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  1. […] was hurt, and I cried. Then I stood up and marched on. —  I wrote a poem with no alarm and continued to support America; […]

  2. uncle-sam-hat.jpgGum’ment. What is it?
    It’s slang for the word Government.

    What up Gum’ment? I see that you do what you please,
    but you’s a bit stingy on assistance; where’s our butter and cheese?

    reagan-cheese-50362448.jpgAnd I don’t mean that heavily colored, hard block shaped stuff.
    I’m talking about the American Dream – the hard workers clean come-up.

    We’re working hard and educating daily
    but you won’t support a raise on the wages they pay me.

    What sayest ye, o’ peoples gum’ment?
    Upon tax breaks for the rich is how your divide is spent?

    Ain’t that a wench though to me it’s certainly not new.
    I’ve been hipped to your hook since my first vote in ’92.

    butt-crack.gifI see that you’ve gotten more relaxed;
    your pants are awfully low – I can see your crack.

    But somehow I think that you like it like that.
    Implying to the world to, “Kiss my crack.”

    But do the people have your back?
    Do you know if you’ve been made – wearing the Oz’s tiny hat?

    What up Gum’ment? Today I’ve got no personal beef with you.
    What you were to those who came before me – you remain true.

    I dig “keeping it true.”
    To thine self, you’ve no rebuke –

    still, I ain’t even mad at you.
    We are a people by the people and “we” view,

    governing by the constitution to be the thing to live it out.
    And when things steep-up we’ve been known to tip spout

    and pour excess to start a new brew, if necessary.
    This is not an act the people look forward to in carrying,

    but in the case of such… o’ Gum’ment,
    hear with sweet ears, our united vent –
    for what we said, we really meant

    when we voted at midterms.
    We respect your heat and wish no burns.

    From history let us learn that Santa ain’t real, neither is Donner nor Vixen.
    I’m Qui
    Just to be fair I keep you in my prayers – that you don’t end up another Nixon.


  3. I am responsible for all that I engage in, hence —
    I educate myself as much as possible on interested events.

    I’m interested in the UNITED STATES waking the frack up and pulling it together.
    I’m interested in the skies over us all, global warming and the weather.

    Those two interests alone are nothing at which to squawk at or choke.
    Therefore I stay educated on political candidates and I stay ready to VOTE.

    ✔️ Education is a privilege as well is soda water.
    One you can read to obtain, the other you can buy or barter.

    ✔️ The weather… we’re so clever to rip up systems that have been put into place
    to slow down global warming and to save Mother Earths face.


    I mean, sure she’s a little aged, but we don’t have to continue to give her cancer.
    Repealing rules put in place to heal her, makes no sense and can’t be the answer.

    Hence the events at hand…
    folks are protesting all across the land.

    I haven’t joined the ranks. I’m not quite in the street-band.
    November 8th was the date that we held THE POWER of VOTE in our hands.

    Kinfolk, I don’t understand.
    What is this Every Woman – Every Man

    wool-shick that’s going on?
    I heralded I AM WITH HER
    and America said: “You Wrong.”

    Look at yourself — those of you who couldn’t stomach such,
    remember when VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON was asking too much?

    Emails. Emails? What the hell!
    America voted for Trump and wished Clinton to jail.

    Oh well and Hence the events.
    Your signs are sharpe’d and your vote has been spent.

    Who put this mess into action? Take a guess. Hint-hint.
    When entitlement is first on your plate – your wisest vision is spent.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir. I know none of my closest friends voted for a drumf ill.
    I have love for all who are finally awake – but Me? I’m gonna have to chill.

    My legs are still tired from the last 12-years of restless and broadcasted chatter
    As African Americans were being gunned down. Remember BLACK LIVES MATTER?

    I ain’t into no “johnny-come-lately” psycho babble,
    Still I’m glad you’ve finally joined the protest dabble.


    Hence The Events:
    Black Lives Matter is how my energy was spent.

    America has always mattered. I used to always put her first.
    Tho I was always 3rd class to her, after race and her purse.

    Aw heck! I could go on and on, but there’s too much fun that I have to tend to.
    I’m Qui
    out here perusing the land and conversing with interesting folks like you. Oooo!

    America is in trouble. What are we ‘gonna do?
    Hence the events…


  4. And now it’s the year 2016. My goodness how time flies.
    I remember being 18, in love and not so wise.

    I remember it like it was yesterday but it was 1989.
    I reminisce BEFORE THE KIDS when my physique was ‘oh so fine.’

