of or seeing twins in a dream state means:

Need I say more? Probably not, but I will, just to give you a little background and context. Yesterday was MOTHERS DAY and I spent the entire day at work, worried about the progress of my professional team. I’m at a point where I can tell that it is time for me to learn something new, but I love what I do, so I’ve been procrastinating ‘moving on. I had a running conversation in my head all day with God about feeling bad about knowing that I have to move on (which in essence means career escalation). I would thank Him in one sentence and pray for strength in the next because guilt was trying to hitch a ride with me. Guilt and I are not twins so I fought my inner thoughts to not be in the same car with guilt. After work I talked about the feeling and in the end I came to no resolve. I fell asleep. I slept deeply. I slept well. I woke up refreshed. I closed my eyes once more, after dismissing the alarm and then I saw double.

This morning I am double-glad that my view was not a remnant of happy hour because I needed to see that. I thank God for my research tendencies, too. I am not known to have an inkling on anything and not research it out. You can call me Mrs. Kravitz if you want to and I will happily answer.

Good morning beloved, we are at the beginning again
God is good. The day is new. Let us get up and win.

Yesterday was Mothers Day 2022
I enjoyed the flowers, the gifts of love and the many views
I pray yesterday was good to you too.

Today I am awake and the day is forecasted void of trouble,
besides when I woke up this morning, truth is, I was SEEING DOUBLE.

I am not pregnant and I have not given birth
but if you have questions about life, go to God first.

I did and I do and He answers every time,
I’m Qui
good morning to thee, I’ve got DOUBLE on my mind.

Today will be great at my leisure and my grind.

What are you poised to be productive in today?
Give it some thought then indulge in double play.


Recap and Dap

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Photo by Edgar Moran on Unsplash

I spent the weekend in a high-rise over looking Times Square,
Goodness and Inspiration met me there.

It was in the air and the air was thick.
When life feels mundane, an hiatus is my schtick.

And I’ve been schtick’ing it out for a while now.
I travel by car, train, and plane to glimpse at the cat’s meow.

The cat’s meow can be seen in the mountains that naturally grow high
the meow is also mirrored in elevated dwellings in architectural rise.

As can be seen looking up at the 5th Avenue skies…
A meow reached out and invited me to come nigh.

The passion and animation in his eyes could not be bridled.
So, I answered his call and sat for a spell; excitedly idle.

This particular “meow” is a cat himself.
When it comes to composing art, he is one fo the best.

And I don’t just mean when he puts colored substances onto canvas,
He’s an artist of life in search of the erroneous and great answers.

In this installment of KEY Recap and Dap things got pretty live,
as I entered the scene of Harlem and networked with FAB5.

If you have read any of my content over the last 15-years then you’d recall just how steady —
I have been learning the most from the legendary yolk of Sire Fab Five Freddy.

Sitting across from Fab and listening to his productive schedule and awe inspiring masterful life I was bursting at the seams to ask, “So, you’re writing a book?” The question came out of nowhere, and to my surprise he said, “Yes, I am working on a book.” My eyes grew wide as I am an avid reader and informative-seeder, then he said, “Would you like to read a draft excerpt?”

Fab hands me less than 10 pages and they spanned the ages of his formative years, between the ages of say 3 to 10-years old, maybe. There was no fat in this composition. Each recollection left me wiser and more intrigued about the legend whose looking 30 and sporting a platinum dye. He is adamant about not being labeled an Historian as a lot of respect goes into earning that title, but Fab is a living culmination of American History. He recalled the social tenement of the day when both Malcolm X and MLK were assassinated. The first decade of his life is American History insightful and page turning. Fab was born in 1960.

There’s so much more to NYC than Fab5Freddy, though running into him shaped the highlights of my hiatus. After all, it takes a tall legend to surpass the sky scrapers that surrounded my hotel suite imposing inspiration upon me. Hiatus’ exists for R&R and while I did no work and enjoyed people watching for hours on end (views that feed into script character compositions), it was the FAB HOUR that conveyed me the most power. Learning that his first art gallery exhibition was in Rome when he was 19 is still mind blowing. Who does that and how?


Staring Fab in the face in his domicile space, my wig was blown.
I was married at 19. At 19, Fab was showcasing his art in Rome.

It’s just what we were doing at age of 19
that may be the key to mapping out dreams.

What do you want to do and when do you want to do it?
Fight to work on self and situations – resort not to “screw it.“

Self-sabotage has not ever been known to help
in any way or form when trying to produce wealth.

Wealth doesn’t just mean money, honey, I’m talking about self-gold.
Fab has the goods on self-worth and his hood; for every man that should be goal.

And that is what I did with my weekend.
The cost of my hiatus was a meager spend

compared to the amount of legacy that I got out of it,
I’m Qui
Glad to Recap and Dap with thee. The weekend was great – I loved it!


Fun Fact that many may not know:
Fab5Freddy is the beloved godson of Jazz’s great MAX ROACH.

Goal figure…It just had to be so.


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Good morning beloved, how do you do? Is the life of zen still with you? Is happiness still your Boo?

I certainly hope so. As we roll into Spring let’s focus on our inner glow.

Are you meditating on your breath?  Do you even know how? Focus is for everyone, let’s do some now: 

Three minutes is not too long to invest in you and your inner calm… breathe.
Do it slow, steady, and with ease.

I am grateful for the capacity to inhale and exhale oxygen that is free.

I am grateful for the breath of “we.” Now breathe.

If when you inhale you are in thought and do think — that on the exhale that something did stink?

Just gargle a little bit — then rinse and spit and breathe. Enjoy the inhale of the mouthwash’s breeze.

Life is hill’y — we all know that. But don’t take it personal; only deal in the facts — then breathe. 

It feel’s good. Let gratefulness be understood with each breath that you breathe.

Look at you doing it autonomously and with ease. I’m paralleling your in-and-out, to a “t.” 

Wednesday is a great day for introspection. Reflect and give thanks during meditation… and breathe.

Whatever it is that you have facing you today, go forth and conquer it after you pray… and breathe. 

It’s obvious that I’m focused on breath. From the moment I started, I can’t let it rest.

I am grateful for life and I don’t consider her challenges to be strife.

I meditate and I learn. I spend very little time with “yearn.”

Most things we can achieve. May our imagination be great and creativity stay on our plate, as we grow to be great… and 

This morning my mind is occupied with thanks and humility, 

I’m Qui

Thank you for spending your time with me.

Godspeed to a day of love and prosperity and please don’t forget to breathe.