    My current race is to get back in shape.
    2015 took 30 pounds off of me and slimmed up my face.

    I’m glad about it and I can’t help but smile.
    I’ve adopted good diet and fitness on my journeys mile.

    I’m looking like I did in high school. Life is wild.
    I’m back to my old self after raising the last child.


    YES! I’m grateful to God and I haven’t a clue as to what’s next.
    I’m over here working out daily. I’m on a “physique check.”

    It looks like 2016 has come in on a high note.
    I’m filled with good will, no negative bloat.

    I didn’t eat the pork and I’ve kept my nose clean.
    My circle of friends is tight. Its not the SIZE of the ring.

    It’s a “quality relationship” thing and I’m all about craftsmanship.
    If a relationship is not working for me in 2016 – Miz Qui’s ‘gone have to dip. 😀

    I mean business darling. I’m out to work hard and have fun.
    I’m Qui
    Happy 2016! Now watch a ‘Master at the Art of Living‘ get things done.

    I’m in love with life – you gotta know it’s true.
    I reckon I believed Russell when he said, “Do You!”


    She’s The One.. She’s my sister.

    There are many in the city who walk around just to be pretty;
    There are those who moan and groan the whole day through…
    There are are those who make the most of the circumstance they host,
    And there are some who simply do what they have to do.

    But she’s a Mother and friend to many,
    Whether it’s a dollar or a penny she must give to lighten someone’s heavy load.
    And when the future dims a bit, oh no, she doesn’t quit.
    She just goes and goes and goes and goes and goes!

    And she’s smiling through her trials, through her obstacles and pain,
    For she knows that there’s a brighter day ahead.
    And then, before you know it, she will surely, surely show it…
    She is up and on her happy feet again!

    She will be there on the double, especially if you’re in trouble,
    And she’ll even run you to and fro all day
    Till your heart is filled with joy (and no, she won’t be coy)…
    As she heads for her evening chair to end the day.

    She’s a winner, and we know it,
    And today we want to show it.
    She will laugh and smile and move the day along.

    But don’t stop until you’ve prayed for her.
    Thank God that we were made for her,
    And sing the old but lovely birthday song: 🎹🎹🎹🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Arthurlynn (Art, Lynn, [Qui’s] Mama, GG, Prayer Partner…..)
    Happy Birthday to you!
    AND MANY MORE‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
    With love that is deeper than the ocean,
    Your Big Sis, Annie
    [Qui’s Aunt]

    • The Birthday Girls cordial response::
      As tears roll down my face,
      It’s not easy to erase,
      the blessings Gods bestowed me with His mercy & His grace.
      For I can plainly tell,
      since I’ve been through some living hell.
      That His love for me is greater than I know.
      Thank God for you my Sis & all my family that would not ever stand to see me Fall.
      I count it all —
      to know it’s not just a coy,
      that your love is oh so true & genuine.
      Thank you for everything ,your words they make me sing,
      I’m so happy, oh so happy to you my family I can cling.
      Love always,
      Packer # 67😊Lynn.

  6. PlumQui-2015crop And so I’m back and yes I have something to say
    I’m all about EATING CLEAN and it has changed my weight.

    Once I hit year 40, things started to show wear…
    I noticed the calories were hanging on – like I didn’t even care.

    But I did and I began to grow big; I knew not what to do.
    Little did I know the [partial] culprit was the fast food diet of me and you.

    😀 Yes. I have duly included you, too.
    I know I’m not the only one w/fast food habit to lose.

    The fat started to over marble my muscle and fuse.
    I started to hate any pictures snapping my view.

    But you know me, I was cheesing for pics anyway
    Until a fantastic Naturapath came my way
    and she had something to say:


    “Qui if you don’t want extra pounds on your frame, hanging about –
    Easy on the gym but watch everything that goes into your mouth.”

    The advice sounded monumental and I wasn’t sure if it was an order I could meet,
    after all, McDonalds was down the street and I was craving a soft serve treat.

    But after a few minutes of intimate conversation,
    My mind connected to the QUALITY OF LIFE relation

    and I knew I had to do it.
    Deny fast food, fat and get through it.

    Immediately I got to it and the last few months have been REINVENTING and SOUND.
    My face and my waist are slimmer, I’m more than 15 pounds down.


    Good eating put my frame in gear.

    I didn’t join a new gym. I used an elliptical machine at home.
    I’m Qui
    That Poetic & Griot she — feeling like a teen, but I’m grown!

    #CleanEating rules my kitchen and my dome.
    Are you ready to get on?


  7. The Coaches Plan

    Tina Jo Reese, Camille Cherry and TJ Sabur (10-year old son, TJ crossed over 9/2/11).

    Tina Jo Reese, Camille Cherry and TJ Sabur (10-year old son, TJ crossed over 9/2/11).

    [Authors delivery: a Qui Audio Byte]

    The game is in the 4th quarter & the scoreboard is lit up,
    The teams in need of a touchdown; a big show of love.

    Players are suited out, waiting to hear their name;
    Each one secretly thinking, “Coach put me in the game.”

    Skill & purpose must be clear, as well as the heart be strong & true.
    Each player in the yard working hard – praying to be chosen by you.

    As we work in the yard, some shape up faster than others,
    We build unbreakable bonds – closer than sisters & brothers.

    Hard at work, we are on the field, testing our physical frame.
    All for that chance when we the coach may stand to finally call our name.

    Tina was a true warrior. She pushed through life with purpose.
    She sharpened her skill & did His will, knowing 1-day, He would call her.

    And once you’re in the game, team members don’t mope about.
    Canons go off to memorialize the cost and the people dance & shout.

    God is the head coach and He’s always in need of a good play.
    He saw fit to call in Tina, and so we are gathered here, today.

    You would be so upset if the seconds counted and the coach didn’t pull your favorite player in.
    God needed a big play, we may not understand today, but I’m certain He was going for the WIN.

    A great player’s mind and heart is open to receive the skilled comprehension of what God has to say,
    God needed Tina Jo Reese. God called her and put her into play.

    Now the game is forever changed. God has His best player on the field.
    Today we let go of Tina, today we embrace Camille.

    The game is in the 4th quarter; the win is charted with divine ease.
    God has vision. We respect His decision. We’ll miss you Tina Jo Reese.
    [Poetic Memoir by: Qui]


    Tina’s departure: My Friend is Gone.
    TJ’s departure: My Baby is Gone.

  8. Jeanne Cooper went homeAnd just like that she walked into the light.
    I cried a little, but I’m alright.
    Y&R will yield me 1 player shy.
    I’ll say a prayer for her fam tonight.

    Then I’ll propose a toast to a wonderful afterlife
    and down a double-shot of PASSION FRUIT – VODKA SKYY.

    No. This is not a sad occasion, Ms. C was 84.
    And we’ll go on to sing the songs of ‘how we do adore.’

    She was a staple on Y&R, I don’t know how they are going to make it.
    I’m sure the writers will whip something up and the actors won’t have to fake it.

    Life. She is funny and Jeanne Cooper was a blast.
    I’m Qui
    And I can only pray to live a life so full of pizzaz.


    Celebrate YOUR LIFE today.


    Goodbye Jeanne Cooper

  9. Politics ain’t pretty, but it sure is a hoot.
    If you want to be pres. – gotta raise lots of loot.

    Must be sharp and charmed in speech;
    Must make running a country, look like a day at the beach.

    Must be suave but not be impeached.
    Sign patriotic contract with no release.

    Rule over all – even if only half of the population like ya’.
    Vote often on every government level, or politics will bite ya’.

    No. I don’t reckon politics is pretty but it sho’ is necessary
    to unite us in contract – the democracy we carry.

    This years presidential debate is going to be hoot.
    Each candidate starchy clean and standing on mounds of loot.

    Mitt Romney is doing his thing. It’s my pleasure to watch him,
    though I think in the presidential debates – President Obama’s gonna squash him.

    I’m influenced by the poll numbers by Quinnipiac and ‘nem
    and am noticing Romney is loosing his favorability hem.

    President O is on a roll and it’s only September.
    I had to poeticize about this moment – for it’s one I want to remember.

    See ya at the polls!

  10. Life is at hand – and you’ve got to live it.
    Love is best shown through a hug – so give it.

    If you’re faced with a problem, ol’ prayer still works.
    And when things come back GOOD – go ahead and twerk.

    Life is at hand – don’t miss an opportunity
    to dance, to laugh, to be inspired, to sing…

    Do what you feel — because it’s only a moment.
    A good life is at hand and you’ve got to hone it.

    It is my very wish that we all be content.
    Your life is a good one. It is heaven sent.

    No matter what the circumstances, or what foul thing you’ve done.
    There’s always time to change whilst you walk under the sun.

    You’ve been living a good life and yield respect to all in every venue.
    Your life is a living legacy. Keep it up. I encourage you to continue.

    Life is at hand – it’s about the take and the give.
    Take the opportunity today to live the best life you can live.

    You deserve it.


  11. Honest water fun for the Summer lover.
    T’was the same that claimed life of young Kyle Glover.

    Today Usher Raymond is heart broken –>ditto is his ex
    Because they’ve lost a loved one with a big energy connect.

    A couple of weeks ago, every media outlet read
    about 11-yr old Kyle Glover being pronounced brain dead.

    It happened in the water, at the beginning of a new week.
    Kyle and a 15-yr old friend were run over by a jet ski.

    Tameeka called 911 while praying toGod this wasn’t the end,
    for the driver of the wreckless jet ski, was in fact a family friend.

    The driver was not drunk. It was an accident on all accounts,
    and as a result of such thing, we’ve lost a spirit of immeasurable amounts.

    Children have big spirits and it’s always sad to see them go.
    Please pray for Tameeka and her other 3 children as they continue to grow.

    Please pray for Usher Raymond – he’s certainly got his hands full.
    Life is short, be a vibrant sport. Living any other way is just bull.

    Honest water fun for the vibrant Summer lover.
    God has another Angel in tow, he now has Kyle Glover.

    Don’t ever stop praying for the children: especially yours and mine.
    Without their energetic lives our world would lack sunshine.

  12. My Story

    Life has been good to me. Life has been swell.
    I met WordPress in 2010 and it’s already 2012.

    I started my own Entertainment website in January of 2004
    when BlackPlanet & Myspace couldn’t hold my bandwidth no more.

    I was completely independent – it was just me and ol’ Startlogic.
    I had no webmaster experience just a research happy noggin.

    The Qui Entertainment Network started out with me just writing in rhyme
    serving up a mixture of world news facts, a dash of gossip and 2/3 of sunshine.

    In 2006 – I met Sir Fab5Freddy
    and my love of The BIG APPLE has every since been steady.

    Not because of meeting one man – but for all [from him] that I have learned.
    Fab may appear to be floating on clouds; though his clout is solid & well earned.

    He’s a HIP HOP STATESMAN and an African American historian as well –
    who keeps scores of documented binds atop of his low bowed shelves.

    I read and I read, though I learned much more from taking notes.
    I made good on everything he told me to – each suggestion he spoke.

    He recommended script writing school, so I could learn the proper 1-2-3’s
    of STORY: Principle & Structure as taught by Robert McKee.


    I then sought to conquer filming. My approach: professional – no faker;
    I joined an Acting Conservatory and then took classes @Video Maker.

    The year was finally 2008 and I’d saved quite enough to spare
    for a MacBook Pro that was packed with loads of film hardware.

    That purchase was immediately followed up
    with acquiring The Studio of FINAL CUT.

    Quite a nifty investment that I’m still learning to hone;
    In the process of –opportunity relocated me to a new home.

    The year was 2011 and the exact day was in the month of November –
    We moved West, with our production invest — a gamble — I do remember.

    And so here I am today excitedly pushing my reel cause;
    Creativity is 90% of me – part perfections and beneficial flaws.

    The benefit of endless creativity tho my methods are so unorthodox.
    In Griot I give credit where credit is due and it’s you [o’ reader] who rocks!

    You’ve been through it with me since the beginning – so to you –> I’ll always be true.
    I’m Qui
    Expanding Qui Entertainment everyday and still giddy about kicking it with you.

  13. I refuse to say RIP again —
    (even tho I just did) to Whitney Houston.

    I won’t make this another sobering piece
    about the grim reaper and those that he’s seized.

    I refuse to say RIP again — so I’ll say “Hello”.
    LIFE is at hand and we’ve got a long way to go.

    Love is on the wings and “needs” remain steady.
    Sex is still in fashion – just ask Ms. (White) Betty. lol!


    So while I refuse to say goodbye – I insist on keeping on trucking.
    I may not write another sad piece, but I’ll always be up for some HUGGING.


    I refuse to wallow today in any way that forfeits reflecting my best.
    Let us run with veracity and conquer SUCCESS!

    Like Whitney Houston did.
    You know she started when she was just a kid
    and so, the world notes her absence – she is already missed.

    Kiss! Kiss!
    I’m Qui
    Her LEO sis.

    Whitney Houston
    8/9/1963 – 2/11/2012

  14. Documenting LIFE OUT LOUD

    My Big Momma crossed over the other day
    She was 81 and did so without delay.
    It was old age – things started shutting down…
    I, with the rest of our family gathered around.

    Her passing was dignified- she got right to it.
    The staff at Hughely Hospital helped us all through it.
    In my spiritual eye, it was natural & I wasn’t skerd.
    We labored her going out like a family labors a birth.

    I was strong… I cried.

    I was happy for the transitional score,
    because old age isn’t Big Momma’s burden no more.

    We exited the scene like we were off to revel in fun.
    Big Momma was like Jay-Z said, “On to the next one”…

    I’m Qui
    Documenting LIFE OUT LOUD.

    Juanita Gordon Philmore
    “Big Momma”
    February 29,1930 – September 15, 2011

  15. QUI FILMS "The Caucus" short film will be shown at the 5th Annual TEXAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL Wed. 2/23-Sat. 2/26 10am-Midnight

    5th Annual TEXAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL @ Studio Movie Grill Wed. 2/23-Sat. 2/26 10am-Midnight

    Okay – Okay I’ve got some BIG DEAL NEWS:
    The TEXAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL will screen a QUI FILMS hue.

    “THE CAUCUS” is the name of our short film thats been chosen & given rights
    to premier on February 23, 2011 @ 8pm on the Festivals OPENING NIGHT.

    I’m happy – I’m giddy. I couldn’t be more pleased.
    Last year I claimed “I’D ENTER” then opportunity opened up with ease.
    Oooo Weee.

    Giancarlo Esposito (Big Brother Julian) hosted the TBFF last year,
    and the spirit of his knowledge that impressed upon me like college – is still near.

    Insightful stuff.
    He encouraged us to persevere and conquer the roughs.

    …and I did.
    This years film festival finds me ‘not hid’.

    This is a huge milestone for me personally and professionally too,
    I’m Qui
    Digging the constant support
    of thee & am thrilled to be on debut.
    Woot! Woot!
    and Ooo!
    To: All who are pulling For: My good, “THANK YOU”. 🙂

  16. So it’s the first week of 2011 Alas
    I’m in to win it, taking names and kicking fast. lol! 🙂

    You thought I was going to say kicking ASH. (+/-)
    Ashy Larry

    Tell me no lies and I’ll ask you no speculative questions,
    I’m Qui
    Rooting for our collective prosperity in 2011

  17. WE BID ADU to the Spirit of GOOD LIFE –
    She served us well and she FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT.

    Concluding the life of a beautiful WIFE & MOTHER:
    Yesterday ELIZABETH EDWARDS braved the end and “crossed over”.

    Her life was not an easy one. Many journies were uphill.
    Coveting her husband whilst she was sick – was solely a HUNTERS thrill.

    A woman in her youth when she met and married her beau.
    The Lord said “be frutiful” – so for JOHN she birthed fo’ [4].

    And sure enough adversity came at the expense of politics and lack of personal privacy,
    but when it came to handling all with grace — Liz’s name sits atop of the hierarchy.

    Her strength will be missed, but not ever forgotten by one ME.
    I’m Qui
    and I thank God she suffers no more – her sweet spirit has been set free.

    (Ms. Elizabeth Edwards lost her life to Breast Cancer)

  18. We’re 2/3’s into the month of July
    and b.s. news continues to be nigh.

    BP is still having issues, though a testing cap [for now] will sufffice;
    We’re killing off fish for far longer than we’d wish— thus I’m ordering veggies and rice. 🙂

    I say “We’re killing off the fish” – because BP is not in this dung alone.
    There’s nothing we: AMERICANS like more than our “transportation jones“.

    We simply can not do without the frick fracken oil.
    Not even if it means our human existence could end in spoil…
    at night I toss and turn for future turmoils.

    Pres. Obama keeps his nose to the grind stone; Mr. Obama is duly on his job.
    But someone in the WH fell for the ‘okey doke’ and encouraged the resignation of Shirley Sherrod.
    The NAACP has apoligized for being apart of the duped mob.

    In an effort to denouce racism, yoo-hoo’s and anything of the likes
    We’ve forfeited research and have performed a face @ nose spite.
    only afterwards…do we see the light.

    Black News seems to be EVERYDAY these days– There’s so much to pick and choose from
    I prefer to paint it in Griot form – makes for a unique an interesting conversational sum.
    Mm-yum yum. lol! 🙂

    Be ye Informed and Be ye Entertained,
    I’m am she, a POETIC beast: Ms. Qui is my name.
    The News is poetic, insigthful and insane…

  19. L-LIVING


  20. Ms. LENA HORNE

    We’re destined to die from the day we are born
    As of May 9th, 2010 — REST IN PEACE Ms. Lena Horne.

    Stormy Weather didn’t come into play on the day that she crossed over,
    She reaped good seeds for her PIONEERING deeds. She was a good seed sewer.

    Graceful was her entrance onto the stage and her quiet exit followed suit — in style.
    I remember Ms. Horne as the (black & white) film star who invoked a little colored girl to SMILE.

    The little colored girl was me; the little colored girl is grown today.
    What Lena Horne lent me during her TV view has and will continue take me a long way.

    We’re destined to die from the day we are born
    As of May 9th, 2010 — REST IN PEACE Ms. Lena Horne.

  21. I digg your positive educational style!! Keep doing you!!

  22. It’s February already – in the year of 2010
    and I’m digging The Harlem Renaissance all over again.
    Reading the literal and jazzy deeds of the 1920’s and 1930’s
    invokes an internal fire that ‘edges me on’ to be word wit flirty.

    I’m a few years past 30 and I’m doing real good.
    I don’t know IT all though much is understood.
    Give back to my hood and my people on a whole will thrive;
    Keep unity, knowledge, good will, and peace alive. Thrive.

    Together we can make it.
    Black History is more than a month – I can’t fake it.
    I am sexy, black, and perhaps even voluptously fat
    though I’m working out without a doubt to change the weight of that.

    Once it was made absolutely clear that: our President is black
    Haters lined up to petition to take Black History month back. 🙂

    I doubt if we’ll so quickly give up honoring the American calendars acknowledgement & designated auto-dated fuel.
    I suppose one could ‘shut up an entire race of people’, if they yielded them each:: 40 acres & a mule.

    I’m by no means a ‘stand and wait’ kind of chic nor am I a ‘slacker seeking reparations’.
    I’m just a black woman who likes to put things on your mind thorugh Griot conversations.

    Are you thinking?

  23. […] grown mind is leading the charge today; It need not be the weekend for me to erect such a say. I do it because I dig the feeling. Uninhibitedly grown – the route is so […]

  24. I would have Twitted this – but it’s going to have more characters than 140.
    In need to blow off a lil’ steam – I’m writing & lip biting – Oooo Lawdy.
    An herbal shorty (stuffed hardy) will do me no good at this moment in time
    I’m craving to get high off of good knowledge nigh – from a well cultured mind.
    Who doesn’t like good head?

    I would have Twitted this – but I think the preliminary rules made me agree
    that I would use no more than 140 characters and ride the fence of PG
    …and well… y’all know me – I’ve got a plethora of things to say.
    and I’m hardly disciplined to PG when I’M ON femme word play.’
    Let the good mind be fed.

    I AM ON IT – indeed – though I’d much rather be atop of Adams off spring,
    I’m Qui
    Caressing the freedoms that a grown Poetic Mic brings. I do dig this oral thing.

    Expressing verbs through words
    Caveat: Let no puns fall to the curb.

  25. I’ll go first – because you know how I do
    I’m that educated kitty with the Griot spew.
    I appreciate the time you yield to me – rolling through.
    My view ain’t really poo if it ain’t reaching you.
    Ooo Wee & True. ♥.·**•.☼

    I’m a poet at heart with a specific & broad writers pen;
    I’ve been writing in this manner since I was about 10.
    28 years have passed & I’m still going strong,
    I’m a digger of knowledge – not ingnorant prone.

    This is the first of many poetic thwarts that I’ll post on this site.
    I appreciate you overlooking our construction updates –while tapping the mic.
    Go ahead – follow my lead – drop an oral seed… exhale & write what you like.

    I’m reading
    If you’re heeding.

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